East Orange True News

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Violent Crime Scoreboard 2017

December 2017

12/28/17 Ted Green & Council Begin New Year
by Showing Off EO Slums at City Hall Plaza

12/27/17 Antoine Hawkins of EO Arrested
For Dealing Drugs in NWK

12/26/17 Once Again, 2018 Waste & Recycling
Information from EO City Hall is LATE.

This Past Year It Was Not Available
until January 19th!

12/25/17 Merry Christmas at the White House

12/24/17 Happy Holidays from EO City Hall

12/20/17 Tione Davis of EO Charged with Possession
of Handgun and Dum Dum (Expanding) Bullets

12/07/17 Fly the Flag Half-Staff All Day

12/06/17 Armed Robbery on Morton Place
Leaves Elderly Man Dead.
(2nd Ward)

12/05/17 Surpris Ophilien Jr. of Rahway Sentenced
for Manslaughter of Edward G. Coleman of EO,
Killed During Vehicle Pursuit Crash on 7/18/15

November 2017

11/30/17 Shots Fired on S. Arlington and Linden Ave,
Wounding Man
- (4th Ward)

11/28/17 Man Shot in EO

11/25/17 East Orange Hall of Fame

Prairie View Band at Macy's Parade -
EOUMB Alumnus Allan Theodore Drum Major

11/22/17 Kkiawu Mohamed of EO Arrested
in Newark for Theft

11/19/17 Armed Carjacking on Fairmount Terrace
(3rd Ward)

11/19/17 Three Hispanic Men Impersonate EO
Police Officers on Washington St.
(2nd Ward)

EOUMB Alumnus Elijah Shy Accepted
to Cheyney University, PA

11/17/17 Tawan J. Moses of EO Shot Dead
at New Brunswick

11/11/17 Shamsuddi M. Green of EO charged with
Conspiring to Traffic Opium/Heroin in North Carolina

11/11/17 Man Shot and Killed at North 15th Street
and 4th Avenue
(5th Ward)
RLS Media Report
Victim ID:
Kpama Silver of Newark

EO Disrespecting Our Veterans

11/10/17 Thank You to All Our Veterans.
No Notice of Veterans Ceremony in EO This Year.
Last Year's 2016 Ceremony.

11/10/17 Half-Fast-Souls' Attempts at Election Litter
Clean-Ups are Really Cover-Ups.

Message from the Marine Commandant

11/08/17 Cory Robinson of Newark Pleads Guilty to
Shooting and Killing Edwin Gibson of EO in 2014

Original 2014 Report - RLS Media Report

11/07/17 Gunfire Injures One and Forces
Lock-Down of EO-STEM Academy
(1st Ward)

11/07/17 Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver Join
the Vandals and Scoff-laws of EO

11/06/17 Kassan Messiah of EO Arrested for
Oct. 27th Murder in Orange

11/06/17 EO Police Arrest 2 Car Thieves on N. 14th St.
( 5th Ward)

October 2017

10/29/17 Dante Holden and Tymyr Wilson of EO
Shot to Death in Newark as Armed Robbers

NJ.Com Report

10/18/17 Mayor's State of the City Address is
all about HIM, and not about US.

10/17/17 Armed Car Robbery Reported at EO Rite Aid
Grove & Central
- (4th Ward)

10/16/17 Sharik Canty of EO Arrested for
Armed Car Theft in Newark

MORE East Orange Fake News

10/08/17 Stefan Tinsley of EO Shot to Death in Newark
NJ.Com Report - EO Homicide Victim #12

10/03/17 Shaheed Blamahsah of EO Pleads Guilty to Armed
Robbery of a Passaic Club in 2015
- NJ.Com Report

10/02/17 Dawud Ingram of EO Arrested for
a Shooting on 9/18/17 in Newark

September 2017

09/30/17 Marcel Scott Stabbed to Death on Park Ave.
(5th Ward) Homicide Victim #11 -
NJCom Report
His Mother, Asya Dawkins, Charged with Manslaughter

09/29/17 Man Waving Loaded Gun Arrested Outside
44 Washington St. Child Care Center
(2nd Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/27/17 EO Bully Elijah F. Myers Locked Up
for Aggravated Stupidity
RLS report

09/25/17 EO DACA Resolution No. 283 Revised by Me

09/24/17 Armed Carjacking of Food Delivery
Vehicle (1st Ward)

This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/22/17 Happy Autumnal Equinox -
The Last Day of Summer / First Day of Autumn

09/20/17 Drug Dealer Tonya Chavers of EO
Arrested in Newark. She's in Jail.

