LINE A - Democrat Vandals in East Orange

10/31/15 - 11/01/15
by Jim Gerrish

Code of the City of East Orange, NJ
Chapter 238: Streets and Sidewalks
Article 1: General Use

Placement of signs, posters or other fixtures.

No sign, poster, device or other fixture shall
be placed upon any telephone pole, traffic
controller cabinet or affixed to any signal box
or any fixture or appurtenance thereto or to
any lamppost. No such sign, poster, device or
other fixture shall be affixed to any tree located
on any street or public place. No signs or posters
shall be permitted to be placed in the municipal
right-of-way. The beneficiary of such advertising
shall be held fully responsible for the placement
of the sign or poster and shall be treated as if they
placed same.

I reported this same illegal activity last Spring, before the June Primary Election, but now the Line A Democrats are back at it, unlawfully posting their signs on lampposts along Sanford Street. I will try to travel around the city again to see the extent of their vandalism.

This sign was posted today (10/31/15) on the lamppost at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Sanford Street (yes, in front of THAT same house in the same disrepair as when it was last reported). The lamp on that post was reported to the department of public works last week for blinking on and off, and it is still not fixed tonight when it is really needed on that dark corner.

On the reverse side of the lamppost, someone else has posted a sign for a private business. I guess people feel that if the high and mighty Democrats who run this town can break their own laws and codes with impunity, so can they. That's how East Orange changed from a beautiful city almost into a slum, and although it is beginning to make a comeback, it doesn't take much sliding to go right back down to the dumps.

Here is another sign further south along Sanford Street, just so you know that it is not an isolated incident. I am photographing each poster that I see beginning tomorrow, for the record and for keeping track of how much money the city should collect from the Essex County Democratic Committee that is responsible for these code violations.


As promised, I went out for a ride on my electric tricycle to see how far these council candidates would go to scoff at the laws and ordinances they make for the rest of us... but which do not, apparently, apply to them. Central Avenue is once again covered with evidence that they think themselves above the laws they make for the rest of us. Why do the majority of East Orange voters inflict these corrupt politicians on us? It is because the entire group of LINE A politicians are corrupt, from the mayor on down. You can see this from the many examples exposed in The True News. They get elected by drawing in voters who vote for them because they give them jobs in city hall, or free stuff in the parks and parties, and hope everyone sees their LINE A signs instead of the litter covering the street.

Instead of fixing things like this (which has been reported to the city every year for the past two years - 2014 - 2015) they only get involved in "show jobs" where they can pose for photos to make it appear that they are working hard to improve the city instead of neglecting it, as usual.

Just think, if the Department of Public Works had done it's job in 2014, the Essex County Democrats would have had another lamppost with which to violate Code 238-4. And these corrupt Line A candidates will probably be elected on Tuesday by the same ignorant voters that voted for them in June.

Lest you think the corrupt candidates did not sign their work, here are five signs in a row proclaiming Jackie Johnson guilty of violating Code 238-4. Can you spot all five? Since they are posted back to back, that's 10 code violations right in front of you, which, unless you are corrupt city code enforcer Dwight Saunders, you can plainly see. Why is he corrupt? Because he obviously did not enforce the code last May when Jackie Johnson and the five other LINE A Candidates were doing the exact same thing. If he had, she might have learned a lesson and not repeated it today.

Instead, she has taken out her vengeance on a helpless tree, paid for by the taxpayers and planted by the city, in what can only be regarded as a public place under Code 238-4. The poster was attached with several staples cutting through the bark and into the trunk. The soda cans at its base can be picked up and tossed into the trash without harming the tree, but it will take a long time for the staple scars in the tree trunk to heal even if the poster is removed tomorrow. It is one of several trees so abused - I have the photographs to prove it.

I would have thought Quilla Talmadge would have learned her lesson. After all, she was quoted as saying in the Essex News Daily: “The law is the law and, if you break it, you have to answer for it,” said Talmadge on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. “How are you going to say that you want to run for office and get elected to the council, if you don’t abide by the laws that you’re supposed to help write? It doesn’t make any sense.” Now we can clearly see that she means that for YOU but not for HER or the other members of her family that work for the City, or the other high and mighty City Council members whom she plainly regards as above the law.


