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05/30/17 Debate at New Hope Church

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On Saturday (05/27/17) Mayoral Candidate John Thompson, Jr. appeared on Royston Allman's Changemakers Radio Program on-line. Watch the video from 1:16:33 to hear the portion of the show that featured his interview. Khalid R. Wright also speaks during the program, revealing some of the ideas he and Thompson have been working on for making better use of EO resources to improve the lives of its citizens, young and old. Khalid's comments begin at -21:30 in the above video.


The EO Mayoral Debate sponsored by Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA) Local 16, a registered tax-exempt organization with the IRS, was held on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 at Peaceful Zion Baptist Church on Rhode Island Avenue, and was between the only two candidates to appear that evening, John Thompson, Jr. and Kenwyn S. Williams. Khalid R. Wright made a video of the debate, which is available through his Facebook page.


EO Mayoral Debate Advances Thompson
and Williams as Viable Candidates - Green a Loser

That is what the headline of the Essex News Daily (aka Rear END) published on May 27th, should have been, but the LINE-A "Lap Dog" Chris Sykes wrote the article all about Ted Green, even though he cowardly failed to show up and debate the real candidates, not even sending a message to be read aloud at the debate. As John Thompson stated after the debate: "Ted Green proved, by not showing up, how he’ll perform as a mayor. I don’t think the guy wants to debate and state his case for why he should be mayor.”

But to read the glowing, fake news from Chris Sykes, it was all about how Ted Green wasn't there, and not about the actual debate between the real candidates who were not afraid to show up and speak to the voters of East Orange.

Chris Sykes's arrogance shows through his statement: "But Green’s absence begs the question (for Sykes): How relevant could the forum have been (to Sykes) if the candidate seen as the frontrunner did not participate in it?" It's really all about Sykes and what he wants and how he can control the voters of East Orange, isn't it? That's why I posted this same shady business with a second headline:

05/27/17 Biased News Media Attempts to Control the EO Mayoral Election

After all, it is the TRUE NEWS, isn't it?

Why Ted Green didn't show: Sources confirmed that Green wanted to have the debate questions in advance in order to prepare for the debate.

Good day East Orange,

My name is John Thompson Jr., and I am officially declaring my candidacy for Mayor. I believe with the current state of our City, we can no long afford to wait for the Democratic Party, as it is currently stands to solve our problems. East Orange Deserves Better!

Rising taxes, foreclosures and a bloated budget are a few of the issues that are destroying our community.
The move towards gentrification has officially begun with the projects outlined in a recent speech by the mayor. Trust me when I say this move isn’t good for our community. The buildings going up with these constructions come as the result of tax exemptions and abatements. Who do you think gets stuck footing the bill? You and I, the tax payers!

I believe that we live in a time where government should be ever more cautious on spending and leery of whom we allow into our community. Tax exemptions and abatements can be used to lure new business, but not at the rate at which the current administration is moving. These tax incentives for new businesses translate into immediate tax hikes for East Orange residents. These practices are forcing more hardship on our community, and pushing more citizens to financial despair. Our government should not be in the business of making its citizens poor!

In regards to education,
our kids are leaving high school less prepared than ever before. I believe our kids need more than just a basic education. We need to go above and beyond to make sure our youth is prepared to enter the real world with the tools to effectively shape their communities in a positive way. They need to be shown how they can actually solve some of the problems we face in the world.

Too many of our teenagers and young adults are often caught up in the web of the criminal justice system. Having a criminal record is an unfortunate reality for many young adults and haunts them for the rest of their lives. I believe that by making changes within our government and implementing new policies we can create a better platform to address these issues.

An example of one policy I hope to promote is community intervention. Instead of taking kids directly to the police station for a minor offense, we can introduce intervention sessions with parents, school administration, local church members and police officers. By moving the venue of these events outside of the police station, we can have serious discussions as to why this type of behavior is detrimental without having the negative psychological effects jail can have on a young person’s psyche.

Also, we as a community can no longer vote with the same habits! These voting patterns have only worsened the bad fortunes in our community. We all bear some responsibility as to how this has all played out over the years.
WE as a community should vote OUR interest and not because a person is associated with LINE A of the Democratic Party.

Based on the General Election, the Democratic Party as we know it is broken. The party has gone so far away from its people it is difficult to believe in those listed under LINE A.
Looking at our community, LINE A has destroyed it through high taxes, poor schools and decaying neighborhoods. So continuing to support this line and any candidate affiliated with them is only going to continue destroying our community.

We as a community have to start voting our conscience! Today I am here to assure you that I, John Thompson Jr., will work with the community to set forth viable solutions that address and repair community issues that will lead us closer to the goal of community growth and opportunity and upward mobility. Hopefully in the process WE the people will give life to New Democratic leadership; one that follows up and follows through on commitments made to you. One that is an advocate for the community they serve and will ensure each person feels included rather than excluded and neglected. One that is a government of the people, for the people! East Orange let’s start voting our conscience and let’s get away from voting our habit.

Our kids deserve better, our taxpayers deserve better and East Orange Deserves Better.


