LINE A - Democrat Scofflaws Ride...

by Jim Gerrish

Sunday afternoon (5/31/15) the quiet was broken by the blasting of automobile horns and amplified announcements to vote for the Line A Scofflaws. I am guessing that they had a permit (Code 188-3) for this unannounced motorcade because there was at least one Police Car that was part of the motorcade, traveling just as fast and in the same direction as the rest of them. But it was 2013 all over again, with candidates sitting upright on the back seats of convertibles that came south on Sanford Street single file, beeping horns and playing announcements on their loud speakers (Code 184-1 B and possibly C). Sitting upright like that is probably safe enough in a parade, which travels much more slowly. This motorcade went whipping right along. However, they did not have any police presence at the corner of Sanford and Elmwood, so they occasionally all had to stop suddenly for the traffic light there.

Because the motorcade was unannounced, I was unprepared for video recording it, so I missed the start and only caught up to it at 2:14 PM. It was gone by 2:20 PM, which gives you an idea of how fast they were traveling. I was able to record Council Woman Jackie Johnson perched on the back seat of her vehicle, and minutes later caught Board of Education Vice President Mustafa Brent riding in the same way. All of the LINE A candidates had earned the title of scofflaw for keeping their posters attached to public lampposts in violation of Code 238-4 for eleven days in a row (by my count).

Now it seems they are in violation of the New Jersey Regulation (N.J.S.A. 39:3-76.2f) on Seat Belt use.

Jim Gerrish - [email protected]

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