Ted Green
Running for Mayor of East Orange
in the June Primary

Ted Green lists his qualifications for being elected mayor on his newest flier:

"East Orange is the only home I have ever known."

"He's always 'been there' for East Orange."

"Home grown leadership."

"Vote for one of our own."

His flyer states that Ted Green has been "Helping lead the fight to lower gun violence." This city ordinance, #41 from 2015 is how he plans to lead this "fight." The number of REAL shootings and REAL homicides in and around East Orange, of and by East Orange residents, has never been adequately addressed by any of our elected public officials. In fact, they go out of their way to keep this information quiet. HOW he intends to make our neighborhoods safer is never mentioned. HOW he intends to protect home owners and seniors is never mentioned.

It seems he is purposely NOT making any REAL campaign promises so he won't be held accountable for breaking them if he is actually elected. An example of Ted Green's "Silent Running" can be found in a recent (4/18/17) article in the Essex News Daily outlined HERE.

You can read more about Ted Green on his own Web Site, but you won't find ANY Campaign Pledges. His only pledge is to get elected mayor in 2018, and then, as usual, he will begin planning for his 2022 re-election from there.


04/30/17 - 42 Union Employees of the City are bought and paid for voters for Ted Green and Line A Democrats.

That's what the headline OUGHT to be if The Alternative Press wasn't also bought and paid for by the same group, the Engineering Supervisory Personnel Association.

Engineering Union Endorses Ted Green for Mayor of East Orange
By TRACY MUNFORD as a Press Release in The Alternative Press (TAP)
April 30, 2017 at 11:10 PM

EAST ORANGE, NJ - ESPA, the Engineering Supervisory Personnel Association, the trade group for engineering and professional level engineering employees, has thrown their endorsement for Mayor behind Ted R. Green. ESPA says consistent concern for the City and employees is reason for support. I say it's all about money and keeping Ted Green from "Draining the East Orange Swamp" of the 42 overpaid ESPA employees.

Donald Wharton, longtime President of ESPA said, “As President of ESPA, we would like to formally endorse Ted Green for Mayor of the City of East Orange.”

Wharton said many of the employees have known Ted for a very long time and that his record of service and commitment to East Orange are clear and evident through his work. I say Ted Green's pushing through ordinance No. 48 to raise the salaries of all ESPA employees in December 2016 has endeared him to Wharton and the ESPA.

Wharton continued, “I have known Ted for many years, both personally and professionally and most significantly, I know him to be someone who cares about the City of East Orange concerning all matters grand and small. His never-ending sponsorship of programs ranges from those for Young Citizens to our Senior Citizens. ”

ESPA at East Orange City Hall has 42 members employed in a number of municipal departments including Public Works, Water, Buildings and Grounds, Information Technology, Emergency Management, the East Orange Public Library and Municipal Courts. I say let's see them post a list naming all of these employees and their city of residence and we'll see for ourselves whether Ted Green OR the ESPA cares about East Orange.


05/03/17 - More Fluff and Nonsense. Ted Green makes NO PROMISES to the Voters and Taxpayers of East Orange.

East Orange Mayoral Candidate Ted Green Opens Headquarters in Grand Style

May 3, 2017 at 12:19 AM

EAST ORANGE, NJ - East Orange City Council Chairman and mayoral hopeful, Ted Green opened his Main Street Headquarters to a ‘standing room only’ crowd of supporters and well wishers.

Despite the modest decor and limited space of the Green Campaign Headquarters, dozens of supporters converged on the location Tuesday evening to hear their candidate and his political allies. I say: Not one of them is making any commitments or promises to voters- just throwing around slogans that mean nothing and promise less. Their sole purpose is to get re-elected, raise YOUR taxes to give THEMSELVES more of YOUR money to spend on THEMSELVES. If you can PROVE me wrong, do it!

Green is running on the Democratic Party Line A using as his slogan: “Go Green in 17”! With gubernatorial hopeful Phil Murphy at the helm, the Green team includes, 1st Ward Councilman Chris James, 2nd Ward Councilman Romal Bullock, 3rd Ward Candidate Bergson Leneus, 4th Ward Councilwoman Tyshammie Cooper, and 5th Ward Councilwoman Alicia Holman.

05/15/17 Ted Green is Still Pushing the Democratic Party Lie That EO Crime Has Decreased by 70%

The above are opinions of Jim Gerrish.

Encounter with Bergson Leneus,
Candidate for 3rd Ward Council Member

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