Earth Day - April 22, 2019
by Jim Gerrish

I cleaned up the small park on Old Sanford Street as my April 15th Tea Party Day project, so today, for my Earth Day project, I will clean up the Clock Garden at the intersection of Central Avenue and Evergreen Place (where Sanford Street begins). I arrived at 10:20 AM and took photographs to show the condition of the area and why it needed cleaning up.

As you can see, there was a great deal of trash thrown beneath the bushes of the park, especially at the Central Avenue end where people cross over from the Rite Aid corner to the Extra Supermarket corner. Bottles, broken glass, dead animals, cigarette butts by the hundreds, and all kinds of paper scraps, in addition to broken branches covered with dry pine needles which constitute a fire hazard. The little white specks are flower petals that are falling from the city cherry trees and don't last long enough to become a problem.

By eleven o'clock, I had collected three bags full of trash to be disposed of.

I didn't have any rakes or equipment to deal with the dead underbrush, but I brought much of it over to the east side of the park so city workers could gather it up easily and dispose of it before it could cause a fire.

The city trash can on the Rite Aid corner was indisposed, so I left the bags in the recycle can. Arbor Day is coming on Friday, April 26th this year, and I may have time and energy for another project then.

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