09/20/17 Drug Dealer Daquan Summers of EO Arrested
in Brick, NJ, Charged and Released.
Now He's Our Problem Again.
Thanks, Brick!

09/19/17 Scoff-Law Driver Sean L. Blount
of EO Arrested at Holland Tunnel

RLS Report

09/18/17 Newark Police Pursuit Ends in
Fiery East Orange Crash
(4th Ward)

09/17/17 Armed Robbery in 7-Eleven Store at
Central Ave. & Hawthorne Ave.
(4th Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

EOUMB Alumni Help Newark Schools'
Legion of Boom Band at Football Game

09/15/17 Street Shooting On Central Ave. &
Shepherd Ave. Injures Three People
(4th Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/15/17 Calief Drummond of EO Arrested
in Newark as a Drug Dealer

09/14/17 Street Shooting Near Cicely Tyson School
on Walnut Street
(2nd Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/13/17 Raynell Solomon of EO Arrested
On Gun & Drug Charges

EOUMB/ Wiz Kid Director Frederick Goode
Graduates from Cheyney University

09/12/17 Anthony Taylor of EO Arrested in Newark
for possession of loaded handgun.

09/11/17 Robert Figueroa, of EO Arrested in Newark
for Gun and Drugs Possession

We Remember - 09/11/01
List of Names
2,983 Lives

We Remember - Summer 2017
3,466 Lives

09/11/17 Once Again, No Muslims attend Essex County
Memorial at Eagle Rock in West Orange.

09/10/17 Irvington Man Stabbed to Death
on Central Avenue
(4th Ward)

09/10/17 Man Shot Dead on Central Ave. (4th Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/09/17 Master Plan Meetings Announced
Learn What Your Masters Are Planning For You

EOUMB Alumnus Adam Engers
Back at Cheyney University

09/07/17 Murderer of Latrina May Gets Life Sentence

09/06/17 Drug Bust on Central Avenue

09/04/17 Late Night Gunfire Reported on N. Grove St.
(5th Ward)
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

09/04/17 Shooting Death on Chelsea Place, EO
(2nd Ward)
Rls Report
This is in your "Safe, Livable, Sanctuary City"

EOUMB Moves Instruments to
Cheyney, PA for New Music Club

August 2017

DSU First Game of Season
Route 1 Rivalry
by EOUMB Alumna Adnett Tomlinson

08/30/17 Charles Taylor of EO Arrested in NWK
on Weapon and Drug Charges
- NJ.Com Report

EOUMB Alumni Work With Newark's
Legion of Boom Band Summer Camp

08/24/17 Scott Mayfield of EO Shot and Killed
in Orange After Bank Robbery
- NJCom Report

08/23/17 Kadeem Fraser of EO Arrested Crashing
Stolen PA Car

08/21/17 Armed Robbery on S. Grove Street
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

08/19/17 Jordy Delouis of EO Arrested for 2
Handguns Possession, Sussex Ave & Steuben St.
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

08/13/17 Armed Robbery on Norwood and Tremont
in East Orange, NJ
- (3rd Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

08/11/17 Be Wary of Phone Scams
Register Your Phone for the "Do Not Call" List

08/10/17 Shooting in Oval Park on Grove Street
near Eaton Place
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

08/10/17 Man Shot at Park Avenue & Grove St.
(5th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

08/05/17 Man Shot While at Newark/EO Border
on Norwood St & South Orange Ave
(3rd Ward)

08/04/17 Let's Hope the mayor Cleans Up EO
Before His Honored Guests Take a Tour of the City.

Mayor and his Pet Weasel Still
Cashing in on the FAKE "Livability Award".

08/01/17 Charged with Drug Racketeering-
Julio Benabe of EO

EO "Wins" Another Fake Award

July 2017

Todd Doan, EO Teacher and Musician,
Passed Away Today at 12:05 PM.

07/29/17 State-wide Gun Buy-Back "Successful"?
Dream on!

07/28/17 Taquan Williams and Yasin Shabazz of EO
Plead Guilty to a March 17, 2015 Weapons Charge

07/28/17 Street Shooting on New St. Near
North Maple Avenue Injures One
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

07/27/17 Stephanie J. Odige of EO Arrested
in NWK on Gun Charge

Bria Douglas, EO Alumna, is Band Director
at Alto High School in Alto, TX

Cory Poole Wins Bronze at Pan American
Games in Peru

07/17/17 David B. Canadas of EO Arrested for
July 1st Shooting in Newark

07/11/17 William H. Koonce "Willie," 84, former proprietor
of Modern Era Barbers passed away peacefully.

