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Violent Crime Scoreboard 2018

December 2018

12/28/18 Michael Hosein of EO Arrested on Drug
Possession and Distribution Charges in Hoboken, NJ

Christmas Cactus Carol

12/18/18 Two EO Men Convicted of Armed
Carjacking from August 2016.

12/15/18 Arrests of Illegal Immigrants in NJ
is Increasing Despite "Sanctuary Cities"

12/12/18 Jeffrey Holland of EO Convicted
of Triple Murder

12/12/18 East Orange Couple Charged
with Animal Cruelty

12/12/18 New Jersey Assaults the First
and Second Amendments

12/05/18 Vidrole Monace of EO Sentenced
to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

November 2018

11/30/18 Gun Fire Near Oval Park in East Orange (4th Ward)

11/30/18 Akmid Henderson of EO Does it Again!

11/28/18 Akmid Henderson of EO Arrested
for Car Burglary in Union

11/28/18 Brianna Williams of EO Arrested
For Fatal Hit and Run in NWK
- NJ.Com Report

11/26/18 Good News - Sad News

11/26/18 Major Smith, Former Teacher in EO,
Pleads Guilty to Insurance Fraud

11/22/18 Happy Thanksgiving, USA!

First Snow of the Season

11/15/18 Gas Station Armed Robbery
at Prospect and William Sts.
( 2nd Ward)

11/14/18 Isaiah T. Lee of EO Arrested
For Crime Committed in Fair Lawn, NJ

11/13/18 Police Officer Shoots Armed Suspect
on Park Avenue in EO
(1st Ward)

100th Anniversary of the End of World War I

U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

11/06/18 VOTE TODAY! Here's What's at Stake...

11/04/18 Early Morning Shooting on S. Harrison
Injures Man
(3rd Ward)

11/02/18 Chris Durkin Claims "Printing Error"
in Republican Line on Mailed Ballots

Replacement Ballots Sent Lack Pre-paid
Postage to Discourage Republican Voters

October 2018

List of EO Properties For Sale

10/15/18 Street Shooting on Elmwood Avenue
Injures One
(3rd Ward)

10/06/18 Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh
Now Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

10/05/18 Kyle A. Paul and Rijkaard E. Russel of EO
Arrested for Unlawful Dumping In Newark

10/02/18 Trespasser Struck Dead on Tracks
near Brick Church Station, EO

10/02/18 Tajiddin A. Rainey of EO Arrested in Newark
on Weapons and Drug Charges

September 2018

09/28/18 Philip Belton of EO Shot by Newark Police
During Traffic Stop Arrest - For Possession of

handgun, rifle and shotgun - RSLmedia Report

09/27/18 Antwan Scott of EO Arrested in Newark
on Drug Dealing Charges

09/26/18 Allen Travers of EO Killed
by EO Police in Newark
- NJ.Com Report

09/21/18 Charles Anderson of EO Arrested
on Drug Dealing Charges in Newark

09/20/18 Felon Okbar Gillen of EO
Arrested in NWK - Carrying Loaded Gun

09/20/18 School Bus Driver Charged with DUI
after EO Crash - No Supervisor from
School District Charged ... YET.

NJ.Com Report

09/20/18 Gregory Mims of EO Charged
with Distributing Heroin

09/18/18 Darren Black of EO Charged with August 17th
Murder of Woman from Orange
NJ.COM Report

09/17/18 -
Remnants of Tropical Storm Florence
Arrive in East Orange Bringing Rain

09/11/18 EO's Cory M. Munford Shot to Death
on Sanford St. & Finlay Place, NWK

NJcom Report

09/11/18 John Henry's Photos at Eagle Rock Memorial

09/11/18 Photos From Eagle Rock Memorial Ceremony

09/11/18 President Trump at PA Memorial Service

09/11/18 -
Commemoration of 17th Anniversary of 9/11
Terrorist Attacks at Eagle Rock, West Orange, NJ

TAP information

09/05/18 Archie Crooks, of Avenel, Shot Dead
Near Ramada Inn on Evergreen Place.
(2nd Ward)
Dwayne Little-John of Newark has Been Charged
NJ.Com Report

EOUMB Alumni Perform in DSU Band
at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware

09/02/18 - End of Summer Raspberry Harvest

August 2018

Tomorrow's GS Parkway Work

08/24/18 Anniversary of the Death of
Clara Maass Remembered

Concord Grape Harvest Time!

