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An Interactive Timeline History of East Orange
(1666 to 2013)


East Orange True News
Updated: 07/23/2014
You won't find this much EO news in
the East Orange Record, Local Talk,
The Essex News "Daily"
or The Alternative Press!

Weather Report
Climate Change Report

  The Shell Game Continues...

07/21/14 Council Meeting Tonight to Pretend to Discuss
"Budget Amendments."

07/19/14 Yet Another Excuse for a Mayoral Photo Op

07/17/14 New EO Water Commissioners Appointed
Editorial on the Mayor's Appointments

07/17/14 Link Charter Community School is Accepting
New EO Students in Grades 5 & 7

07/12/14 Ted Green Becomes a Double-Dipper
for both East Orange AND Irvington

07/09/14 Central Ave. Head-On Crash; 3 dead, 2 injured
2 of the 3 Men Killed were from EO

07/07/14 Mayor Responds About Water Commission

The EO Fireworks Event Photos and Videos

The East Orange Unified Marching Band
Rehearses for the 4th of July

07/03/14 Grace Apostolic Church Celebrates History

07/02/14 Adjourned Public Meeting Tonight

07/01/14 Governor Christie Blocks Democrat Tax Hikes

06/30/14 East Orange Gives Up On Communicating
with Facebook

06/28/14 Raheem Hughee of EO Found Shot in Newark

06/28/14 EO Council Speaks Publicly about EOWC
Council Members Can't Add

06/27/14 Leroy Jones to Serve 2-year Term

06/27/14 Mayor is Accused by Rucks and Ward

06/26/14 More Bad Water News for East Orange - from Newark

06/25/14 Terrell Jones Pleads Guilty to Animal Neglect

06/25/14 One Solution to the EO "Crisis"

06/24/14 EO Hospital Scholarship Awards

06/20/14 Rucks and Ward Resign from Water Commission

Older East Orange News is Archived in the Timeline

THIRD WARD MAP - Shame of the City

Syreeta Thompson Rescheduled to
August 12th - 6:00 PM

* * *

Latest Photo Op

* * *

Dono Nuthin
Dono Nuthin has been selected
city employee of the
and will be given
an award even though he
was unable to
the Vendor License
so it doesn't look like
it was made by a third grader!

More Adventures of
Dono Nuthin..

Joe DiVincenzo
True Ring Master of
Bread and Circuses

Spending money taken from
YOU, the taxpayer,
and convincing you that
you are getting
these shows for FREE!

Boathouse Boondoggle

Can't Touch This!


Holding Mayor Lester Taylor Accountable

Stated Campaign Goals Addressed

Internships & Job Opportunities

Summer Youth Employment Kickoff

Stated Campaign Goals NOT YET Addressed

Lower Property Taxes -

Create new development in our city -

Create good jobs for our residents

Create a "better" educational system -

Create Recreational opportunities for our young people

Deal with adequate services for our seniors

Deal with the issue of harrassment of our police department

Provide both police and fire dept. adequate resources
to keep our community safe
- -

Develop a parking garage at or near Brick Church Station

Additional Goals Quoted in Ebony Article 03/24/14:

"Make this community safer" - -

"Stabilize and reduce taxes" -

"Improve the city's unemployment rate" +

"Create livable wage jobs"

"Use organized labor programs to train people and expose them to career options"

"Prepare our students for college and careers" +

Reality Sets In...

Water Commissioners Appointed

Gives up On Facebook

Council Members Can't Add

Backroom "Deals"

Unsafe Water Reports

Water Commissioners Removed

Taxes to be Increased

No New Hires

Increases in Overtime Hours

Partner with Organized Labor

Redevelop Lower Main St. Area

Bread and Circuses *
First Annual Mayoral Ball
Senior Food Co-op
Fathers' Day Breakfast
Summer Solstice Festival
4th of July Fireworks

* "The people did not realize
that they were merely recovering
a portion of their own property,
and that their ruler (mayor)
could not have given them
what they were receiving
without first having taken it
from them in taxes."
Translated from the Latin -
Decimus Junius Juvenalis
a.k.a. Juvenal c.100 AD


CTS Band Parent Association Web site  

Home of the
East Orange Unified Marching Band

Independence Day Event

07/03/14 Rehearsal for the
4th of July

Essex County Gun Buy-Back "Successful"?
Continuing into 2014 ... You Decide.

