Mayor Lester Taylor's Agenda 2017

Holding Mayor Lester Taylor Accountable in 2017

Stated Campaign Goals Addressed

Stated Campaign Goals NOT YET Addressed

Lower Property Taxes -
Create new development in our city +
Create good jobs for our residents
Create a "better" educational system -
Create Recreational opportunities for our young people +
Deal with adequate services for our seniors
Deal with the issue of harrassment of our police department
Provide both police and fire dept. adequate resources
to keep our community safe

Develop a parking garage at or near Brick Church Station -
Additional Goals Quoted in Ebony Article 03/24/14:
"Make this community safer" -

Urgency of Problems Facing East Orange Safety in 2017

01/07/17 - 01/10/17 - 01/10/17 - 01/12/17 - 01/14/17
01/14/17 - 01/22/17 - 01/31/17 - 02/07/17 - 02/08/17
02/13/17 - 02/17/17 - 02/22/17 -

"Stabilize and reduce taxes" -
"Improve the city's unemployment rate" -
"Create livable wage jobs" -
"Use organized labor programs to train people and expose
them to career options" -
"Prepare our students for college and careers" +

Reality Sets In...

02/02/17 Mayor Dropped
From Re-election Bid
by Leroy Jones

Mayor & City Counsel
Declare OUR City to be

Mayor Takes Credit For
"Preventing Water Crisis"
No Mention that Taxpayers
Bailed Him Out

Line A Democrats'
Breaking City Code AGAIN

Police Dept Refuses
to Answer OPRA
Request for Information
on EO Murders

Making Excuses for
EOWC Deficits

Yet ANOTHER EOWC Deficit and
Water Rate Increase!

2015 Tax Increase of 3.5%

EO Schools Highest in Violence
and Substance Abuse 2014-15

Lester Taylor For Governor -2017

Uniform Crime Report 2015

Bread and Circuses *
First Annual Mayoral Ball
Second Annual Mayoral Ball

* "The people did not realize
that they were merely recovering
a portion of their own property,
and that their ruler (mayor)
could not have given them
what they were receiving
without first having taken it
from them in taxes."
Translated from the Latin -
Decimus Junius Juvenalis
a.k.a. Juvenal c.100 AD

Holding Mayor Lester Taylor Accountable in 2016

This is what the Mayor HAS or HAS NOT done for us lately:

02/02/17 Only nine days after giving his State of the City Address, Lester Taylor announced that he was dropping out of a bid to be re-elected mayor of East Orange. There was a brief announcement of the February 2nd press conference the day before, (February 1st at 9:50 PM), in a little-read The Alternative Press note from Connie Jackson. The speed at which all of this unraveled needs to be carefully studied by all taxpayers of East Orange, because no one else will be interested in the outcome. We are the ones who have to drain our own swamp.

UPDATE: It turns out that the person in charge of deciding who gets to be mayor and who gets to run for city council is none other than Leroy Jones, the thug politician who attacked a 74 year old legally blind poll worker in June of 2015. Now Jones will get to choose who runs in our 2017 Primary, and it is obvious that it will be someone he can control as he has been controlling Lester Taylor and other Line A politicians ... but only if you East Orange voters let him continue to call the shots. We are the ones who have to drain our own swamp.

State of the City Address Video

Better Video on YouTube:

John Henry's Photo Album

01/24/17 - Rebuttal to the State of the City Address

This year, every one of my 6 Predictions about what the mayor would NOT say in his State of the City Address has come true.

My Predictions About the mayor's
State of Our City Speech
and what he WILL NOT SAY.

1. The mayor will once again make no mention of the true number
of East Orange Residents murdered in 2016.

2. The mayor, once again, will not mention the increased level
of violence in East Orange Schools in 2014-2016.

3. The mayor will not be able to give an example of a single
abandoned property
that has been rennovated to the point
of bringing in tax dollars instead of spending taxes on mowing
and raking and making cosmetic changes.

4. The mayor will not mention the violations and charges against the
City Animal Shelter
in 2015-2016, nor why the veteranarian in charge
was never fired and continues to work for the city to this day.

5. The mayor will not mention the violations of City Code 238-4 by
Line A Democrats in the recent Presidential Election, nor the failure of
City Code Enforcer Dwight Saunders to issue tickets or summonses to
any person responsible.

6. The mayor will not mention the failure of the East Orange Police
Department to respond to a valid OPRA Request from RLS Media
to reveal the exact number of shootings in East Orange from January 1,
2016, through July 29th, 2016.

The speech was recorded on someone's hand-held phone, with very poor sound quality and a lot of motion-sickness inducing jitters, waves and pans. The sound quality was not very good, and during one portion the sound almost shuts down to a whisper (I guess because the videographer's hand was covering the microphone). The address took place in Cicely Tyson's 800 seat auditorium, which was mostly filled by many of the 900+ public workers that fill City Hall, plus other invited guests - not much room left over for the ordinary taxpayer.

The opening remarks were unremarkable except for two things. #1 We were told that the City of East Orange is in Revolt. We were not told why. We are supposed to assume that everyone in the city is against the election of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and that the revolution will "do something about it." #2 The audience was asked to recite the indoctrination mantra that fills Lester Taylor's speeches, as if it was a "pledge of allegiance" to the City of East Orange. The pledge was: "East Orange will set the standard for urban excellence and become a 'Destination City'." No one defined what a "Destination City" was supposed to mean, but later on you will hear Lester Taylor proclaiming that our City is now "officially" a Sanctuary City, and we do know the meaning of that.

