Common Core News

7/28/14 How to Defeat Common Core - The Action Plan

States That Have Opted OUT of Common Core

03/24/14 Indiana

05/30/14 Oklahoma

06/05/14 South Carolina

Ethan Young, student from Farragut High School in Knox County, TN, gives an eloquent and impassioned speech against Common Core at a local school board meeting in Tennessee 11/6/13.

Common Core Origin

What's Wrong with Common Core?

Common Core Indoctrinates our Textbooks

09/24/14 Westfield, NJ, Busy-Bodies
Attempt to Bully Home Schooling Parents
into Using Common Core Standards

01/14/14 -Model of a Common Core School in NY
The Principal Cause of the Problem

Solutions to Countering Common Core Problems

What's Wrong With Common Core Curriculum

Truth in American Education - Common Core Information

Common Core Favors Indoctrination Over Education

07/18/13 - Gun Control Through Mind Control

Common Core In NJ: Core Curriculum Content Standards
Not limited to Schools:
Newark Museum
East Orange Public Library Links to HyperHistory

Rochester, NY Parents Teach THEIR Children
"Don't Pick Up the Pencil" to take Common Core Test

Ritalin Gone Wrong - Ritalin: Miracle Drug or Cop Out?

Is ADHD a Real Disease, or a Fraud?

Here's what happens when NJ State takes over local schools

More NJ Take-over School News - Are We Learning Anything Yet?

Best High Schools in New Jersey as of December 2013

NJ Spotlight School Report Cards

04/08/13 Two East Orange Schools Investigated for Cheating

04/09/13 Newark School Walk-out
News 12 Report on the Walk-out

The Ron Paul On-Line Curriculum for Home Schooling

East Orange On-Line Home School

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