FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2014

Released 9/28/15

According to the Star Ledger Article, the SPIN on this is that "Violent crimes drop in Newark, most Essex towns, feds say." For those who actually live in this local area, we know that statistics are deceptive. The two murders listed for East Orange in the above chart, only let us see those East Orange residents murdered within the boundaries of East Orange, and not those who were murdered when they stepped over the boundaries into neighboring locales. The true numbers are shown below:

East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2014

*Dana Jinks, age 46, found murdered on Park Avenue in EO 03/10/14

Isa Johnson of EO, age 24, shot to death on Fabyan Place & Hawthorne Avenue NWK, 03/29/14

Raheem Hughee of EO, age 33, shot to death on Mountainview Ave, NWK, 06/28/14

Kjuan Hall of EO, 25, shot to death on South 20th St, NWK on 07/29/14

*Edwin Gibson of EO, age 32, shot to death outside his home at Rhode Island Avenue EO, 09/5/14

Zoungo Sou-Oud of EO, age 34,shot to death at car wash on 18th Avenue, NWK, 10/12/14

Nafis Johnson of EO, age 34, shot on Avon Avenue, NWK 11/24/14

*Only two victims appear on the "official list" because they were within the borders of EO when they were murdered.

East Orange Murderers List for 2014

Samad A. Livingston of EO shot and murdered Charles Walker of NWK on South 20th St NWK, 01/16/14

Richard Carrera of Elmwood Avenue, EO, shot and killed Reylin Torres, age 26, of NWK on North 7th St NWK 02/08/14

Because we are living through history, we know that the numbers for 2015 have already increased and the year isn't over yet. The same statistics for East Orange so far show seven murders within the East Orange borders, and an additional thirteen who dared to cross over the borders to their deaths:

East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2015

* Tyeshia Obie, age 21, shot and murdered while sitting in car on North Maple Avenue, EO, 01/05/15 - #1

Khendrai Williams, age 29, killed in Hit & Run in Newark, 01/18/15 - #2 07/31/15 Update: Driver of Vehicle Indicted

Sharod Coleman, age 23, shot to death in Newark, 02/08/15 - #3

Kwame Yeboah, age 30, Shot on North 9th St. in Newark, 02/09/15 - #4

Ramel McGrady, age 23, Shot in Newark's North Ward, 02/19/15 - #5

Jemmaine Bynes, age 31, Shot in Newark's South Ward, 03/11/15 - #6

Karl Revis, age 40, Shot in Head in a Car in Jersey City, 03/25/15 - #11 (late reporting)

Isa Gray, age 39, Shot and Killed on South 19th St., Newark 4/11/15 - #7

* Marcellus Mayes, age 29, Shot and Killed at Hedden Place & North 15th 04/21/15 - #8

* Latrena May, Age 27, Shot and killed on Tremont Avenue 05/01/15 - #9

* Tyjid Campbell, age 17, EOCHS Student, Shot While Sitting in a Car on Mountain View Ave 05/06/15 - #10

Jamar Hurd, age 32, shot a few feet over the EO border on Berwyn St. in Orange, 06/29/15 - #12

Brent Williams, age 20, shot in Newark's South Ward 07/12/15 - EO #13 - Newark #49

* Ryan Edwell, age 38, shot on Princeton Street - dies in hospital 10 days later #16 - delayed - 07/16/15

* Sharod T. Jefferson, age 18, Shot on Dodd Street in EO 07/25/15 #14

* Khalil Booker Stabbed to Death on North 19th Street During Domestic Dispute 07/29/15 #15

Walter Page of EO Shot and Killed on Rowley St. in Newark 09/07/15 #17

Mazo Jones of EO Shot to Death in Orange 09/14/15 #18

Patricia A. Blocker, 62, of East Orange, found murdered in the trunk of her car on Hartford Street, Newark, 9/14/15 #19

Hassan Chatmon Fatally Shot on Central Ave. NWK 09/19/15 #20

* Victims that were within the borders of EO when they were murdered.

East Orange Murderers List for 2015

Awaiting the results of the February 24th trial of Kasia Rivera for the 2011 murder of Justin Street.- 9/8/15 Kasia Rivera Pleads Guilty

Awaiting the trial of Damon Hairston of EO Arrested In PA on 5/6/15 for the 4/21/15murder of Marcellus Mayes of EO

07/23/15 Mario Gayles of EO charged with the murder of Icrish Bostic of Irvington on 7/15/15

07/23/15 Lewis Williams, 18, & Isiah Hutchins, 22, of EO, charged with the murder of Ahmad Crudup, 7/5/15 on Clinton Place

07/27/15 Quyri Patrick and Kourtney Chavis Members of EO Bloods Gang Sentenced For Beating a Gang Member to Death
|in Orange, NJ, August of 2011

07/27/15 Laquan Willis of EO Sentenced to 5 years in Prison for Killing a Man at a Funeral Home in Newark

07/28/15 Al-Muqqadin Means Sentenced to 24 Years for Murder of Aquilla Flood in June, 2013

07/29/15 Amina Ragin Charged with Stabbing of Khalil Booker over Domestic Dispute.

08/03/15 Four un-named Teens murdered Ryan Edwell on Princeton Street on 7/16/15

09/09/15 Tarik Ford Pleads Guilty to 2013 shooting of Craig Pinckney

09/15/15 William C. Logan Arrested for Murder of Mother Found in Trunk of Car in Newark (Victim #19)

"There are lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

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