Star Ledger Obituary

07/11/17 Najeeb Walker of EO Arrested in NWK
for Gun Possession

07/11/17 Shooting on Sanford Street Near Wayne Avenue
(3rd Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

07/09/17 The Train Schedule Will Change but the
Litter, Grime and the Urine Stink Will Remain

This is the mayor's idea of "Livability"

East Orange Golf Course Reopens

07/05/17 Jeremy Hyman of EO Surrenders After
Police Standoff on Hawthorne Place, 4th Ward


07/03/17 Still There a Week Later (Central Ave. 3rd Ward)
This is the mayor's idea of "Livability"

07/02/17 Jermain O. Brown of EO Arrested
in Jersey City on Gun Charge

07/01/17 Nigel Farrell of EO Shot and Killed in Newark
Two Others from EO Wounded

June 2017

06/30/17 Gunfire on Central Ave. Near Boston Market (3rd Ward)

06/28/17 Still There Days Later (Central Ave. 3rd Ward)

06/26/17 Shakeem Bryant and Joseph Kenjerry of EO
Charged with Armed Robbery in Union

EO mayor Gets "Livability Award"
We Get To Live In It.
The Mayor's Fake News About East Orange

06/23/17 Tyrie Bullock of EO Arrested
for Murder of Newark Cook
- NJ.Com Report
No one is Draining the Local Swamps

06/22/17 Raekwan Taylor of EO Arrested
for Possession of a Handgun
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

06/22/17 Nathaniel Fuller, Marquis Watkins of EO
Arrested for Dealing Drugs
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

06/22/17 Triston Layne, Jordan Atwell of EO, and
Anthony Mitchell, Quran Simpson of NWK Arrested
Charged with Possession of 1 Handgun
(4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

06/22/17 Armed Carjacking on New Street (4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

06/21/17 Devonne Caldwell of EO Arrested
at Orange Park on Drug and Gun Charges

06/21/17 Street Shooting at Linden Avenue & Oak St. (4th Ward)
Does this sound like a "Safe Sanctuary City?"

06/21/17 Attempted Drug Murderer Hakeem Vanderhall of EO
Gets Only 18 Years In Prison for Trying To Sell Poison to Addicts

The Cherry Trees of East Orange

Happy Solstice Day - First Day of Summer!

06/20/17 Reginald Eaford and Winfred Moses of EO
Sentenced for Prison Tax Scams

06/20/17 Shooting at AutoZone on Central Avenue
RLS report - NJ12 Report (2nd Ward)

06/18/17 Purse Snatching on South Orange Avenue;
Snatcher Arrested Near Halsted St.
(3rd Ward)

06/17/17 Public Safety Director Sheilah Coley Promotes
Ted Green's Fantasy About Our "Safe Streets."

06/14/17 East Orange Doesn't Celebrate Flag Day

Trouble in Gentrification Heaven

06/09/17 Two Newark Men Shot Dead on Central Avenue
Near Hollywood Avenue
NJ.Com Report (4th Ward)

06/07/17 Line A Wins; East Orange Loses.
6,094 Voters hold 65,078 Residents Responsible

06/06/17 Armed Robbery at Laundromat on Central Ave.

06/05/17 EO Socialists Will Be Taking Control of
Feeding YOU and YOUR Family This Summer

The "City's Largest Motorcade Ever"

They're Back! The LINE-A Vandals Have
Green but Are Still Defacing Public Property

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

06/03/17 Essex News "Behind the Times" Finally Gets
Around to Mentioning John Thompson Jr Interview

More Fake News From Line-A Propaganda Pushers

06/01/17 Andre Higgs Murder Trial In Progress

May 2017

05/30/17 - Mayoral Debate at New Hope Church

05/29/17 Memorial Day Parade Cancelled Because of Rain

05/28/17 Three EOUMB Alumni to Play in
EO's Memorial Day Parade... but in
the Newark Central High School Band!

Watch Video from 1:16:13

05/28/17 John Thompson Jr. on Changemakers Radio

05/28/17 Shooting on Springdale Avenue
Near Ellington Street - Fifth Ward

05/27/17 Mohamed Dukereh of EO, Driving Without
A License, Crashed Car Into Newark Supermarket

05/27/17 Biased News Media Attempts to Control the
EO Mayoral Election

05/25/17 President Donald J. Trump Proclaims Memorial Day,
May 29, 2017, as a Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace

05/25/17 Celebrate Red Nose Day!

