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Well, there's the problem right there. The Backpack Giveaway was supposed to have been held on August 12th, but it rained and eventually ended up being postponed to August 27th. You may have noticed that I circled one of the co-sponsors of the event in red. You may not know what that acronym (ICNA) stands for. I didn't. I had to do some homework to look it up.

There they are, representing the ICNA Relief, although you can't tell it from their yellow T-shirts. ICNA stands for Islamic Circle of North America, and you can read all about the event on their Web site, if the computer warnings don't scare you off. I'll save you the trouble. Here's the public news story from their own site:

On August 27th, 2015, ICNA Relief was in East Orange, NJ participating in Mayor Lester Taylor's first annual back pack giveaway. Though the day was very hot, more than 700 students showed up to receive a free book bag with school supplies before school started.

One mother said purchasing school supplies has been difficult for parents like her for more than two years now because of the bad economy. "Prices are going up for rent, clothing food and there are less jobs. Even the jobs we have are giving out less hours," said Ms. Liles. "I only have one child but I am struggling. Some people feel safe they have a job and then they lose their jobs."

Mayor Taylor announced that another giveaway to provide back packs for even more students. (sic)

ICNA Relief holds Back 2 School Giveaways in cities throughout the country every year.

Having never heard of the ICNA before, I wondered who they were and what else they did besides back pack giveaways. I found out from THIS friendly Web site. If you don't want to go there, here's what I discovered:

The charitable wing of a major American Muslim organization is promoting donations to extremist causes, undercutting a nationwide campaign to improve its image. The website link from the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Relief division hints at deeper connections to extremism and terror, both by the charitable branch and by its parent organization.

ICNA's self-proclaimed goal is "to communicate the message of Islam to the society at large" and "also to initiate change in the social and political spheres [of American society] in light of the principles of the noble Qur'an," according to the group's 2020 Vision program.

"The future of Dawah [proselytizing] in this society is directly linked with the ability of ICNA's membership to communicate the message of Islam to the society at large," it explains. Over time, the group encourages "moving to the next level of Dawah, aimed towards the movers and shakers of the society."

In addition, the terminology of "making Islam supreme" is a constant theme throughout ICNA's indoctrination programs. A 2008 presentation on the ICNA Southern California website explains the "goal of the Islamic Call" as the "extermination of pre-Islamic traditions or Jahaliya [ignorant ways of life]" and "mak[ing] Islam the predominant way of life" on earth.

The link on ICNA Relief's page promotes these sentiments even further, explaining that charity should be spent to further violent causes.

"Thus, we are told, there are two ways we can lead our lives. One is the way of God… To walk on this path, you must generously help your brothers and support Jihad out of whatever resources God in His bounty and wisdom has given you," Maududi wrote in the section ICNA Relief links readers. "The other is the Satanic way: apparently full of benefits, but in reality it leads to ruin. The hallmark of this way of life is worshipping money and amassing wealth at the expense of all other considerations."

Open support for terrorist causes was available on the websites of regional ICNA branches, even after 9/11. As late as November 2002, the ICNA Southeast Zone website linked to the websites of Hamas, Hizballah, and terrorist organizations fighting in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and the Pakistani-Indian disputed region of Kashmir. Among its short list of recommended Islamic charities was the Islamic Society in Gaza, which openly touted its connections to Hamas.

The group's magazines and conferences similarly promote connections to violent jihad and terrorist organizations going back dozens of years.

An article in the October 1995 edition of ICNA's The Message Magazine features an interview with ICNA Relief director Tariqur Rehman about the crisis in Bosnia. Rehman describes how he "witnessed first hand" the religious progress of Bosnian army and mujahideen, and notes how they needed "weapons, heavy weapons." Although the United States fought against the Serbian genocide of the Bosnians, it cracked down on Islamic charity Benevolence International Foundation for supplying Islamist warriors fighting there. Al-Qaida-linked mujahideen used Bosnia as a training base, exporting fighters who would take bring jihad back to their home countries, including battling in Iraq against American forces.

There's much more, if you are interested in reading the entire article.

I just thought it was interesting, having our mayor involved with this group, and knowing that soon Islamic "refugees" from Syria will be arriving in East Orange ( Jewish Vocational Service Of Metrowest, 111 Prospect St., East Orange. Phone: 973-674-6330) to change our way of life. What interesting times are ahead for our fair city!

In case you missed the significance of this bit of information:

11/06/15 CAIR NJ Congratulates Mustafa Brent

Linked with this - 12/5/15 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) has placed CAIR on the same Terrorist List as Al-Qaeda, we get a new perspective on the direction in which our city is moving.

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