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Updated 01/29/18

Update 01/29/18: We are now well rid of mayor Lester Taylor, and have as our new mayor, Ted Green, who was formerly the council person for the Third Ward. Lester Taylor did nothing to improve this property, and neither did Ted Green as council person. Let's see if electing mayor Green does anything to improve conditions in the Third World Third Ward S-Holes of East Orange.

Across the street is the corner of Sanford and Edgar Streets, just in case the new mayor can't find his way here. On the sidewalk, some city engineer has painted the hand of Allah pointing to the next S-Hole that has just joined in to destroy the neighborhood. Click here to see 126 Sanford Street on NW 5.

Update 05/22/15: We are now in the second year of mayor Lester Taylor's term and #135 Sanford Street remains in the same condition as it was in 2013, before Lester Taylor "took charge." Note that there is a bag of garbage on the curb, which has been there for several days. Tonight is a garbage night, but nothing is supposed to be put out until after 6:00 PM. Litter is still blown down the street by the wind, gets caught in the weeds and eventually ends up in the gutter and from there goes into the Second River. Third Ward councilwoman Quilla Talmadge is up for re-election in June, but has just been involved in breaking a city code (238-4) multiple times, so she won't be concerned that this property has been violating codes for years. She and Ted Green are still into giving away "free stuff" at taxpayer expense, and throwing taxpayer funded Third Ward parties.

135 Sanford Street
Close to the intersection of Sanford and Edgar St.

April 2013 - Problems: The building has been boarded up for several years. The plywood was fresh and new when it was first put over the windows, and now it is gray and weatherbeaten. The worst part is the collection of wind-blown street litter in the yard, so even though someone owns and wants to sell the property, they don't come by often enough to clean it up. Notice also the two sewer openings where a lot of the litter ends up clogging the sewers after a big rainfall. Without those sewers open, the street in front of this house becomes a lake for several hours after a big storm.

The top photo was taken in April of 2013. It is now late August of 2013 and the front lawn is overgrown out of control. The sign has either fallen down or been removed by someone. If the owner can't take care of the property, the city should take control of the house and sell it for back taxes owed or find some other use for the property.

It is now May 23, 2014 and the property is once again overgrown. Oh, yes, we have a new mayor, Lester Taylor, who has glowing promises about improving the "quality of our lives" in East Orange. We also have the same old Third Ward councilman, Ted Greene, for whom this apparently fits his idea of a "quality life." Quilla Talmadge, the other council person, is near the end of her fourth term and doesn't get involved with the Third Ward except to attend parties and cookouts at the taxpayer's expense.

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