Holding Ted Green Accountable in 2018


It has been 236 days since the June Primary, 75 days since the November General Election, and 21 days since the Inauguration of Ted Green as mayor of the city of East Orange, at which he presumably took an oath of office on a Quran (although no one seems to have made a public recording of that event). That is how long these little "gifts" of Ted Green and the Line A Democrats have been unlawfully clinging to our trees, public lamp posts, and traffic light posts in violation of Code 238-4 of the city of East Orange.

City-wide Infestation of 'Rats

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Before you whine and cry that the Democrats of Line A made feeble and half-fast attempts to remove portions of the signs, the question becomes how long are they going to keep from finishing the job? For example, Dwight Saunders (former code enforcer and property maintenance director under Lester Taylor) ran for mayor of East Orange in 2001, and the sticker he left behind on Evergreen place has been there for 17 years, and remains there to this day. Talk about half-fast work!

I took a total of 25 photos of 25 Code 238-4 violations and there were even more that I never got to photograph. The point is, Ted Green has shown that he believes he is above the laws that he and the council make for others. But notice that when they break this code, the laws are soon being broken by others. Now all kinds of businesses are sticking advertisements on our city lamp posts, traffic posts and even on our city trees. If the mayor and city council can get away with it, so can they. This is just the beginning of the breakdown in law and order in East Orange. Declaring the city to be a "Sanctuary City," open to illegal immigrants without limit, in defiance of the President's executive orders and without getting approval from the voters and taxpayers of East Orange is another example. Ted Green's biography published on the city Web site contains lies about at least one of his college degrees. How can we trust him to carry out his oath of office, if in fact, he made one?

Jim Gerrish - jimgerrish@yahoo.com


2014-15 Total Spending Per Pupil: $25,121

Latest Commissioners School Report

Let's Do The Math!
Comparing 2014-2015
with 2015-2016

Enrollment DOWN by: 331 Students
Violence UP by 7
Vandalism down by 1
Weapons down by 2
Substances down by 14
HIB UP by 9
TOTAL down by TWO!

Did we get rid of the
wrong students?


Uniform Crime Report for 2016

Click here for complete 2016 report for NJ

In his December 2016 Message to East Orange Residents, the Lester Taylor, the previous mayor, stated that the crime rate has "decreased by 21% this year." The above chart gives the lie to that statement, showing that crime in East Orange has INCREASED by at least 4.2%.

Recently (May, 2017) Ted Green claimed that: "Over the last several years, crime has steadily decreased in East Orange.  The overall rate has fallen more than 70 percent over the last several years and is now in line with the national average." No statistics back up that claim, which makes it a deception for the ignorant... in other words, a lie. Here is the truth:


Click here for complete 2017 report for NJ

From January 2017 to April of 2017, the total crime rate in East Orange increased by 17.9%.

Those little numbers for homicides listed on the state reports are more than just numbers. They have names:

East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2016

Westley R. Roberson, age 34, shot and murdered while sitting in a car on Central Ave. and S. 12th St., Newark 01/18/16 - #1

Terrence M. Moore, Jr., 23, of East Orange Shot to Death on New Street, Newark 01/28/16 Late Entry- #13

* Henry Boyd, age 90, Found Murdered in S. Harrison Apt. - 02/09/16 - #2 - 03/29/16 Jocelyn Dahta Pleads Guilty

Alvin B. Allen, age 46, Murdered on Prince St., Newark - 02/12/16 - #3

* Tushon Jones, Age 33, Shot Dead in his Charles St. Home 02/28/16 - #4

* Gary A. Brown, Age 40, Shot to Death on Warwick Street 04/17/16 - #5

* Isaiah T. Peterson, age 27, of South Orange, shot to Death on Sanford Street at McKay Ave. 04/21/16 - #6

Joshua Smith, age 20, of EO Shot Dead in NWK 05/13/16 - #7

James Rhodes, age 24, of EO Shot to Death In Camden 05/20/16 - #8

* Four-Year-Old Child Accidentally Shot on Norman Street by Brother - Mother Arrested - 06/25/16 - #9

* Person Shot and Killed on Watson Avenue 07/02/16 - #10

Naeem Roberts of EO Shot Dead in Newark 07/15/16- #11

* Man Shot Dead on Park Street in EO - Tahji Hale, Age 28, from Montclair, 07/28/16 - #12

* Destrian Matteaux, Age 24, from Orange Shot Dead on Central Avenue & Burnett St, 09/18/16 - #14

Hanniyah Anderson, Age 24, of EO Shot in Newark - 09/25/16 - #15

Jonas Larose of EO Shot to Death in Orange - 11/30/16 - Homicide Victim #16

* Victims that were within the borders of EO when they were murdered.

