Newark School Walk-out

by John Emerson - student reporter

On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013, young men who appeared to be of college age, possibly students, were passing out flyers outside of Newark's Central High School. The flyer I received is pictured below.

All of the schools in Newark apparently got the same flyer because on Tuesday, April 9th, at 12:00 we walked out of school with permission and encouragement of the principal, and large groups of my fellow students from Central High School walked towards downtown Newark. We were accompanied by school security and school administrators, but no teachers. Teachers stayed behind for the students who did not walk out.

The Newark police were patroling on the street making sure students were safe, and even blocked traffic so students could cross the streets. By the time I walked to Springfield Avenue, I began to notice Newark schools targeting other Newark schools trying to start fights. Police and school security were busy trying to stop the students from fighting one another as they walked along together towards Rutgers Law Center on Washington Street.

Not wanting to get involved in a street fight, I left the crowd and went straight home where I filed this report at 2:00 PM.

News 12 Report on the Walk-out

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