2014-2015 NJ School Performance Reports
from the NJ State Department of Education


Editorial by Jim Gerrish
[email protected]

In this comparison, NJ High Schools were ranked by combined average SAT scores. The complete list has the highest ranking NJ high school at 2247 (perfect would be 2400). The lowest on the list of 391 NJ high schools ranks 940. East Orange high schools are ranked as follows:

304. East Orange Stem Academy High School - 1297 -
Complete Report

338. Cicely L. Tyson Community Middle/High School - 1202 -
Complete Report

379. East Orange Campus High School - 1041 -
Complete Report

East Orange School District has 9,465 students attending 20 schools in grades PK and K-12. According to state standards, only 48% of students in this district are considered proficient in math and/or reading. The district has an annual budget of $244,570,000, spending an average of $25,190 per student.

We spend more per student than any of our neighbors. Each year we spend more and more per student, and each year our students remain at the same level of proficiency in math and reading, or lower. Considering how much we spend per student, are you happy with what you are getting for your taxpayer money? I've already stated my OPINION and SOLUTION here:

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