1776 Battle of Peck's Hill


One of the few Revolutionary War battles against the British fought in this area in 1776, was known as the Battle of Peck's Hill (at the present day corner of Maple Avenue and Main Street). It was during this battle that John Wright was seriously injured and had to be taken by sled to his home on Cranetown Road (Present day Springdale Avenue)

A flock of geese owned by Wright wandered off when his family fled from the redcoats. The British soldiers seized the geese and killed all but the gander. After feasting on their plunder, they tied a pouch inscribed with the words “Georgius Rex” (after the English king of the time) around the gander's neck. 18 pennies were placed in the pouch, along with a note which read:

“Dear Mr. Wright, we must bid you good night. It is time for us to wander;
“We have paid for your geese, a penny apiece, and left the change with the gander.”


That story, told more simply for children by Sally Walker, a former East Orange resident herself, can be found in the book, "The 18 Penny Goose". The book is currently out of print, but is still available through Amazon.com.

The Wright Family:

John Right (1788-1806)

The Children of John & Elizabeth Wright, Sarah, John, Moses, Joseph who all died in 1784