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08/14/17 Armed Robbery on Norwood and Tremont in East Orange, NJ

At approximately 10:00 PM Sunday night (08/13/17), two young East Orange men, ages 19 and 23, were stopped by an armed male as they walked on Norwood Street near Tremont Avenue in the 3rd Ward of East Orange, NJ. The thief was holding a hand gun and the younger victim immediately ran down the street, but the older victim was trapped by the robber who had the gun pointed directly at him, and so he was robbed of his cell phone and some cash before the thief fled from the scene. The two young crime victims got together again and called the East Orange police. The crime was reported and the investigating officer drove them around to see if they could locate the thief still on the streets. When that failed, they were driven to the precinct where they reported the crime in detail and looked through mugshots hoping to identify the thief. The investigation is still open and unsolved at this time.

Violent Crime Rate in East Orange for 2017 so far...

State Police Uniform Crime Report Statistics show 66 Armed Robberies Using Firearms to this date in 2017 - Up 88.6% since 2016
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

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