Plotting Islamic Terrorists in New Jersey
in relation to local Islamic Centers


Locations of known or suspected Islamic terrorists in NJ

1. 05/05/15 Conspirator 1 (CC-1) was a resident of Rutherford, New Jersey, until departing the United States on May 5 to allegedly join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). New Information Revealed (7/27/15) - 08/10/15 Conspirator named: Nader Saadeh, and charged this morning.

2. 06/17/15 - Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, was arrested in his Fort Lee, NJ, home and charged with one count of conspiring with others in New Jersey and New York to provide services and personnel to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated foreign terrorist organization. - 09/09/15 Topaz pleads guilty to charge.

3. 06/29/15 - Alaa Saadeh, 23, of West New York, NJ, is charged by complaint with conspiring with other individuals in New Jersey and New York to provide services and personnel to ISIL, aiding and abetting an attempt to provide services and personnel to ISIL, and attempting to persuade a witness to lie to the FBI. UPDATE 5/10/16: Alaa Saadeh Gets 15 Years for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIL.

4. 06/25/14 - Ali Muhammad Brown charged for jihadist murder of Brenden Tevlin in West Orange, NJ. - 05/01/18 UPDATE: Brown Sentenced to Life Without Parole

5. 09/15/15 - The Obama State Department has released a list of 190 cities in the United States into which they will be releasing unvetted and unscreened Muslim "refugees" from the "Middle East." East Orange is on the list. The Jewish Vocational Service Of Metrowest at 111 Prospect St., East Orange, NJ , is the location given.

6. 09/23/15 - A 17-year-old Hackensack boy claimed he would be involved in an attack at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City and said his "friends" in the Islamic State group were planning to attack New York. He is also accused of making online threats against President Barack Obama and the White House.

7. 09/17/16 - 9:30 AM - Seaside Park, NJ. A bomb exploded in a garbage can near the start of a Marine Corps charity run. Later, three more pipe-bomb-type devices wired together were found near the boardwalk in Seaside Park, NJ.

8. 09/17/16 - 8:30 PM - A bomb explodes in a dumpster in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. A second device built from a pressure cooker and containing wires and a mobile phone is discovered a few blocks from the first blast site.

9. 09/18/16 - 8:30 PM - Police respond to reports of a suspicious backpack with wires and pipes in a rubbish near a station in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They discover multiple IEDs, detonating one via a bomb disposal robot. 09/19/16 - NYPD confirm that suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a naturalised US citizen born in Afghanistan, has been taken into custody in Linden following a shoot-out with police during which two Linden police officers were injured. Rahami is then linked to all three bombing incidents (#7 - # 8 - #9). Mohammad Rahami (father of Ahmed) and his family attended Dar-Ul-Islam mosque (near the Islamic Center of Union County; see #9) when they first moved to the area. The elder Rahami did charity work and prayed on a near-daily basis at the community center.

05/15/17 Update: "Ahmad Khan Rahami has been wrongly charged with serious crimes because the prosecutor is reacting to the emotions stirred up by the case, a defense attorney argued in court Monday (5/15/17)." Read what is happening in this court hearing in Elizabeth to see how your Tax Dollars are being used for your protection.

02/13/18 Update: According to prosecuters, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who has been imprisoned at the New York Federal Jail since his capture, has been giving other inmates copies of terrorist propaganda and jihadist materials, including speeches and lectures by al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki. Our taxpayer dollars are at work helping him to recruit more jihadis within the USA while under Federal custody. Rahimi also allowed some inmates to view materials on his laptop or provided electronic copies as he spread "The Book of Jihad," bomb-making instructions and various issues of a propaganda magazine. We just don't "get it." As Walt Kelly's Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

02/13/18 Updated Update: Ahmad Khan Rahami has Been Sentenced to Multiple Life Sentences in a Posh Country-Club Jail Where He Can Recruit More Inmates to His Evil Ideology - Islam.


10. 01/06/17 Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, from Union City, NJ, has been named as the suspected shooter in a deadly attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. Links to Islamic Sources in Alaska have been established and are being investigated, as well as links to Islamic Sources in and around Union City, NJ.

11. 05/05/17 Gregory Lepsky, age 20, of Point Pleasant, NJ, charged with attempting to provide material support to an Islamic State terrorist organization by detonating a bomb in New York City. - Metro News Report - More from NJ News 12 -

12. 10/31/17 The Masjid Omar Mosque is at 501 Getty Avenue, in Paterson, NJ, around the corner from the apartment where Sayfullo Saipov, lived with his family. The New York Police Department identified the mosque as a target in a surveilance program in a 2006 report, but owing to federal lawsuits, discontinued the surveillance program in 2014.

Sayfullo Saipov, a Uzbek national who came to the U.S.A. in 2010 on a visa lottery program, lived in Paterson, NJ. Saipov rented a truck from the Home Depot in Passaic, NJ three weeks before driving it into Lower Manhatten on 10/31/17 and using the vehicle to attack pedestrians, killing eight of them. The attack ended when he was shot in the stomach by police, but was not killed.

In New York city, two law enforcement officials told the New York Times that investigators discovered handwritten notes in Arabic near the truck that indicated allegiance to ISIS. Officials said Saipov yelled, "God is great" in Arabic.

13. 12/08/17 Islamic Terrorist Imam Aymen Elkasaby of the Islamic Center of Jersey City Openly Calls for Violent Genocide.

......12/14/17 - The President of Jersey City Islamic Center, Ahmed Shedeed, Says, "New Jersey Imam (Aymen Elkasaby) Who Called for Killing of Jews Will Be Sent for ‘Retraining,’ "

14. 04/26/18 - A Syrian Imam Who Endorses Suicide Bombings is Coming to NJ . Sheikh Mohammed Rateb Nabulsi, who endorsed Palestinian suicide bombings and was banned from Denmark last year (May of 2017) as a “hate preacher,” is now spreading his hate in the U.S.A. He is scheduled to be at Masjid al-Farooq in Brooklyn on Thursday (04/26/18), the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC) on Friday (04/27/18), and Saturday (04/28/18) at the Bergen County Islamic Center (#6 on the Map at the top of this page).

15. 05/01/18 - Fort Lee (#2 on Top Map) Muslim Terrorists and Wannabees Sentenced to Prison

Near-by Locations - in and around NJ

03/15/15 Three Men Were Accused of plotting to travel from Brooklyn to join ISIS

06/16/15 Muslim Student Munther Omar Saleh Arrested for Plotting Terrorist Attacks in New York

06/17/15 Fareed Mumuni, of Staten Island, was arrested after he attempted to stab FBI agents.

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