HBCU Fair Brings Fred Goode and Jacqueline Saez to EO

by Jim Gerrish

L-R: Jacqueline Saez, Mayor Ted Green, Frederick Goode

04/07/18 Jacqueline Saez and Frederick Goode (formerly of the EOUMB) returned to East Orange on Saturday as admissions counselors from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania to recruit East Orange high school pupils and sign them up for scholarships and admission next fall. Posing with them above is Mayor Ted Green, of East Orange, who is also an alumnus of Cheyney, which was the first Historically Black College, dating back to 1837.

L-R: Jacqueline Saez, Superintendent Dr. Kevin West, Frederick Goode

They also posed with East Orange Superintendent Dr. Kevin West who takes a personal interest in encouraging East Orange pupils to transform themselves into college students by hard work and study. The success of today's Fair will be measured by the number of East Orange pupils that not only sign up to attend a college, but who then go on to successfully attend that institution of higher learning and actually graduate with a degree. Mr. Goode and Ms Saez both have a reputation for following through with the college students they recruit and encourage, as can be seen in the stories of Alumni from the East Orange Unified Marching Band.

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