02/28/14 Newark Proclaims Another Buy-Back "Great Success"

Interactive Map of NJ Homicides for 2013

07/21/14 Number 48 Shot and Killed in South Ward

07/20/14 Sunday Shootout in Irvington

07/19/14 Shooting on Alexander St.

07/19/14 47th Newark Homicide This Year
Shooter Arrested.

07/13/14 Man Shot - Expected to Survive

07/11/14 Irvington Man Arrested In Newark Car Stop

07/11/14 Two Shot in North Ward

07/04/14 Newark Man Gunned Down Near Branchbrook Park

07/02/14 Newark Man Critically Injured in Shooting

07/01/14 Newark Man Killed in Irvington

07/01/14 Shooting on South Sixth St., Newark

06/30/14 Teenager Shot in Legs in Maplewood

06/29/14 Two Teens Shot in Newark

06/29/14 NY Woman Shot and Killed in Newark

06/28/14 Raheem Hughee of EO Found Shot in Newark

06/28/14 Fourteen-Year-Old Shot and Wounded

06//28/14 Armed Bank Robbery Foiled in Irvington

06/28/14 Two Porch Shootings in Irvington

06/26/14 Armed Robbery - Gun Tossed but Recovered

06/26/14 Livingston Teen Shot in West Orange

06/24/14 Shooting at Sanford Ave and S.Orange Ave

06/24/14 Three Newark Men Arrested in 3 Separate Incidents

06/23/14 Newark East Ward Shooting

06/22/14 Multiple Shots Fired Near Home Depot in Newark

Older Essex County Gun Incidents are Archived on the 2014 SCOREBOARD
and on the original

2014 Elections

U.S. Senate

Cory Booker


Jeff Bell

Web Site

02/26/14 Newark Watershed Scandal


Web Site


Essex County Executive


Joseph DiVincenzo
Democratic Candidate

Incumbent for 3 terms (12 years)

2011 Property Tax Increase 2.75%
2012 Property Tax Increase - $70
2013 Property Tax Increase - $62
2014 Already Announced Tax Increase - $65
Actual Budgets from 2009 - 2013

Faces 16-Count Complaint on
Campaign Violations

"Double-Dipping" Allegations

DiVincenzo's Lifestyle

Of Course Verona NEEDS
a Multi-Million Dollar

Who Has His Back?


Peter H. Tanella
Republican Candidate

Mayor of Cedar Grove Twp.
(2007 - 2013)

Currently Member of Twp. Council

Attorney Profile

Facebook Page




A Convention Of States Can Amend The Constitution

States In Favor of a Convention of States (COS)

02/04/14 Georgia Senate passes COS application 37-17

04/19/14 Alaska Senate passes COS application 12-8

04/21/14 Florida House passes COS application


04/11/14 Project Veritas Exposes Wisconsin Senator

01/22/14 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Gives Surplus Money Back to Taxpayers

02/05/14 Wisconsin's Economy Continues To Thrive

02/11/14 Senator Cruz: Use New Sources of Energy to Pay Down National Debt

Become an Abolitionist- Save the Slaves

05/22/14 Dr. Ben Carson's Interview on The Glenn Beck Program

01/28/14 Dr. Ben Carson on Raising the Minimum Wage

11/12/13 : Dr. Ben Carson's Five Warning Signs of America's Decline

Written Transcript of Dr. Ben Carson's Speech (2/7/13) HERE

Ben Carson Scholars and Reading Rooms


America : Freedom to Fascism

02/11/14 - Three NJ Republicans who voted FOR the “clean” debt limit increase:
REMEMBER: Rep. Frank LoBiondo, Rep. Jon Runyan, Rep. Chris Smith
Here is the complete list of all who voted for the increase

Why the Budget Deal was Bad 12/19/13

Remember These 9 Republican Senators Who Caved In on 12/18/13

Remember the Names of House Reps who Caved In on the Sequester Cuts (12/12/13)

28 Senate RINO that Need to be Dismissed

88 House RINO that Need to be Dismissed

Truth Matters in Minnesota: Why Not New Jersey?

