Monuments at City Hall - 2018
Photographed and Reported by Jim Gerrish

It has been several years since I recorded the monuments around City Hall in East Orange. This Veterans Day (11/11/18) the weather was cold but beautiful, and since the Veterans' ceremony was taking place inside City Hall instead of at the monument, I spent my time retracing the steps around the block to update the status of the many monuments there.

The last time I photographed on Veterans Day was in 2016: HERE.

The Lincoln Statue, surrounded by flags.

Around the corner to the left of City Hall, is the site of the Centennial Tree Memorial, dedicated to Nurse Clara Maass. This was how it looked in 2010. In 2012, the original tree was removed. The above tree is a recent replacement. Notice that no one has repaired the flagstone pavement in all that time, but the brass plaque has been cleaned of the painted graffiti.

Around the corner on New Street, behind City Hall, is the small memorial to Mary Dudley Hussey first photographed by me in 2010

Finally, to the right of City Hall and in front of the Main Post Office, is the Senior Garden which looks cleaner than it did when I "discovered" it in 2010. The city seems to have given up on making it an actual garden, but instead has provided two large planters.

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