Remember Hillary Clinton

What you may need to remember about Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Hillary Praises Senator Robert Byrd in 2010 Tribute

12/31/15 Video - Hillary Clinton: Career Criminal

Hillary Clinton VS The First Amendment

This video received a death threat thanks to Hillary:

07/01/15 - Hillary Clinton Approved Arms for Terrorist Enemies of the United States

3/31/15 - Trey Gowdy asks Hillary Clinton to Testify on Her Use of Personal E-mail by May 1st.

3/28/15 Hillary Has Broken the Law and Defied Congress

3/12/15 - The 1996 "Blizzard of Lies."

02/09/15 - Remembering Hillary's 1996 Lie

5/28/14 Haitians Suing Hillary and Bill For Mismanagement of Funds

04/24/14 Name ONE Accomplishment Hillary Made...Just ONE!

04/04/14 Hillary Can't Name One Accomplishment She Made

03/06/14 Name One Single Accomplishment
Hillary Made as Secretary of State

01/28/14 Talk Is Cheap, Hillary

01/24/14 How Dick Morris Remembers Hillary

01/16/14 Does It Matter Now, Hillary?

01/08/14 Another Hillary Moment to Remember

01/12/14 Hillary's Hit List

10/17/13 Skeletons in the Closet
Skeletons in the Closet - Part 2

10/11/13 Hillary's Hit Man?

9/16/13 Benghazi Wounds Just Won't Go Away

8/17/13 The Clinton Foundation

More Hillary High Jinx

The Clinton Body-Count

5/08/13 Did Hillary Commit Perjury?

4/24/13 GOP Benghazi report blames Hillary

Benghazi "Talking Points" - How to Craft a Lie

Remember: (12/22/13) Susan Rice called Benghazi a "False Controversy."

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