Teacher Grants Announced
10/23/15 - 10/28/15
Do they finally have enough Money?
No More Excuses!


Today on the East Orange School District Facebook Page, Grant Awards are being announced for select teachers who obviously have not been paid enough to do their jobs. So now, finally, they have been given more money. So now, they have no more excuses left to offer as to why they are unable to improve basic Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science for the students in their government-run-taxpayer-funded classrooms.


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These things have a way of disappearing from Facebook, so to keep them safe from destruction, I am archiving them here where we will be able to compare the results of the latest Reading and Math Proficiency scores to the current and past scores and see if granting more money does any good at getting students to read, write and do math proficiently.

No More Excuses!

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Althea Gibson Grant

Edward S. Bowser Grant

Cicely L. Tyson Grant

Dionne Warwick & Whitnety Houston Grants

Teacher Incentive Grants

Joi Paisley

Sojourner Truth

So it's back to Common Core? It didn't work last year, so let's try it again?


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