08/21/18 - Suspect Arrested for Murder of Tarlok Singh

08/20/18 - Street Shooting on 4th Avenue, Man Injured
(5th Ward)

08/17/18 Parkway Repairs for 8/17/18

08/16/18 Murder at Park Deli, North Park St
& Burchard Ave.
- Employee Tarlok Singh
Stabbed to Death - NJ.Com Report
(1st Ward) Homicide Victim #8

08/13/18 Darlene Burger, Darryl Burger, John Durant Jr.,
& Walter Lowery, all from EO, arrested on Heroin Charges

08/07/18 Nathaniel Fuller, Jr. of EO Shot to Death in NWK

08/06/18 East Orange on Vacant Properties List

08/04/18 James McMahon of EO Killed in Motorcycle
Accident on Princeton St.
(3rd Ward)

08/03/18 Kofi A. Owens, Teacher at STEM Academy
in EO, Shot to Death on S. 16th St.
(4th Ward)
Reward Offered for Identifying Killer
Memorial Service

08/03/18 Parkway Repairs for August 2018

08/02/18 - Series of Armed Robberies Investigated

July 2018

07/25/18 Quina K. Smith of EO Arrested for
D.W.I. Collision With NWK Cop Car

07/24/18 Akintunde Adeyemi of EO Charged
With Identity Theft and Bank Fraud

07/23/18 Ignacio Pimentel of EO Gets 5 Years
For Carrying a Gun Unlawfully
- RLS Media Link

07/23/18 - Street Shooting on S. Harrison St, -
High Speed Chase - Arrests Made in Newark

(Began in EO 3rd Ward)

07/22/18 - Street Shooting on 4th Ave & 18th St.
(5th Ward)

07/20/18 - Murderer of EO Pierre Collins in 2017
to 60 Years in Prison

07/19/18 - EO Toll Plaza Work Advisory
Project Website

07/18/18 - EO Taxpayers, Get Ready to Pay Higher Taxes
for being a "Sanctuary City".

07/09/18 Woman Struck by Bullet on N. Walnut St.
(2nd Ward)

07/04/18 -
Happy Independence Day America!

07/01/18 - The First Heat Wave is Here
Local Response

June 2018

06/28/18 Man Injured in Assault
on Park Ave. & Grove St.
(Fifth Ward)

06/28/18 Keasam Johnson of EO Charged
for Fake Health Care Billing

06/27/18 - Big Changes Taking Place in EO Police Dept:
Inspector Tony Cook Retires
Director Sheilah Coley Resigns
Keishon Jonas Transfers to Irvington PD
Sexual Harassment Lawsuits at EOPD

06/25/18 Child and Father Injured in Hit and Run
on S Munn & Wilcox Ave.
- Fourth Ward

First Raspberry of Summer 2018

06/22/18 John Clayborne of EO Arrested for Theft

06/21/18 Vidrole Monace of EO Convicted of
Sexual Assault of a Minor in 2012.

To the Oath Keepers

06/15/18 The Cherries Are Turning Red

Flag Day 2018

06/11/18 An Anguillan National, Member of
Bloods Gang, Arrested by ICE

06/09/18 - Akeeme Thompson of Newark
Convicted for EO Murder - 04/03/17

06/08/18 Red 2009 Dodge Journey Stolen
From Eaton Place
(Fourth Ward)

The Decline and Fall of East Orange
from Beautiful City to S.Hole

06/05/18 Arizona Drug Fugitive Arrested in East Orange

Primary Election Day in East Orange: VOTE!

