05/10/17 - What a Bunch of WIMPS We Have
Running City Council! Re: Wells Fargo Bank

Editorial by Jim Gerrish

This is my reaction to the Essex News Daily "story" posted today (5/10/17) http://essexnewsdaily.com/news/eastorange/36894

If the END fake news company pulls the story, as per their usual way of distancing themselves from bad news, I'll post the screen shots I have taken to prevent historical news from disappearing. My answer was posted to their little used Facebook Page HERE.

What a bunch of WIMPS we have as council people! They have NO LEADERSHIP QUALITIES whatever and are only into FOLLOWING THE HERD of wimps and non-leaders of other cities like Newark. Or perhaps they have relatives working at Wells Fargo Bank. If they took the OATH of OFFICE for council seriously, they would have no hesitation and they would be serving and protecting the taxpayers and home owners of East Orange, by yanking their money out of Wells Fargo Bank at the first HINT of wrong doing back when it was first discovered on SEPTEMBER 8th, 2016 (http://abcnews.go.com/.../timeline-wells-fargo.../story...) Instead, they are just now "considering severing ties with Wells Fargo in the wake of recent allegations that the banking firm had engaged in practices not in its customers’ best interests." I can't believe all these WIMPS are running for re-election to the same office in which they failed to serve us for the past however many years they have been living off our taxes and throwing parties around East Orange. DRAIN the EAST ORANGE SWAMP!

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