Daniel Dodd settles on land near Watsessing Plain.

Daniel Dodd of Newark was the ancestor of the Dodds of Bloomfield and Doddtown, East Orange. He came from Branford, England, about 1668.

He was appointed in March, 1678, with Edward Ball, the run the northern line of the town from the Passaic to the First Mountain. The land looked fair to the young man, and he soon thereafter (1679) surveyed a tract upon Watsesson Plain, in the valley of the Second River.

The Elizabeth Town Bill in Chancery states the fact of his having secured this land.

In January 18, 1697, this property and much more in various localities was confirmed to him by the East Jersey proprietors. He was chosen a deputy to the Provincial Assembly in 1692. His children, Daniel, Stephen, John and Dorcas are said to have established homes on various tracts of the Watsesson grant.

John Dodd's home, located on the corner of what is now Dodd Street and Midland Avenue in the city’s First Ward, was the beginning of the settlement of East Orange. The First Ward’s nickname of Doddtown comes from the Dodds, who operated many of the East Orange’s first businesses.

The following drawings show two of the Dodd Family houses circa 1859.

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