Campaign Finance Abuses
04/09/13 I don't see Campaign Finance Reform on anybody's Election Promises

7/3/13 Campaign Reporting Violations

10/02/13 Joe DiVincenzo Caught in Campaign Fund Violations

States That Have Opted OUT of Common Core

03/24/14 Indiana

05/30/14 Oklahoma

06/05/14 South Carolina

Ethan Young, student from Farragut High School in Knox County, TN, gives an eloquent and impassioned speech against Common Core at a local school board meeting in Tennessee 11/6/13.

Common Core Origin

What's Wrong with Common Core?

Common Core Indoctrinates our Textbooks

Follow the Money Trail

Walton Foundation gives $2 million to Newark
Teach for America

Who/ What is "Teach For America"?

Who/ What is Walton Foundation?

How New Jersey can Opt Out of Common Core

01/14/14 -Model of a Common Core School in NY
The Principal Cause of the Problem

Solutions to Countering Common Core Problems

What's Wrong With Common Core Curriculum

Truth in American Education - Common Core Information

Common Core Favors Indoctrination Over Education

07/18/13 - Gun Control Through Mind Control

Common Core In NJ: Core Curriculum Content Standards
Not limited to Schools:
Newark Museum
East Orange Public Library Links to HyperHistory

Rochester, NY Parents Teach THEIR Children
"Don't Pick Up the Pencil" to take Common Core Test

Ritalin Gone Wrong - Ritalin: Miracle Drug or Cop Out?

Is ADHD a Real Disease, or a Fraud?

Here's what happens when NJ State takes over local schools

More NJ Take-over School News - Are We Learning Anything Yet?

Best High Schools in New Jersey as of December 2013

NJ Spotlight School Report Cards

04/08/13 Two East Orange Schools Investigated for Cheating

04/09/13 Newark School Walk-out
News 12 Report on the Walk-out

The Ron Paul On-Line Curriculum for Home Schooling

East Orange On-Line Home School

FreedomWorks University: It's On-line and It's FREE!

02/22/14 Ethnic Cleansing in New York City -
31,000 Blacks Murdered in 2012

02/21/14 Abortion is Murder

02/02/14 Girl Scouts Ties to Planned Parenthood

If You Purchase Insurance Through An Obamacare Exchange,
You Are Paying For Abortions

Sign the Petition to Make Unborn Babies Count as Persons

Stop The Murders of Babies: Sign the Petition to End Abortion

The Leading Killer of Blacks in America

Number of Children Murdered in the US each Year

The Iowa Democrats' "Prayer For Abortion"


Gun "Control" is Already in Our Constitution

04/04/14 Vernon, NJ - Twirling Pencil = Gun

02/25/14 Detroit Citizens Are Using Their Guns on Criminals

02/20/14 Detroit Mother Fires on Home Invading Thugs

01/04/14 - Police Chief of Detroit Advises Citizens to Arm Themselves

Quinnipiac Study: States with strict gun control laws have more gun related murders

01/16/14 Tennessee: Just Say "NO" to Obamacare and Federal Gun Control Laws


East Orange Wiz Kids, Inc. News


Remembering History

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

Saul Alinsky's 12 Rules For Radicals

Freedomworks' 13 Rules For Patriots

national debt

Remembering Trayvon Martin
More Trayvon Martin History
East Orange Takes Sides
7/21/13 Media Distortions
7/26/13 Why Didn't Trayvon just call 911?
What If Trayvon Martin Had Been White?
This Could Have Been Obama's Son

Zo on Conservative Blacks

ZO on Racism

Read the Book

by Taleeb Starkes

More From Taleeb

Black People's Court by Taleeb Starkes

01/08/14 Where the Culture of Violence Begins
01/12/14 -
Follow-up by Taleeb Starkes

12/28/13 Black Mob Violence on the Increase
Brooklyn, NY
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO

