Map Section 5 - Building B

First Baptist Church of Orange

When East Orange separated from Orange in 1863, the Baptist Church shown above was already established (1837) on North Maple Avenue and Railroad Place (today called Church Place) and was known as First Baptist Church of Orange. The congregation later built a new building on Main Street and Hawthorne Avenue and changed its name to the First Baptist Church of East Orange (see Section 5 - building J). The above building was then taken over by an African American Baptist congregation (Calvary Baptist Church) in 1891, and today it is known as Green Pastures Missionary Baptist Church.

This is the first known photo of the Church, taken c. 1890

This photo was taken to show the North Maple Avenue train bridge before the train tracks were elevated, but includes the church on the right side of the picture. The picture was taken c. 1904.

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