Two of the Mayoral Candidates Just Lost my Vote
by Jim Gerrish

Two of the four candidates for Mayor of East Orange have eliminated themselves from receiving my vote. Lester Taylor and Carol Clark both have Facebook pages on which they posted their goals and invited comments from voters. I went to their Facebook pages and asked questions, asking them basically to explain their goals in less vague and more specific ways. Their response was to erase my questions and then block me from asking further questions. To me that means they don't want my vote, so they shall not have it. My vote is too precious to waste on politicians who are only interested in raising funds, meeting with their own friends, and trying to become mayor without having to explain themselves to people like me, who might dare to question them.

I'm not sure about Mayor Bowser, since he does not (yet) have a Facebook page, but four terms is enough.

The one candidate who is currently proving himself to me is Kevin Taylor who has put forth clear plans, clear goals, good solutions for city problems, and stands up to my questioning both in person and on Facebook. I haven't been exactly easy on questioning him, either. Sometimes his friends think I am attacking him, but I am just finding out if he will be mayor only for his friends and admirers (like Lester and Carol), or if he will be a mayor for all the people.

There are some who think because Kevin has run for mayor in the past and lost three times against Mayor Bowser, that his losing should be held against him. I think it has made him a better candidate. Each time Kevin lost, he learned from the experience. He has been thinking about what he would do as mayor for the past twelve years, and he has very definite ideas about what do to beginning on Day One, if he is elected.

Kevin's biggest advantage over the others is that he is NOT a politician. He is a successful business man and will bring business solutuions to solving the city's problems, not political solutions. He is not beholden to the democratic "machine" of Essex County. Kevin is not under the control of Leroy Jones, Democratic chairman for Essex County. Yet he is very much a Democrat with an independent mind.

Don't vote for Kevin Taylor because I have decided to vote for him. You do your own homework. Go to his
Facebook Page and ask him questions; you will see that he doesn't ignore you, doesn't block you, and gives you straight answers. I don't guarantee that you will agree with him all the time, but you will see that what I have been telling you is true. Kevin is not afraid to answer you and he gives honest answers from his heart. Go to his meetings, held weekly at his house, and question him there. If you see him on the street, say hello and ask him tough questions, not just the easy ones.

Better yet, take your tough questions to each of the candidates and see who avoids answering you and who looks you right in the eye and gives you an answer you can believe. Debates are coming soon and the dates, times and places will be posted here and on my Web site when they are announced.

Mayoral Candidate Panel Discussion Planned for 4/20/13

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