10/14/13 10 Black Teens Beat White Couple in Brooklyn, NY

12 Black Teens Rape 2 White Women in Wilmington, DE
Where is the outrage? (8/29/13)

7/14/13 Here's a REAL Hero Worth Remembering

More Teen-age Heroes Worth Remembering

Remembering Al Sharpton

"There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."
- Booker T. Washington

1988 - Tawana Brawley
Overview of Tawana Brawley Hoax
3/17/13 -Tawana Fights Paying for her Crime
5/13/13 Tawana Cons Paterson, NJ with a Fundraiser
8/4/13 Tawana Begins Payback at Last!
1991 Crown Heights Riots
2012-2013 Trayvon Martin Protests
Los Angeles
San Bernadino
Washington DC

Al Sharpton Exposed

09/14/13 Playing the Race Card... Again.

12/19/13 A Chicago "Town Hall Meeting" You Won't Hear About

Oprah Winfrey Exposed

Zonation: Oprah Orders More Whine On The Race Card

Remember - US Senator Cory Booker

02/26/14 Newark Watershed Scandal

02/25/14 Booker's Involvement in Newark Watershed Scandal

Remember - NJ Senator Robert Menendez

What's this about New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez?
Follow-up story 3/2/13
Follow-up possible retraction story 3/5/13
Sen. Robert Menendez under investigation by grand jury 3/15/13
Prostitution scandal surrounding Sen. Menendez was a lie, officials say 3/19/13

6/23/13 Scandal just won't "Go Away." Here's a new one...

01/24/14 The Investigation Continues...

Remember - Thirteen Embezzlers
Tally in Illinois: 13 Charged, $16M Embezzled

What you may need to remember about Hillary Rodham Clinton...

5/28/14 Haitians Suing Hillary and Bill For Mismanagement of Funds

04/24/14 Name ONE Accomplishment Hillary Made...Just ONE!

04/04/14 Hillary Can't Name One Accomplishment She Made

03/06/14 Name One Single Accomplishment
Hillary Made as Secretary of State

01/28/14 Talk Is Cheap, Hillary

01/24/14 How Dick Morris Remembers Hillary

01/16/14 Does It Matter Now, Hillary?

01/08/14 Another Hillary Moment to Remember

01/12/14 Hillary's Hit List

10/17/13 Skeletons in the Closet
Skeletons in the Closet - Part 2

10/11/13 Hillary's Hit Man?

9/16/13 Benghazi Wounds Just Won't Go Away

8/17/13 The Clinton Foundation

More Hillary High Jinx

The Clinton Body-Count

5/08/13 Did Hillary Commit Perjury?

4/24/13 GOP Benghazi report blames Hillary

Benghazi "Talking Points" - How to Craft a Lie


Remember: (12/22/13) Susan Rice called Benghazi a "False Controversy."

Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

03/13/14 Gun Registration Coming To Maryland

09/25/13 John Kerry Signs UN Treaty Agreeing to Share
Our Gun Registration Lists with Every Nation That
Wants Them.

01/6/14 - Gun Registration Lines Compared

Nazi Weapons Act of 1938

Eyewitness account from 1938

Credited to: John Woike / Hartford Courant
02/13/14 -
CT Gun Owners Are Resisting Gun Registration

02/26/14 CT Gun Owners Facing Felony Arrest

02/28/14 Home Addresses of CT Legislators Posted

03/12/14 CT Police Feel Threatened

04/18/14 First Arrest Made Under New CT Law

Preventing History From Repeating Itself:
Good People Standing Up For Their Rights

03/25/14 Georgia Passes Historic Gun Rights Bill

03/25/14 Colorado Public School Teaches Real Gun Safety

03/22/14 Idaho Nullifies Federal Gun Control Laws

03/18/14 NY Gun Owners Burn Registrations

01/25/13 NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns

04/22/13 Connecticut Patriot: "I will not comply."

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
01/13/14 Drug Deals in Detroit, MI

Historic World News from 2013 is archived HERE

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

06/18/14 The Myth of the Moderate Muslim

02/15/14 Palestinians: The Invented People

01/04/14 Islamic "Honor" Murder in Michigan

02/20/14 Who is Robert O. Malley and Why Should I Care?

