LINE A - Democrat Vandals in East Orange

11/04/14 - 11/05/14

Vandalism is a crime in most cities. Apparently not in East Orange. Most cities have an ordinance or two against posting signs on public property. Apparently not in East Orange. Most cities also have ordinances against damaging public property. Apparently not in East Orange. In fact, we don't even know what is legal and what is illegal in East Orange because there are no on-line records of city ordinances.

We even know who the perpetrators were: LINE A Democrats working for the Democratic Party... you know, the ones that I caught electioneering at the polling place on Sanford street on election day.

I took the first two photos on Election Day, 11/04/14.

The above traffic light post was wide enough to display two signs, one on each side. You can see remains of other signs that have been torn off from the post, no doubt from past elections, and you can see how it ruins the paint. That is also evident on the electrical traffic light tower on the right of the picture. No one ever does what is necessary to remove all traces of the past signs- they are just torn off and left to decay. East Orange used to be a beautiful city, but since the Democrats took over, it has been going down hill. It probably has nothing to do with the Democratic Party; it's just the timing. Look at Detroit. Or Newark.

The old traffic signal posts are one thing, but these are brand new street lamps, paid for with TAXPAYER MONEY. They are too thin to even reveal the entire message of most posters, but that didn't stop the LINE A Democrats from attacking them with their signage and cellophane packing tape. I think the designers of these posts felt that the fluted edges, which give the lamp posts a classy old-fashioned look (and made them more expensive than plain lamp posts), would somehow deter vandals, but they didn't count on Democrat vandals who don't care what they destroy, as long as it is paid for with other peoples' money- like the money from TAXPAYERS.

Once the election was over, there was a half-hearted attempt to remove most of the signs, but this one was right across from Old Sanford Street where the electioneering was going on, and the sign remover just made it look worse and more raggety, probably because it is in front of the Dollar Smart store and they wanted to make a comment about Saving and Stretching Your Dollars instead of giving it to them. While it is true that they did take down most of the signs, go look at the brand new fluted streetlight posts and see how much damage they did in scratching them up and leaving gummy adhesive to adhere to dust and debris. Be honest. Tell me if the posts looked better the day before they were covered with LINE A Democrat signs, or now, and if you have any hopes that some member of the Democrat party will come along with adhesive solvent to remove all traces of the damage they did.

Before I get scathing e-mails from Democrats complaining that they aren't the only ones to blame, make sure you send me a photo showing ANY posters from Republicans or any other party besides the LINE A Democrats who participated in election day vandalism and then maybe I'll pay attention.

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