04/18/17 EO Councilmen Lie To Begin Re-election Campaigns

Editorial by Jim Gerrish

The Essex News Daily printed more election propaganda by Chris Sykes, lap-dog of the Line A Democrats in East Orange, as they begin their re-election campaigns early. This latest excuse was a so-called "rally" held by the Democrat elites in Newark where they were organizing their useful idiots to keep them in elected offices so they can continue to live off taxpayer money and don't actually have to earn a living like the rest of us.

You can read their lies and innuendo remarks blaming President Elected Donald J. Trump for all their troubles and using his recent election as an excuse why they have been unable to do the jobs for which they were elected in 2013 (and even years before that) in this issue of the Essex News Daily. Since the so-called "Newspaper" has a tendency to disappear from on-line in order to keep readers from remembering the historic lies and election promises of the past, I will re-post it in its entirety once it vanishes.

I wrote my comments on their secret little Web Page HERE, but I seem to be the only one who ever comments on the "news" from this propaganda rag, so I am repeating and recording my comments here, on my own True News site.

* * * * *

In the above article, published on 4/18/17, East Orange Councilman Fifth Ward Mustafa Brent states that the rally is against what he says are "President Donald Trump’s anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric and policies". Being a Muslim, of course, Brent is pro-Islamic, pro-Muslim, and pro-immigration without limits, vetting, or purpose. That is Brent's hateful rhetoric and will be his policy if he is ever re-elected. He has been "programmed" by the Quran to seek the destruction of the United States of America, Israel, and all those European countries that are even now being over-run by Muslim immigrants. Muslims openly seek to destroy western democratic countries from within, by using up their resources and carrying out acts of terrorism on a regular basis. Anyone who speaks out against them is called "islamophobic", or accused of commiting hate crimes, when all they seek is to live in peace without fear of the violent "immigrants" who don't really want to immigrate, but who only want to conquer and rule under their own brutal and hateful Sharia laws.

Brent also accused Republicans of trying to keep a focus "on race or sexual orientation and religion", when in fact, that is what the Democrats and ultra liberals have been doing, and what Muslims encourage them to do in order to keep us divided. Brent has decided that "really, what it’s based upon is those that have and those that don’t." Since he is one of the wealthy elite East Orange elected officials, living off taxpayers' money (from those of us who are among the have-nots, thanks to them) you have to admire his Chutzpah or audacity. Like every elected official in East Orange, Orange, Irvington, Newark and every other city represented at that so-called "rally", they have one goal
to get re-elected so they can continue to live like hogs off the public trough. So yes, it truly is about the elected "haves" and the working class "have nots."

East Orange's next
wanna-be mayor, Third Ward Councilman Ted Green, claims he is in support of East Orange's sanctuary city status by opposing "Trump's push to ban immigration." Green is getting off to a bad start by accusing our Duly Elected President with an outright lie. President Donald J. Trump has made no attempt to ban immigration, only to ban bad individuals from coming to America to take over, who bring drugs and crime, or who only want to live off our taxpayers like our elected officials do. Green further accuses our lawfully elected President of wanting "to ban folks from coming here and living here and really helping to make this country great," when, in fact, President Trump's entire campaign was won on the slogan of "Making America Great Again" and in the short time he has been in Washington, President Trump has made more progress at keeping his campaign promises than any previous president. The current mayor of East Orange, Lester Taylor, has had more than three years in office and has yet to keep any of his campaign promises. Fortunately for Ted Green, who has made NO campaign promises to date, no one in East Orange seems to care.

* * * * *

I will continue to keep track of these and other Line A Democrats as they strive to keep their plush elected positions in East Orange, living off taxpayer money for yet another elected term of office at our expense.

Let me make it clear that I do NOT hate Muslims - I detest their ideology that they feel they have to push on the rest of us. While I don't hate them, I will never believe or trust a Muslim because of that ideology. Not trusting Mustafa Brent or Ted Green is NOT the same as hating them. But you will see plenty of hate coming from Muslims towards those of us who will NOT SUBMIT to their attempts to dominate us with their hateful ideology. Their first attack is to call us "Islamophobes." If I were truly afraid of Muslims or Islam, I would not be writing the truth about them like this, but THEY are the ones who are afraid of their own ideology, and so they are the true "Islamophobes."

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