Holding the East Orange School District Accountable in 2017



2014-15 Total Spending Per Pupil: $25,121

Latest Commissioners School Report

Let's Do The Math!
Comparing 2014-2015
with 2015-2016

Enrollment DOWN by: 331 Students
Violence UP by 7
Vandalism down by 1
Weapons down by 2
Substances down by 14
HIB UP by 9
TOTAL down by TWO!

Did we get rid of the
wrong students?


Click here for complete 2016 report for NJ

2015-2016 NJ School Reports - Look It Up Yourself

What you will find about the three East Orange High Schools:

East Orange Campus High School

Cicely Tyson Middle/High School

East Orange STEM Academy High School

Do you still want to vote this incompetent guy into elected office as a councilman?

Encounter with Bergson Leneus,
Candidate for 3rd Ward Council Member

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