9/17/13 Who is Mohammed Elibiary and Why Should I care?
Mohamed Elibiary uses Militant Islamic R4BIA Symbol on his Twitter profile

8/22/13 More about the Crimes of The Muslim Brotherhood

09/29/13 Does anyone care about Boko Haram in Mamudo, Nigeria?
Islamic Terrorists of Boko Haram Strike Again

9/29/13 Does anyone care about 40 Murders at Yobe State College?

9/30/13 The Muslim Jihadists in Kenya


Growing Evidence Supports Reports
That Syrian Rebels Launched Chemical Attacks


Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?
by Yossef Bodansky
- 09/01/13

The President's Muslim Family - 02/10/14

05/08/14 Seventy-Six Reasons Why Obama Should be Impeached

In 1991, Obama Admitted to Being Born in Kenya

02/26/14 Black Pastors Waking Up to Truth About Obama

02/06/14 The "Smidgen of Evidence" Has Been Found, Mr. President!

01/25/14 Crybaby or Spoiled Child? You Decide.

11/18/13 Nero In The White House

9/17/13 Obama's Impeachable Offense

08/18/13 Who is Michelle Robinson?

08/18/13 - 252 Reasons to Impeach Obama

08/17/13 Black Republicans Call for Impeachment of Obama

07/15/13 - Obama’s Black Lie to Black Graduates

The Documented Lies of Obama
Documented Lies about Obamacare

11/12/13 - Lies of the Navigators

11/01/13 Twenty-Three Lies Caught on Video

Obamacare is not for the Faint of Heart

Obama's Lies about Columbia University

Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

Selling Obama Phones to buy Drugs

More Memories...

05/02/14 Christians are Being Crucified by Islamic Militants

The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Goals for North America

10/11/13 Stealth Jihad in Action in America

11/11/13 Islamists Have No Special Rights in America

Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away

4 Reasons to Remember Benghazi

Benghazi Questions That Won't Go Away

Original Benghazi Theory from October, 2012

Back to the original Benghazi theory from June 2012

06/17/13 Special Forces Were Only Hours From Benghazi

08/03/13 New Questions about Benghazi

08/13/13 More Benghazi Revelations

10/22/13 Before Benghazi and Still No Answers: Sgt. Bergdahl

10/28/13 "60 Minutes" Finally "Discovers" Benghazi Scandal is Real
Follow-Up: 11/26/13 CBS Backtracks on Part of the "60 Minutes" Story

10/30/13 More of the "Truth" Comes Out on CBS
Follow-Up: 11/26/13 CBS Backtracks on Part of the "60 Minutes" Story

11/16/13 What Benghazi Attackers Knew in Advance

The Complete Report on Benghazi from September 11, 2012 to February 14, 2014

03/14/14 CIA Fails to Investigate Benghazi Attack

04/30/14 Proof in e-mails That the President and Hillary (etc.) Lied

05/02/14 John Boehner Forms Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi

05/11/14 Trey Gowdy Questions the Media

06/13/14 Benghazi Filmmaker CONFIRMED To Be Agent Of Eric Holder

06/18/14 EOWC Agendas and Resolutions have STILL not been updated
Who can find the missing $3.1 Million?
Contact Jim Gerrish

04/04/14 EOWC News has not been updated since 2010
06/03/14 Still Waiting for News of the Indicted Commissioners (from 2013).
No news from the city - but the Star Ledger has some HERE

3/5/13 East Orange Water Commission may face fines up to $400,000

East Orange Water Commission Indictments - 2/13/13

Resolution of Board of Water Commissioners from December 11, 2012
Board of Water Commissioners Agenda for January 8, 2013

Official Web Site of the City of East Orange

OLD - East Orange Facebook Page

NEW - East Orange City Hall Facebook Page

EO Recreational & Cultural Affairs Facebook Page

East Orange Public Library Web Site

East Orange Board of Education Web site

East Orange Campus High School Sports

East Orange Neighborhood Profile - Statistics

Local Newspapers and On-Line News:

LocalTalk News covering Oranges, Bloomfield, Montclair, Irvington and Newark - Also use to report potholes and other city repair issues

Worrall Community Newspapers Electronic Editions

Essex News Daily

The Newark Star Ledger: NJ.com

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