Primary Election Results

06/02/18 Crosstown Plumbing Bldg. Destroyed
by Fire
- Three Alarm Fire (Fourth Ward)

May 2018


Why Jihadi Attacks and Killings Do Not Stop
During This So-called "Holy" Time of Ramadan

* 05/18/18

Photo by John Henry
Kori Scott, 9 Year Old Lifesaver Recognized. NJ.Com Report

05/31/18 Street Shooting on N. 19th St. and
Eaton Place Leaves One Dead.
Victim was Terrell S. Boone of Newark Homicide Victim #5 (Fourth Ward)

05/31/18 Ignacio Pimentel of EO Sentenced
to 5 Years in Prison

05/28/18 Fruit Tree Inventory

05/28/18 Memorial Day in East Orange

Roses Ready for Memorial Day!

05/25/18 Tyshawn Hines of EO Arrested
for 2017 Newark Armed Robbery

05/23/18 Street Shooting on South Oraton Parkway
(Fourth Ward)

Ground-breaking for New G.W. Carver
(Fifth Ward)

05/20/18 Shooting on Fifteenth Street ( Fifth Ward)

05/19/18 Gregory Mims of EO arrested
on Drug Dealing Charges

05/19/18 Shooting on S. Clinton St. (Third Ward)

05/19/18 Armed Forces Day

05/16/18 Street Shooting on Evergreen Place
(Second Ward)

05/14/18 Two Cars Exchange Gunfire
on Tremont Avenue
(Third Ward)

05/12/18 -
First Fruits Appear

05/05/18 Armed Carjacking in EO Ends in Car Crash on 14th St.
(Fourth Ward)

05/05/18 Dawud Abid of EO Arrested for Loaded Gun
and Drugs on Evergreen & Frelinghuysen Ave. in Newark

05/05/18 Street Shooting Injures One
at Grove St. and Hoffman Blvd.
(Fifth Ward)
UPDATE: Shooting Victim Dies. Homicide Victim #4

05/01/18 Tione Davis of EO Charged With Armed Robberies

April 2018

04/29/18 In View of All the Latest Street Shootings, Let's
Consider Making EO a Sanctuary City for Gun Owners.

04/28/18 Afternoon Street Shootings at Park Avenue
& Vernon Terrace
(Fifth Ward)

04/27/18 Street Shooting at Sanford & Elliot Sts.
(Third Ward)

04/27/18 -
Happy Arbor Day!

Earth Day Tulip Time

First Deal With Cleaning Up Our City,
Then Talk About Living With Our Planet.

04/19/18 Demand that Mayor Ted Green
"Drain the EO Swamp"

Tulip Time!

04/15/18 East Orange Tea Party Day

04/14/18 Shots Fired on Beech Street in EO;
Car Chase into Newark
(2nd Ward)

04/12/18 Gretchen C. Ford Found
Beaten to Death in Irvington

NJ.Com Report

04/10/18 Shots Fired on Princeton St. - No Injuries
(Third Ward)

Zannie E. Moore

04/09/18 Looking for the Owner of a Lost 1950
EO High School Class Ring - It's Been Found!

Fred Goode and Jackie Saez Represent
Cheyney University at HBCU Fair

The First Daffodil Blooms

04/02/18 Man Shot and Killed on Shepherd Ave.
Karamoko Fatiga of EO Killed While Delivering Food
NJ.Com Report - (Fourth Ward)
Teen Arrested for Murder

04/02/18 -
Winter's Last Gasp

March 2018

Forsythia in Bloom Today!

03/29/18 Tyree Lamar Barba of EO
Shot Dead in Newark

03/24/18 -
Suddenly it's Spring!

03/21/18 - Alan Aberden of EO Charged With
Vehicular Homicide Driving Stolen Car in Newark

03/21/18 -
Toby - Here We Go Again!

03/20/18 Winter Storm Toby On The Way

03/20/18 First Crocus Appears!

03/20/18 Happy Vernal Equinox!

Maple Syrup Time in North Garden

03/16/18 Chilly Temperatures Push Back
Cherry Blossom Blooming Dates
to 03/27 or more.

Winter Storm Skylar is Not Much of a Threat.

Winter Storm Skylar On The Way

What's Wrong With This Picture?

03/09/18 Rasheed Sanders of EO Arrested in Drug Bust
Also for Possession of a Firearm.

