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Violent Crime Scoreboard 2019

December 2019

12/10/19 Fritz Belony of EO Convicted
of Stabbing Crime
- NJ.Com Report

School Bus Fires on Evergreen Place, EO
NJ.Com Report

12/05/19 EO Recycling Handbook Errors for 2020
SOUTH Recycling Pick-up Dates are WRONG
Correct Dates are HERE

12/05/19 For what it's worth: The PARCC Scores
for EO Schools for 2019 are HERE.

Good Luck Trying to Figure Them Out!

November 2019

11/30/19 EO High School Receives
2019 Best of East Orange Award

11/13/19 Armed Robbery at Main St. Delta Gas Station

October 2019

Nor'Easter Blusters Through

10/14/19 Columbus Day Celebrated in USA

10/13/19 Armed Robbery Reported on Tremont Ave
and South Clinton St., 7:30 AM

10/12/19 Actual Columbus Day

10/08/19 Willie C. Moore of EO convicted
as an Irvington Drug Dealer.

September 2019

09/22/19 Jamal Williams of EO Shot and Killed in NWK

09/20/19 Carlos Green of IRV Sentenced to 14 Years
for Killing Billy Ray Dudley of EO on 12/27/14.




09/07/19 Hurricane Dorian Passes By

09/06/19 Hurricane Dorian Approaches NJ

August 2019

08/23/19 Jerome Bearfield of NWK Pleads Guilty
Killing Basil Howard of EO on 05/05/18

08/22/19 Tyree Thomas of EO, a Member of Bloods Gang,
Arrested for Narcotics and Firearm Possession.

08/22/19 Jovanni Perez of EO Arrested for
Running a Drug Mill at Ampere Pkwy in EO

08/19/19 Jonathan Hood of EO Arrested
in NWK for Gun Possession

08/06/19 Kevin Stevenson of EO Arrested
for 2009 NWK Murder Case

08/04/19 Dajuan A. Copeland-Hudley of EO Arrested
in NWK on Gun Charge

08/03/19 Vernon A. Robinson of EO Shot Dead
on North Ninth St. in NWK.

July 2019

More Shots Fired Near the
Orange - East Orange Border

07/11/19 East Orange Photographer John Henry
Exhibits Work at City Hall

07/04/19 President Trump's Speech
Fox 10 Phoenix Coverage (better)

07/03/19 Brian F. Wright of EO Arrested
for Assault & Robbery

07/01/19 Jakill Simmons of EO Arrested
for Car Theft in Cranford

June 2019

Shots Fired on Berwyn St. in Orange
On the Orange/E.Orange Border

06/22/19 Shooting on Central Ave. and Shephard Ave.

06/19/19 Man Shot and Wounded on Evergreen Place

06/18/19 John Warren of EO Shot to Death in an
MLK Blvd Shooting in NWK

06/16/19 Shots fired at 11th Ave and Hollywood Ave.

06/10/19 Sonny Thompson of EO Arrested for
Armed Assault in Massachusetts

06/08 - 06/09/19 That's Not Fireworks You Heard, EO!
Shots Fired in Newark on Weekend...

Saturday - Sunday

06/07/19 Woman Shot on S. Harrison Street

06/07/19 Raheem Wright of EO Arrested in NWK

06/05/19 Shots Fired on S. Munn Ave.
at 6:45 PM - One Person Injured.


What other "religion" celebrates
Violence, Beheadings, Suicide, Evil?

Ramadan 2019 - 05/05 - 06/04/19

Just More of the Same.

* 2019.05.14 Sri Lanka - Man killed by anti-Muslim mob

May 2019

Local Tornado Warnings Issued

05/27/19 The Last, Best, Hope of the World, America!

05/27/19 Memorial Day Parade in EO

05/24/2019 First Rose of Spring

05/12/19 Street Shooting Chase Down Central Ave.,
Two Women Struck by Bullets

Frederick Goode of EO receives Masters
Degree from Cheyney U. in PA.

05/08/19 Timothy Tyreek Melendez of EO
Shot and Killed on N. Grove St.

05/03/19 Sheedley Pierre of NWK convicted
for 11/30/16 Murder of Jonas Larose of EO - NJcom Report

April 2019

Arbor Day

04/22/19 Earth Day Civic Project

04/22/19 Earth Day

04/21/19 President Trump's Passover/ Easter Message

Tea Party Day Project

04/15/19 Tax Day / Tea Party Day

04/10/19 Shots Fired At Central Avenue and Halsted St.

04/03/19 Fire at Three Stages Childhood Center
on Evergreen Place. No Injuries.

March 2019

First Crocus of Spring on Sanford Street

03/17/19 Rashawn Y. Simmons of EO Shot Dead on Main Street

03/05/19 Digging Out From Under
15 Days Until Spring

03/04/19 Winter Storm Scott Passes Through
March Comes in like a Lion

February 2019

January 2019

01/26/19 Shooting on S. Harrison St.
Near Central Ave.
(2nd Ward)

01/19/19 Armed Robbery on Central Avenue

01/16/19 Samad Wright of EO Among
58 Arrested in EO/NWK Border Drug Raid

01/01/19 Early Morning (12:45 AM) Shootings
Leave One Dead, One Wounded in EO
(5th Ward)
Ibn Downey of NWK Identified as Dead
NJ.Com Report

Worldwide True News

Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

History Repeating Itself Once Again

Muslim Party Games

09/28/16 Fifteen Men Beheaded in the Sabhiya District
of Deir ez-Zor, Syria for "Apostasy."

Sep 22, 2016: Tarmiya, Iraq
100 Iraqis are herded into a trench and shot in the back by cowardly jihadists.

4 accused homosexuals are flung from a rooftop in Nineveh, Iraq.

Ten Afghanistan Men Charged with "Apostasy" Sit on Bombs and are Blown Up

Teenage Boy Beheaded for Listening to "Western" Music on his Walkman

Only 4 years ago, in Syria ... Muslims at Play

What other "religion" celebrates
Violence, Beheadings, Suicide, Evil?

Ramadan 2019 - 05/05 - 06/04/19

Just More of the Shame.

* 2019.05.14 Sri Lanka - Man killed by anti-Muslim mob

Houston, Texas, February 17, 2019

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Ramadan Bombathon Score for 2017

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Turkish massacres of Armenians
in 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1909

Why the US Won’t Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Historic World News from 2017 is archived HERE


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Muslim Terrorists in the USA

11/11/16 The Muslim Brotherhood Declares the Election of
Donald Trump "a Disaster" for Muslims

09/22/15 Muslims Cannot Hold Public Office For These Reasons

1991 - The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan for America

The Silence of Moderate Muslims

01/05/16 Muslims Should Be Asked to Condemn Islamic Terror

05/29/16 How CAIR Feels About Our USA Memorial Day

CAIR NJ Facebook Page

East Orange's Connection to CAIR

08/03/16 East Orange Will Be Paying Zakat Again This Year

08/05/16 East Orange City is in Collusion with
the Islamic Circle for North America (ICNA)

10/02/16 C.A.I.R. is HAMAS in East Orange, NJ Also

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace







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