The Mayor's Message - August 2014
Mailed August 1st, 2014 - received August 2nd, 2014 - postage paid $0.48 x estimated 26,000 households - $12,480.00*

Dear Residents and Stakeholders,

Over the course of the past six months as your new mayor, I have been faced with serious challenges left behind by the Bowser administration. The challenges have also presented opportunities for improvement. When I took office in January 2014, my administration inherited a 3.9 million dollar budget deficit, a 3.2 million dollar deficit at the East Orange Water Commission, a lack of investment in capital improvements in our city, and a low morale amongst city employees.

When you elected me your mayor, I made a promise to myself and to the residents of the city of East Orange that the Taylor administration would work hard, be transparent, and would diligently serve the residents of our great city. Recently I took the drastic step of requesting that four of the five East Orange water commissioners resign. I do not have to tell you how important the water commission is to our city and its residents. Water is our most viable asset and resource, and the issues that I have expressed concern and dissatisfaction with are not new.

The problems are systematic, long running and ultimately affect you as a resident of this city as well as the city's ability to grow and develop. My request was not personal, but based on factual information that my administration has reviewed. My actions were in the best interest of the residents and the city as a whole.

I will not sit idly by and watch an important asset in our city continue to suffer from mismanagement and lack of proper oversight.

In the months ahead, my administration will support the new East Orange water commissioners, as well as their plans to return the commission to an organization that operates effectively and in the best interest of residents. In this short time with the new appointees, we have learned even more damaging information that ensures that we made the right decision in asking the former commissioners to resign.

I am a firm believer that there are limitless opportunities and vast potential in the great city of East Orange. It is time for a transformation to move the city forward. The steps that my administration and I have taken over the past six months, such as the creation of the Quality of Life Task Force, the Office of Constituent Services, and the implementation of ward tours and community forums has helped to increase accessibility and interaction between our municipal government and those we serve.

This message is yet another means to open the lines of communication between my administration and the community. It is time to shine a light on the potential of the city of East Orange and debunk the years of mismanagement from the previous administration.

I will honor my commitment to redevelop the city of East Orange. Please look out for future regular installments of the "Mayor's Message". Thank you for your trust, patience and belief in the Taylor administration. I look forward to moving the city of East Orange forward with you.

Mayor Lester E. Taylor, III


* I have purposely left off an estimated cost of the envelope, paper, color printing, and worker time spent loading all the envelopes and sealing them for mailing. I'm sure, in the interests of "transparency", our mayor will make this known in the budget... somewhere.

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