Just when I was thinking Assembly woman Shiela Oliver was one of the responsible Democratic candidates for office, I discovered this morning that she has joined the scofflaw riff-raff of East Orange by planting her poster in public property. There are other posters of hers along Parkway Drive, but I chose this one because it also reminds us of the failed promise of Lester Taylor to clean up abandoned properties, of which the city has quite a few. I believe this is his failed project of building a parking garage as part of his transit city fantasies. The lot looks exactly the way it did when Bowser was mayor, and Taylor is following in his footsteps- promising everything but doing nothing, or as little as possible. Reminder: You can always write in KEVIN Taylor's name under Shiela Oliver's place on the ballot.

At the corner of Halsted and Main Street the vandals have put in overtime in making sure that every possible public post covered under Code 238-4 was defaced with their unlawful political litter.

In case we don't know whom to blame, Jackie Johnson has conveniently mounted many of the posters bearing her name on lampposts along Main Street near the historic Brick Church landmark that used to symbolize the beauty of East Orange until lowlife politicians moved in and took over.

11/03/15 Election Day 2015

I was shocked to learn that Mayme Robinson, for whom I had already voted on a mail-in ballot, had joined the other law breakers by having her posters not only on public property, but also within 100 feet of the entrance to the Old Sanford Street Polling Place in violation of the NJ Statute against electioneering. It is too late for me to retract my vote, but if she wins, she will find me watching her every move with suspicion, as I have learned to do for the other LINE A Democratic party puppets.

New Jersey Statutes - Title 19 Elections - 19:34-15. Electioneering within or about polling place; disorderly persons offense.

19:34-15. If a person shall distribute or display any circular or printed matter or offer any suggestion or solicit any support for any candidate, party or public question within the polling place or room or within a distance of one hundred feet of the outside entrance to such polling place or room, he shall be guilty of a disorderly persons offense.

I already knew that Quilla Talmadge was capable of violating the statute against electioneering from previous elections, but to see newcomer Mayme Robinson following so closely in her footsteps was disturbing to me.

This display of crap plastering one of our taxpayer provided city streetlights may not violate the statute on electioneering (The Elmwood Firehouse in the background is a Polling Place) but it definitely violates East Orange City Code 238-4.

Not one of the candidates for City Council, and not one of the current members of City Council, is worthy of the office. When they recite the oath of office on January 1st, they will be lying, and then they will continue to live in that lie as long as they remain in office. We have no hope of improving the City of East Orange and restoring it to its former glory until we rid ourselves of the thieves and liars that we ourselves have voted into office.

11/04/15 The Election is Over. The Taxpayers of East Orange LOST! The freeloaders at City Hall have won again.

The aftermath is shown below.

This is the scene of the Elmwood St. Firehouse again. The sign at the top of the post is ironic. Did anyone watch this crime as it was perpetrated on our city? There is a Permit Required To Park, but no permit is required to vandalize public property, or to litter. I will bet that Sheila Oliver never comes to visit the site of the crime although she lives just a short distance from here.

Look at the top of the Central Avenue lamppost. That's what it looked like when it was first put here a few years ago. The vandals have not been able to reach it. Now look below. It will never be the same again. This is not being done by drug dealers or gangbangers, but by the lowest of the low: public servants following the orders of politicians who care nothing for the city, but are only here to drink at the trough of taxpayers like the pigs they are.

Here is Quilla Talmadge, still hanging out at her favorite spot for electioneering. No one told her the election was over and it's time to come and pick up her trash. Who knows how long it will be here. While I was photographing, I met the pastor of this church. He seems like a nice person, but he's not an East Orange taxpayer, so he feels no obligation to think that any of this is his problem and his personal responsibility. After all, he's not St. Paul... just the pastor.

It's only electioneering when the polls are open, like they were yesterday, but no one has bothered to take down this evidence now that the crime has been committed. I have many more photographs filed away of this sad moment in East Orange history. I only hope the people of East Orange aren't too stubborn or too ignorant to learn from their history. Time will tell.

The next crime will take place on January first of 2016 when the city council members swear the oath of office: to uphold the constitution of the United States, the State of New Jersey, and the laws of the City of East Orange. Be prepared to weep.