Winter Storm Quinn - 5:38 PM
Watch Out for Falling Branches!

Winter Storm Quinn - 1:43 PM

03/06/18 Miguel Williams of EO Pleads Guilty to
Fatal Shooting of
- Kwame Yeboah of EO in 2015

Winter Storm Quinn Due Tomorrow

Winter Storm Riley Continues On Through

Winter Storm Riley Brings March in Like a Lion

03/01/18 Major Smith, Former EO Teacher,
Charged with Insurance Fraud

February 2018

First Signs of Spring in EO

02/22/18 Four EOUMB Alumni Play in DSU Band
for Honors Day in Wilmington, DE

EOUMB Alumnus Allan Theodore
Featured on American History Month Calendar

02/21/18 Violent Carjacking on Summit St. (2nd Ward)

02/17/18 Gunfire Near Bogies Lounge on William St.
No Injuries Reported.
- (2nd Ward)

02/ 15/18 Gunfire on Norman and Prospect St.
Victim Takes Himself to Hospital
- (1st Ward)

02/14/18 Man Crashed Stolen Truck Into
EO Planned Parenthood Clinic

02/08/18 Jamil M. Sutton of EO Arrested
in NWK for Attempted Murder

02/04/18 Azaiah Baynard of EO Arrested
For Heroin Possession

02/03/18 Juan P. Santos-Martinez of EO Found
Shot to Death In Car In Bloomfield
NJ.COM Report

02/01/18 Joseph Bossie of EO Arrested for
Loaded Handgun Possession in NWK

January 2018

The Perfect Site for an EnVision Center

Dr. Ben Carson Offers EO a Way OUT of
becoming a Complete S-Hole City

Get Ted Green to Send the Letter!

01/29/18 S-Hole Report: 126 Sanford Street

EOUMB Alumnus Allan Theodore
Leads the PVAMU Marching Storm Band
in the Honda 2018 Battle of the Bands.

Ted Green's "Gifts" to East Orange
Infestation of 'Rats

01/16/18 Ted Green & Council Got Their Wish...
President Trump's Medical Exam Results...
Now It's Ted Green's Turn to Prove He is Fit to be mayor.

01/13/18 Mayor Ted Green More Concerned About
Protecting Immigrants From El Salvador Than With
Increase of MS-13 Gangs in East Orange...
Mainly From El Salvador.

Police Sergeant Tahmesha Dickey Dies
Giving Birth To Her Third Child

Star Ledger Obituary

01/05/18 Solid Waste & Recycling Handbook
for 2018 is finally Available On-Line.

01/05/18 Rashard Johnson of EO is
Convicted on Drug Conspiracy Charges

Winter Storm Grayson

01/04/18 City Wide Winter Weather Advisory

01/01/18 Ted Green Sworn in on Quran
as 14th Mayor of East Orange

01/01/18 Record Low Temperature for January 1st
6 Degrees 7:00 AM at NWK Airport

01/01/18 Happy New Year!

Worldwide True News

Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

History Repeating Itself Once Again

Muslim Atrocities Continue in 2018

01/01/18 France- Annual Car Burning Increases for 2018

History Repeating Itself Once Again

Ramadan Begins May 15, 2018

The Ramadan Bombathon Score for 2017

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Turkish massacres of Armenians
in 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1909

Why the US Won’t Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Historic World News from 2017 is archived HERE


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Muslim Terrorists in the USA

11/11/16 The Muslim Brotherhood Declares the Election of
Donald Trump "a Disaster" for Muslims

09/22/15 Muslims Cannot Hold Public Office For These Reasons

1991 - The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan for America

The Silence of Moderate Muslims

01/05/16 Muslims Should Be Asked to Condemn Islamic Terror

05/29/16 How CAIR Feels About Our USA Memorial Day

CAIR NJ Facebook Page

East Orange's Connection to CAIR

08/03/16 East Orange Will Be Paying Zakat Again This Year

08/05/16 East Orange City is in Collusion with
the Islamic Circle for North America (ICNA)

10/02/16 C.A.I.R. is HAMAS in East Orange, NJ Also

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace






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