East Orange Gardens 2010

My interest in East Orange Gardens (outside of my own garden) began the day before Earth Day (4/21/10). I went around the city photographing public spaces that needed cleaning. I took this photo of the corner of City Hall Plaza in front of the Post Office at that time, not realizing that it was actually a historic monument.

The next day, Earth Day (4/22/10) I returned to this location and in the process of cleaning it up, discovered its historic importance to the City of East Orange.

The copper plaque on the rock reads: "This garden is dedicated to the Senior Citizens of East Orange in recognition of and appreciation for their contribution to the growth and development of our city. May 31, 1962."

Since my "discovery" of something that had been in plain site for as long as I have lived in East Orange and over the years that I have visited the Post Office, I have resolved to take personal responsibility for the site until such time as others come forward to help with its maintenance, or take it over completely.

As of November 2010, I no longer have a car, so someone else will have to take over the care of the Senior Garden. I will be transferring my attention to the town Clock Garden which is a short walk from my home and requires less maintenance.

You can follow the development and growth of the Senior Citizen Garden HERE.

This is my personal home garden for 2010. Jim Gerrish

I thought I should start with my own garden to sort of "break the ice" and encourage others to include their gardens on this site.

Corporate Gardens of East Orange

Ramada Inn, Evergreen Place

Church Gardens of East Orange

Elmwood Presbyterian Church Garden, Elmwood Avenue

City Owned Public Gardens

Clock Garden, Corner of Central and Evergreen

If you have a home garden, or know of an East Orange public, church or corporate garden that should be included here, please photograph the garden and e-mail the photos to me at [email protected]


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