Councilman Ted Green took the opportunity to give himself a little campaign speech to promote his re-election in the June 2017 Primary. He did NOT mention the shootings that have taken place recently in the third ward (his ward responsibility) 01/14/17 and 01/22/17 or his FAILURE to do anything about the abandoned houses that have been on my "Shame of the City" map for several years now.

Mayor Taylor's speech was the well memorized collection of fairy-tale facts he has been promoting for the past three years, like the decrease in violent crime that the charts below show was actually an increase of 4.2% and all the rehabilitated abandoned properties for which he has been responsible (when he can't even point to one single example). But he tells us he is making "progressive changes" in the city, which is a code word for "socialist changes." Taylor glossed over the recent election of Donald Trump as president and took sides with the next day's Women's March to promote Abortion and protect Margaret Sanger's legacy of eradicating African Americans by killing their unborn babies in her Planned Parenthood Organization.

Taylor bragged that he has closed the Ten Million Dollar City deficit, which should mean that our property taxes will no longer increase (but I'll believe that when I see it happen). He is planning on getting Five Million Dollars in Federal Funds in 2017, but his declaration that East Orange is now "officially" a Sanctuary City (although the only ones to vote for that were his toadies on the City Council), may very well cut down not only that hope, but other projects of his that depend on federal funding, like the public schools, the library, the police department, the fire department and several others that I forget right now. If Once the Federal Funding is cut, the State Funding may undergo a similar fate. His statements of defiance of Federal Law clearly violate his oath of office.

When the mayor ended his speech, he thanked the crowd and immediately left before anyone could ask him any questions. Darn! That's another thing I should have been able to predict!

Jim Gerrish -

2014-15 Total Spending Per Pupil: $25,121

Latest Commissioners School Report

Let's Do The Math!
Comparing 2014-2015
with 2015-2016

Enrollment DOWN by: 331 Students
Violence UP by 7
Vandalism down by 1
Weapons down by 2
Substances down by 14
HIB UP by 9
TOTAL down by TWO!

Did we get rid of the
wrong students?

Uniform Crime Report for 2016

Click here for complete 2016 report for NJ

12/02/16 In his December Message to East Orange Residents, the mayor stated that the crime rate has "decreased by 21% this year." The above chart gives the lie to that statement, showing that crime in East Orange has INCREASED by at least 4.2%.

East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2016

Westley R. Roberson, age 34, shot and murdered while sitting in a car on Central Ave. and S. 12th St., Newark 01/18/16 - #1

Terrence M. Moore, Jr., 23, of East Orange Shot to Death on New Street, Newark 01/28/16 Late Entry- #13

* Henry Boyd, age 90, Found Murdered in S. Harrison Apt. - 02/09/16 - #2 - 03/29/16 Jocelyn Dahta Pleads Guilty

Alvin B. Allen, age 46, Murdered on Prince St., Newark - 02/12/16 - #3

* Tushon Jones, Age 33, Shot Dead in his Charles St. Home 02/28/16 - #4

* Gary A. Brown, Age 40, Shot to Death on Warwick Street 04/17/16 - #5

* Isaiah T. Peterson, age 27, of South Orange, shot to Death on Sanford Street at McKay Ave. 04/21/16 - #6

Joshua Smith, age 20, of EO Shot Dead in NWK 05/13/16 - #7

James Rhodes, age 24, of EO Shot to Death In Camden 05/20/16 - #8

* Four-Year-Old Child Accidentally Shot on Norman Street by Brother - Mother Arrested - 06/25/16 - #9

* Person Shot and Killed on Watson Avenue 07/02/16 - #10

Naeem Roberts of EO Shot Dead in Newark 07/15/16- #11

* Man Shot Dead on Park Street in EO - Tahji Hale, Age 28, from Montclair, 07/28/16 - #12

* Destrian Matteaux, Age 24, from Orange Shot Dead on Central Avenue & Burnett St, 09/18/16 - #14

Hanniyah Anderson, Age 24, of EO Shot in Newark - 09/25/16 - #15

Jonas Larose of EO Shot to Death in Orange - 11/30/16 - Homicide Victim #16

* Victims that were within the borders of EO when they were murdered.

NOTE: An OPRA request submitted by to the city of East Orange had the police department
declining to provide an exact number of actual shooting instances that occurred around the city for the time period
(January - July 2016). The East Orange True News believes this policy is directed by mayor Lester Taylor in an
effort to hide the information from East Orange residents for political reasons.

East Orange Murderers List for 2016

01/18/16 Lewis Williams, 18, and Isaiah Hutchins, 22, indicted for July 5th, 2015 murder of Maplewood man.

02/02/16 Jeffrey Holland, 27, Arrested for Newark Murders

03/03/16 Mario Gayles of EO Indicted for Irvington Murder

03/24/16 Rasuan Foster of EO Arrested and Charged with Murder of Naji Everett of Orange

03/29/16 Jocelyn Dahta Pleads Guilty to Murder of Henry Boyd on February 9, 2016

05/06/16 Meljia T. Oliver of EO Charged With Newark Shooting Murder which took place on 4/30/16

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