NOTE: An OPRA request submitted by rlsmedia.com to the city of East Orange had the police department
declining to provide an exact number of actual shooting instances that occurred around the city for the time period
(January - July 2016). The East Orange True News believes this policy is directed by mayor Lester Taylor in an
effort to hide the information from East Orange residents for political reasons.

East Orange Murderers List for 2016

01/18/16 Lewis Williams, 18, and Isaiah Hutchins, 22, indicted for July 5th, 2015 murder of Maplewood man.

02/02/16 Jeffrey Holland, 27, Arrested for Newark Murders

03/03/16 Mario Gayles of EO Indicted for Irvington Murder

03/24/16 Rasuan Foster of EO Arrested and Charged with Murder of Naji Everett of Orange

03/29/16 Jocelyn Dahta Pleads Guilty to Murder of Henry Boyd on February 9, 2016

05/06/16 Meljia T. Oliver of EO Charged With Newark Shooting Murder which took place on 4/30/16

More names for 2017. Click on the names to read the news media reports. Unlike Ted Green, I don't just make this stuff up.

Jim Gerrish - jimgerrish@yahoo.com

East Orange Homicide Casualty List for 2017

* Jermaine Maddox, age 35, Shot on North Arlington Avenue 01/31/17 Homicide Victim #1 - Fifth Ward

Nafia Jahad Treadwell, age 22, of EO Shot Dead in Newark 03/06/17 - Homicide Victim #2

* Pierre Collins, age 35, Shot on Ashland Ave. & Prospect Terrace -(2nd Ward) 04/03/17- Homicide Victim #3

Timothy Royster of EO Found Shot to Death in Car in Newark - 04/04/17 - Homicide Victim #4

* Gregory McPherson, age 26, Shot to Death on Lenox Avenue (2nd Ward) - 04/05/17 - Homicide Victim #5

* Two Newark Men Shot Dead on Central Avenue Near Hollywood Avenue (4th Ward) - 06/09/17 Homicide Victims #6 & 7

Scott Mayfield of EO Shot and Killed in Orange After Bank Robbery - 08/24/17 (Orange) - Righteous Police Shot

* Shooting Death on Chelsea Place, EO, Breanna Williams, age 23, of Orange, - 09/04/17 (2nd Ward) Homicide Victim #8

* Man Shot Dead on Central Ave. - 09/10/17 - (4th Ward) Homicide Victim #9

* Irvington Man , Karl Laroche, Stabbed to Death on Central Avenue - 09/10/17 - (4th Ward) Homicide Victim #10

* Marcel Scott Stabbed to Death on Park Ave. - 9/30/17 - (5th Ward) Homicide Victim #11

Stefan Tinsley, age 33, of EO Shot to Death in Newark - NJ.Com Report - 10/08/17 - Homicide Victim #12

Dante Holden and Tymyr Wilson of EO Shot to Death in Newark as Armed Robbers -10/29/17 - Righteous Police Shot

* Kpama Silver of Newark - Shot and Killed at North 15th Street and 4th Avenue 11/11/17 (5th Ward) - Homicide Victim #13

Tawan J. Moses of EO Shot Dead at New Brunswick 11/17/17 - Homicide Victim #14

* Victims that were within the borders of EO when they were murdered.

NOTE: An OPRA request submitted by rlsmedia.com to the city of East Orange had the police department
declining to provide an exact number of actual shooting instances that occurred around the city for the time period
(January - July 2016). The East Orange True News believes this policy is directed by mayor Lester Taylor in an
effort to hide the information from East Orange residents for political reasons.

East Orange Murderers and Attempted Murderers List for 2017
Our "Sanctuary City" for Killers and Would-be Killers

01/07/17 Attempted Murderer: James Caldwell of EO Arrested in Newark; Gun and Drugs

02/02/17 Attempted Murderer: Alain V. Antoine of EO charged in Newark Shooting on Jan.10th.

02/07/17 Attempted Murderer: Richard Chambers of EO Arrested for Newark Shooting

02/17/17 Attempted Murderer: Unknown EO Teen Arrested for Newark Shooting

03/24/17 Attempted Murderer: Cedric Lewis of EO Charged With Weapons and Drug Offenses

04/07/17 - Murderer: Jose V. Soto Of EO Charged With Paterson Stabbing Murder On 3/27/17

04/13/17 Attempted Murderer: Daron Morgan of EO Arrested in Newark Shooting Incident

04/13/17 Seven Attempted Murderers Selling Lethal Drugs Armed by Illegal Guns: Amir Good, 26; Amira Good, 27;
Alexander Wilson, 29; Elijah Morris, 26; Antawan Lang, 27; Akeeme Thompson, 25; and Solomon Cooper, 32, all of East Orange.

