Winter Storm "Nemo"


At 3:00 AM, 2/9/13, the snow on top of my mailbox measured 9".

Saturday Morning was bright and sunny, which made the job of cleaning up a little more cheerful. Nine inches of snow wasn't so bad. It was light and powdery. It could have been worse!

Even the cats found it was fun to play in the snow, and chased each other first one way and then the other, hopping up and down through the drifts that were over their heads.

The sun helped keep ice from forming, so very little salt was needed on the sidewalks. A sign of changing times are the satellite dishes on the roofs of many of the houses on Sanford Street, breaking away from the cable company's monopoly on TV and Internet Services. Last year's Hurricane Sandy, pulling down cable TV lines along with electric lines, was the final straw for many of us.

The storm was much worse to the north of us, but for East Orange "Cool-Cats", Nemo was no match.

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