The East Orange School District Censors All Criticism

Editorial by Jim Gerrish

For several years I have been complaining about East Orange Public School teachers who set bad examples for their students by not writing standard English following English grammar rules and punctuation rules that they are supposed to be teaching the pupils in their schools. It was bad enough for me to see examples of bad grammar on the chalkboards in their classrooms and in the assignments they gave students as homework. When Facebook came along, they immediately exposed their ignorance of English grammar to the entire world. When I began to criticise them for this, rather than simply correct their grammar and punctuation, they chose to immediately shut me down so I could no longer post on district Facebook pages.

My usual response: Good luck getting the pupils of your school to learn to write with both uppercase and lowercase letters as appropriate, and with only one sentence ending punctuation mark. The person who runs this Facebook page seems not to have mastered those simple rules of correct English grammar and mechanics, thus setting a bad example for all the students in the East Orange School District, and displaying his or her ignorance to the entire world on the World Wide Web.

For a few days ( 9/18 to 9/20/16) the Facebook pages opened up and allowed me to comment again.

Rather than respond, they erased my comments again and again, and as they erased, I reposted them. Today they finally cut off my ability to post on any of their Facebook pages.

To the above notice, I posted:

Parents: Take back control of YOUR schools and take charge of YOUR CHILD'S education. Petition to abolish the current Board of Education of lackeys appointed by the mayor and who are accountable to HIM, in favor of an ELECTED board of education who will be accountable to YOU.

Be sure to ask why East Orange Schools are number 3 on this list of most violent schools in New Jersey - ... and also ask why East Orange Schools are number 5 on this list of the most drug and alcohol cases in New Jersey - ... Be an advocate for ALL children!

I was referring to the following statistics, which I think certainly should be of concern to every parent and teacher in the PTA:

To any other East Orange taxpayers, like myself, or parents of children in the East Orange Public School system, I am sure you will meet the same resistance from anyone connected with the School District, from members of the Board of Education to the Superintendent and all other administrators, and probably from most of the teachers fearful of losing their jobs.

It now appears that the mayor will be running for that office once again, and since the mayor appoints the Board of Education members and passes down instructions through the administrators, you will need to hold him accountable - the buck stops there. Keep it in mind as you look back on the lies he told to get into office in 2013, and the lies he will now begin to tell again as he seeks re-election in 2017. Just so you know, I have also been silenced and blocked from commenting on any of the East Orange City Facebook pages, so if you want to know the truth about what really goes on in East Orange, you only have my East Orange True News Web site to tell you about it.

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