City Codes - Article II, General Penalty:

Except as hereinafter provided, whenever in this Code or in any other ordinance of the City, or in any rule, regulation or order promulgated pursuant to such Code or other ordinance of the City, any act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or whenever in such Code or in such other City ordinance, rule, regulation or order the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, where no specific penalty is provided therefor, the violation of any such provision of this Code or of any other ordinance of the City or of any rule, regulation or order promulgated pursuant to such Code or other City ordinance shall be punished by a fine not less than $100 and not exceeding $2,000 or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding 90 days or by a period of community service not exceeding 90 days, or any combination thereof.

Each day any violation of this Code or any other ordinance or rule, regulation or order promulgated pursuant thereto shall continue shall constitute a separate offense unless otherwise provided.

From the city's own Web Site:

Any citizen, whether a property owner, tenant or neighbor, can report a violation or suspected violations, to the Department of Property Maintenance for inspection. In fact, the reporting of violations by citizens is an essential tool for Property Maintenance to fulfill its mission.


I will be holding all my dated photographs for use as evidence, in case the city can't collect the appropriate fines from those responsible and the case has to go to court. If we want East Orange restored to its former beauty and respectability, we can't let a few Council members and wannabee politicians drag OUR city down.

From: Jim Gerrish - October 31,2015 at 5:47 PM
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , and 7 more...

The Line A Vandals are once again posting their unlawful signs on lamp posts, currently all along Sanford Street. Your code enforcer, Dwight Saunders, does nothing once again - no tickets are issued, no fines are levied. I'm reporting this so you can't say you weren't notified that these violations of East Orange City Code 238-4 are happening once again conveniently on a week-end when I am sure all city offices are closed and no one can do anything about it.

LINE A Democrat Vandals 05-19-15

James Gerrish, taxpayer


From: Jim Gerrish - November 01,2015 at 3:11 PM

To [email protected]
CC [email protected] ,[email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , and 7 more...

The Line A Vandals are once again posting their unlawful signs on lamp posts, currently all along Sanford Street and on Central Avenue. As code enforcer, you did nothing when I reported this last May, and once again you are ignoring the code violations - no tickets are issued, no fines are levied. I'm reporting this by e-mail so you can't say you weren't notified that these violations of East Orange City Code 238-4 are happening once again conveniently on a week-end when I am sure all city offices are closed and no one can do anything about it. The violations have been photographed and published on-line so everyone can see that the codes and laws only apply to some, but not to all.

LINE A Democrat Vandals 10-31-15


From: Jim Gerrish November 02, 2015 at 1:53 PM
To [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] ,[email protected] , and 9 more...

Jackie Johnson,
As a council woman of the City of East Orange, you know that when you posted signs with your name on it along Main Street in the historic Brick Church area, you were in violation of Code 238-4, just as you were in violation of the same code last spring when your signs were posted along Central Avenue. You disrespect our city and our historic traditions. I hope the voters in your ward respond accordingly on election day, but if they don't and you end up with another term of office, they should think seriously about asking for a recall vote.

Your deeds will be long remembered: LINE A Democrat Vandals 11-03-15


From: Jim Gerrish November 03, 2015 at 1:28 PM

To [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , and 9 more...

Electioneering in East Orange

Violation of East Orange City Code 238-4 continues on Election Day, 11/03/15, but far worse is the electioneering photographed at the Old Sanford Street Polling Place. All of you council members and public workers to whom this is addressed allowed this to happen on your watch, even after being warned and notified daily by me that it was going on, with photographic evidence published for all of East Orange to see. Those of you who took oaths of office have violated them, and those who will pretend to mouth the words of the oath of office in the future will be known to swear falsely. I am ashamed of all of you, and will work to expose your misdeeds, lies, and stealing salaries from public offices that none of you deserve.

Jim Gerrish

Now that the election is over and the LINE A vandals are gloating with their success at once again fooling enough of the voters of East Orange to get into office, they will use that to justify the means by which they did so. What they fail to remember is that this is all a part of East Orange History, now and forevermore. They can't sweep the truth under a rug; it is out there for all to see and their descendants and future generations of voters will see the photographic truth about the way East Orange was run in the early 2000's.

Jim Gerrish - eohistori[email protected]

Previous Electioneering in East Orange - a Pattern of Behavior - 2013, 2014

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