2013 - The 17 Year Cicadas emerge once more

One of the more fun-filled historic events is the life-cycle of the 17 year Cicada. They last appeared from our soil in 1996 and they will remerge in the future in the year 2030. But this year, they are ours to enjoy again as they dig their way out of the soil and begin their joyful chirping. Finally they will swarm into the sky, mate, and come back down to lay their eggs for the next 17 year incubation period.

Cicada Map

The silly-stupid news media call it an "invasion" of the cicadas, but they have been here all along, buried in our soil. If anything, we are the invaders, covering up their homes with our streets, parking lots, and homes. Every 17 years they have to deal with a completely changed environment when they crawl out to begin their few short days in the sun. Imagine goiong to bed and waking up the next day, 17 years later, to find that your bedroom is gone and someone has covered you up in a junkyard, or paved over your entire house with a parking lot for strange new machines. But they endure and still share the earth with us, as we must learn to share it with them.

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