Try Not To Laugh

The Boobies Are Beginning to Hatch
East Orange's Gun Control Law

Ordinance 41-2015 will "regulate the sale, offer to sell, possession or
disposal of toy guns and imitation firearms.

The ordinance, as explained by Third Ward Councilman Ted Green on
Monday, August 10, the day it was unanimously passed by the City
Council, will "allow toy guns to be sold within the city so long as they are
made of a translucent or transparent bright blue, orange, pink, red, white,
or yellow material. The side item has to have the maker's trade name,
mark or brand stamped. They will not include a laser pointer."

Exceptions will be made to possessing or using replica antique firearms
depicting authentic models 1898 or earlier and for use in performing arts.

The ban also includes air or spring powered pistols and rifles. Those who
do sell, transfer or dispose such items are subject to an annual $10 permit
and have registered with the New Jersey Department of Community
Affairs. Those making such a sale, transfer or disposal are required to
register the name and address of the buyer or receiver.

Those in violation are subject to a $500 fine and/or up to six months
imprisonment for air pistols/rifles or $50 fine and/or 30 days jail time for all
other realistic toy guns.

Ordinance 41's aim is to decrease accidental shootings or related
violence by others thinking that the bearer has a real gun or rifle.

"This was the result of recent discussions," said Green, "among the
council, the mayor, the police director and the board of education."

The East Orange School District Board of Education President Bergson
Leneus, speaking during the public comment segment, voiced his
support for Ordinance 41.

* Decrease from what? Zero to minus zero?

Story in the Essex News Daily 9/7/15

Note, that with all the talk of "transparency and accountability" in government, the actual
wording of this fabulous new ordinance is nowhere to be found except in the imaginations of
the royal council. While they were debating this great legal dilemma, there was a really
serious scandal going on at the
City Animal Shelter that has not been dealt with yet, despite
promises for "immediate action."


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