* 04/29/17 Samir Nicholson of EO Shot and Killed During Attempted Murder on South Clinton Street (3rd Ward)

04/30/17 Attempted Murderers: Xavier Williams & Takia Reid of EO Charged for Possession of Guns in Newark

05/05/17 Attempted Murderer: Keith Jones of EO Arrested For Loaded Gun in Newark Incident

05/07/17 Attempted Murderer: Terry J. Mitchell of EO Arrested on Gun Charges in Newark

05/12/17 Attempted Murderer: Marquise Robinson of EO Wanted - RE: Shooting on May 7th in Newark

* 05/12/17Attempted Murderer: Shots Fired On Oak Street in EO - One Injured in Head ( 4th Ward)

05/17/17 Attempted Murderer: Gene Bruster of EO Arrested in Newark Gang Selling Lethal Drugs

05/23/17 Attempted Murderers: Darrell Stokes, Arvetta Stokes, Anneka Taylor, Caryl Gaston Charged For
Conspiracy Heroin Distribution

** 06/22/17 Attempted Murder: Triston Layne, Jordan Atwell of EO, and Anthony Mitchell, Quran Simpson of NWK Arrested and Charged
with Possession of 1 Handgun (4th Ward)

** 06/22/17 Attempted Murder: Nathaniel Fuller, Marquis Watkins of EO Arrested for Dealing Drugs on Linden Avenue (4th Ward)

06/23/17 Murderer: Tyrie Bullock of EO Arrested for Murder of Newark Cook - NJ.Com Report

* 09/30/17 Murderer: Asya Dawkins of EO, mother of Marcel Scott, Charged with Manslaughter (5th Ward)

10/02/17 Attempted Murder: Dawud Ingram of EO Arrested for a Shooting on 9/18/17 in Newark

11/06/17 Murderer: Kassan Messiah of EO Arrested for 10/27/17 Murder in Orange


Report on the "Green Money Machine"; How much Ted Green is beholden to those who have contributed to his campaign.



Promises, Promises from Ted Green

EO Mayoral Hopeful Ted Green Unveils Plan to Improve Housing in East Orange
May 18, 2017 at 10:30 PM

"Green indicated that the last Master Plan for East Orange, included a number of objective
(sic) that hold true for today and are included in his strategic plan, including:

Change the public image of East Orange through rehabilitation and development of
new homes throughout the neighborhoods.

Strengthen and recapture single-family neighborhoods

Better promote the City’s housing initiatives, such as the homebuyers’ workshop and
grants, etc.

Use transportation and access to primary business centers including Newark and New

Consider municipal auctions to sell dilapidated apartments.

Focus on new housing development for young professionals, seniors, and artists

Anchor and preserve the character of single family neighborhoods."


You should be able to find this fictional "Last Master Plan" on-line so you can see if Ted Green is telling the truth. Oh, here it is:

The Last Master Plan was supposedly made in 2006 , the same year Ted Green was first sworn into office to represent the 3rd Ward. It looks like this: http://www.eastorange-nj.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/164

Are you impressed by a lot of blank pages?

There must be more... yes, here is a propaganda piece telling how wonderful the 2006 Master Plan is:

So now it is eleven years later and the same Master Plan that Ted Green and the other wastrals who occupy the elected offices of city council were supposed to be enacting. They must have been sitting on their hands all this time because East Orange doesn't look anything like that, does it? Now they want to get re-elected and promise to do the same things they were supposed to be doing since 2006.

Here is Ted Green's "Strategy" to address housing if elected mayor.

1. Use homeownership opportunities to retain and increase the Area Median Income and
net worth of current residents while attracting new residents.

2. Restore abandoned properties to productive use and place back on the tax role.

3. Work with the new Governor to be sworn in January 2018 and the NJ Economic
Development Authority to provide tax credits to developers to incentivize investment in
housing development and rehabilitation.

4. Replicate the "town center" models created around train stations like in Montclair,
Bloomfield, South Orange, and Orange.

5. Work with the State to create programs through the NJ Housing Mortgage Finance
Agency and other State agencies to obtain resources for existing homeowners for property
facade updates, upkeep, and maintenance.

6. Meet with absentee landlords and develop an action plan for improvements for
buildings under code or operating with substandard living conditions.

Forget that he should have already been doing these things as a council member for eleven years and council chairman for the past two years. Now we are supposed to believe that he will suddenly start working on these same initiatives and goals IF we elect him mayor. Remember how it was in 2015? Here's a reminder. This was supposed to be going on in 2015-2016 and we are still waiting for real results of all this. Why are we still getting the same promises from the same people who were supposed to have all this accomplished by now?


The Chairman of the City Council Violates East Orange Ordinances Once Again!


04/23/17 Ted Green's "Silent Running" Campaign


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