Holding Ted Green Accountable in 2018

06/05/18 - Primary Election Day - The Decline and Fall of East Orange from Beautiful City to S.Hole

This Primary Election Day, there are only two violations of City Code 238-4 in front of the Polling Place on Old Sanford Street. There may be other violations elsewhere around the city, but I no longer have the strength to travel that far and wide to find and photograph them. Besides, no one else in East Orange seems to care. That's why East Orange is slowly sliding into a slum, or perhaps S. Hole is a better term. There is little interest in this year's Primary Election because Democrat Line A is assured to win.

This is the second sign code violation on Old Sanford Street. So now I will take up my self-imposed civic responsibility of cleaning up the small park at the entrance/exit from Old Sanford Street to Sanford Street.

As usual, the street and sidewalks are littered with refuse from all the stores that line Central Avenue, dropped and scattered by their uncaring and selfish customers.

I have been reporting the devastation of this corner since 2014, to no avail. No one from the city seems to know where the repair bricks are located. You can see photographic evidence I began collecting in 2014 by clicking on the "Time Machine" Years in the photo.

More evidence that East Orange is sliding into S.Hole Status through neglect and indifference. The residents who SAY they want East Orange restored to its former glory, only mean that someone ELSE should do the work and then CONTINUE it.

Meanwhile, my Personal Civic Duty is to do what I can to pick up the litter and photograph the continuing decay and decline of what was once the most Beautiful City in the State of New Jersey. I picked up two bags of trash, plus some fallen branches. One good thing the Ted Green administration has added is a City Trash can on the street next to this now beautiful little wild-flowering park. I don't know who owns or maintains those other two trash cans further south in the photo.

In case you forgot last year's election violations ...

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11/07/17 - Line A Democrats Violate EO Codes and Litter the City With Posters


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