First published on The Alternative Press (TAP) February 28, 2017

In an excerpt from an article written by Chris Sykes and published in The Essex News Daily on March 30, 2017, (John) Thompson said he believes the coziness between political insiders such as (Bergson) Leneus and other “Line A Democrats” is part of the reason why East Orange regularly has fiscal deficits and budget shortfalls. The only way to change that, he said, is to “vote your conscience and not your habits.”

“You now have $3,684,634 reasons to do so,” Thompson said, in a recent letter to the Record-Transcript. “As I start my journey on finding ways to keep my promise of reducing taxes for our community, I found a staggering difference between the 2012 budget and the 2016 budget.
Salary increases of $3,684,634. Now to some people, that may not seem like a lot, but to a community like ours, this matters. Increasing salaries in the midst of a recession is outright ethically wrong and narrow-minded.”

“How can a government take advantage of its community when cost of living continues to rise and taxes keep going up” Thompson said in his letter. “The
City Council salaries went from $49,000 to $67,710 in 2015. This is all public record, so you can find this information online or you can ask them when they’re walking around looking for support for re-election.”

In another Letter to the Editor of The Alternative Press (TAP) published March 20, 2017, John Thompson wrote:

East Orange Mayoral Candidate John Thompson Challenges Budget Claims

As I start my journey on finding ways to keep my promise of reducing taxes for our community, I found a staggering difference between the 2012 budget and the 2016 budget. Salary increases of 3,684,634.00. Now to some people, that may not seem like a lot, but to a community like ours, this matters!

Increasing salaries in the midst of a recession is out-right ethically wrong and narrow-minded. How can a government take advantage of its community when cost of living continues to rise and taxes keep going up? The city council salaries went from $49,000 to $67,710 in 2015. This is all public record, so you can find this information online or you can ask them when they’re walking around looking for support for re-election.

The administration mentioned, on more than one occasion, that the previous administration left a deficit.
First, it was stated in 2014 the deficit was 3.9 million dollars. Then the Mayor stated the deficit was 10 million dollars at the State Of The City speech. Which is it? Regardless of which information is accurate, financial deficit is an ongoing issue within our city. One of the best ways to hide information from the public is through a municipal budget. Trust me; it’s a lot to look through.

Taxes are created when the municipality hires and gives salary increases to its employees and then expense falls back onto the people of the community. In other words, you and I, the taxpayers, have to “foot the bill” to keep the government salaries afloat. An article written by Milan Kundera fully encapsulates our community’s dilemma. She states, “The struggle of memory against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”
We, as a community, cannot afford to forget! We, as a community, cannot afford to share in contributing to the problem any longer by continuing to vote for the same individuals that appear to put their own well-being before ours.

Would you keep rehiring a plumber to fix your pipes if he kept breaking them? So why do we, as a community, keep re-electing unethical and selfish politicians? We need to stop making this mistake every four years. Our habits are hurting the community, and judging by the $3,684,634.00 salary increase, we now have proof that this has been taking place throughout the four years.

I, John Thompson Jr., intend to dispel the notion that property taxes can’t be reduced. A large portion of that money will be used to push taxes down, along with creating programs for our youth and seniors and to prevent some of the unfortunate foreclosures in our community. This will help our community and help us save ourselves.

My administration will be more fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars by giving people within the community more of a voice. Council shouldn’t be allowed to give themselves a pay increase without first consulting the public; put your request for a salary increase up for a vote. New buildings should never have a green light for construction without approval from the community; put your request for new buildings up for a vote. The community is not only unwillingly responsible for paying $3,684,634.00, but there is another hefty tax increase coming in the form of abatements which will continue to hurt our community. East Orange ordinance states that abatements are given with a term of 5 years. Those new buildings will NOT, I repeat, NOT be paying taxes, therefore, the community will have to pay for those services. The community needs to be informed regarding the allotment of their tax dollars and how long WE are going to be paying this debt.

Some will argue that the only way to attract new business is in the form of abatements. I’ll push back on this thinking. I believe, if we can keep our taxes low and redistribute some of the money from the $3,684,634.00 that is currently being kept from the citizens of East Orange, we could attract developers and negotiate a better plan that will actually contribute to the city.

Debt-bonding, also known commonly as taking out loans, to pay for projects like a new golf course, is not economically a good investment if the city is going to have a hard time paying that money back. We as a community need to wake up and stop voting our habits or for a particular party without understanding what we are voting for on the ballot. Because in the end, long after these elected officials have moved on, you and I will be stuck with more financial issues based on their self-centered, not community-centered, decisions. The Democratic Party, LINE A, has created noting but myths of opportunities.

East Orange Deserves better, you deserve better. We need to work together to change the direction of our city otherwise there may not be a community for any of us to call home.

Remember East Orange,
vote your conscience and not your habits. You now have $3,684,634.00 reasons to do so.

East Orange Mayoral Candidate
John Thompson Jr.

Statements emphasized in RED are things I have been saying for years on this site, only John Thompson says them better. J. Gerrish

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