11/03/15 The Alternative Press (TAP) is "In On The Fix"
of the 2015 Election - Releases Results 1 Hour Early

Milton Hobbs, editor of The Alternative Press (TAP) has some explaining to do as to how his "staff" knew what the results of Tuesday's election would be forty-five minutes to an hour before the polls closed at 8:00 PM.

Combine this with Kevin Taylor's statement published in the equally biased Essex News Daily on November 1st: "In August, our attorney went before the Appellate Court, challenging the election, and was awarded a court-ordered challenge to the election,” Taylor said Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. “Kathy Sumter, director of elections, was court-ordered to allow us to inspect every voting machine and checking voters signatures. After discovering their clear ability to manipulate the voting machines, as well as their illegally certifying of the election with four voting machines not even being counted, along with countless false signature challenges, it was clear that fraud had occurred.”

Combine this with no mention at all of the violations of the East Orange City Code 238-4 all around the city in May and June before the primary, and again beginning on October 31st right up through the general election on November 3rd.

Combine this with my photographic evidence of electioneering going on at various polling places around the city, and including the physical assult on legally blind poll worker, 74 year old Bill Graves, by Leroy Jones, the head of the Essex County Democratic Committee last June 2nd, which was captured on video.

You know what my conclusion is. What's yours?

Jim Gerrish
[email protected]

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