05/23/17 Darrell Stokes, Arvetta Stokes, Anneka Taylor,
Caryl Gaston Charged For Conspiracy Heroin Distribution

Wisteria Blooms in EO

05/22/17 Shaheed Blamahsah of EO Pleads Guilty
to 2015 Armed Robbery in Passaic

05/22/17 EO Police Seize 1,470 Marijuana Plants
Growing in First Ward Garage on Springdale

05/25/17 More Information

05/20/17 EO High School Reports For 2015-2016
Still Failing After All These Years - and $

05/18/17 Promises, Promises from Ted Green.
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/18/17 Another Law Suit Pending Against EO
Police Department Over New Sexual Assault Case

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/17/17 EO Mayoral Debate Advances Thompson
and Williams as Viable Candidates - Green a Loser

05/17/17 Ugly Gene Bruster of EO Arrested
in Newark Gang Selling Lethal Drugs

05/16/17 EO Schools Now Spending $27,699 Per Student
And Still Not Educating Students Where It Matters.

Gentrification is Alive and Well in EO
Where's All This "Affordable Housing?"

05/15/17 Newark Man With Gun Crashes Stolen Car
in East Orange and is Arrested

05/15/17 Ted Green is Still Pushing the Democratic Party
Lie That EO Crime Has Decreased by 70%

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/14/17 EO General Hospital - Still
Troubles After All These Years.

05/12/17 Shots Fired On Oak Street in EO
One Injured in Head
( 4th Ward)

05/12/17 Marquise Robinson of EO Wanted
- RE: Shooting on May 7th in Newark

05/10/17 Ted Green Buys Teacher's Votes,
Through EOEA and Unions
- Charter Schools
In Danger
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/10/17 - What a Bunch of WIMPS We Have
Running City Council! Re: Wells Fargo Bank

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/07/17 Terry J. Mitchell of EO Arrested
on Gun Charges in Newark

05/05/17 Keith Jones of EO Arrested For
Loaded Gun in Newark Incident

EOUMB Alumnus Allan Theodore is
1 of 5 Drum Majors at Prairie View U

05/03/17 No News About Ted Green Making ANY
Promises to the Voters of East Orange

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

05/02/17 Y-Nekia Blanch of EO Arrested for
Newark Burglary, Robbery, and Kidnapping

05/01/17 Jeffrey Agee of EO Caught by Spit Test,
Pleads Guilty to 2015 Robbery

April 2017

04/05/17 First Blossoms Appeared
04/30/17 Display Ending

Cherry Blossom Web Camera

* * * * * * * * *

04/30/17 EO City Union Employees Thank Ted Green
for Giving Them More of YOUR Taxpayer Money.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

04/30/17 Xavier Williams & Takia Reid of EO
Charged for Possession of Guns in Newark

04/29/17 Samir Nicholson of EO Shot and Killed
During Attempted Murder
(3rd Ward)

04/29/17 Police Officer Shoots and Kills Man
on S. Clinton Street
- NJ12 Report
Hero Jersey City Cop Lives in EO

04/29/17 Shots Fired on South Ward Place in EO

04/28/17 Arbor Day Report

04/27/17 Arioste Moncion of EO Charged
with Robbery At Bloomfield Wendy's on 4/15

04/25/17 Statement on Sanctuary Cities Ruling

04/25/17 Kevin Clevil, Ernest Davis, & Henry Acheampong
of EO Arrested in a Newark Narcotics Sweep

04/25/17 East Orange Finally Stops Doing
Business With Wells Fargo Bank

Fox Business News Report

04/24/17 Shooting on Carlton St. & Prospect St.

President Trump Remembers

04/23/17 Ted Green's "Silent Running" Campaign

Encounter with Bergson Leneus,
Candidate for 3rd Ward Council Member

04/22/17 EARTH DAY 2017

Apples on the Way?

04/18/17 EO Councilmen Lie To Begin
Re-election Campaigns

04/18/17 Shots Fired on Chelsea Avenue

04/17/17 Police Shooting on Park Avenue &
Arlington Avenue

04/17/17 Keith Germany of EO Arrested Twice
on Car Theft Charges at Newark Airport

04/13/17 13 Gang Members Arrested in EO
Because "Citizens Complained About Drug Dealers"

EO Has Become a Sanctuary City For Killers

04/13/17 Daron Morgan of EO Arrested
in Newark Shooting Incident

04/12/17 Winfred Moses and Reginald Eaford
of EO Charged With Tax Fraud

New Recruiter for Cheyney University
Jacqueline Saez of the EOUMB!

04/07/17 Jose V. Soto of EO Charged With
Paterson Stabbing On 3/27/17

04/07/17 Woman Dies After Falling From Building
on S. Harrison Street.

04/05/17 Shooting on Lenox Avenue Kills
One Person (2nd Ward) Homicide Victim #5

04/04/17 Timothy Royster of EO Found
Shot to Death in Car in Newark
Homicide Victim #4

04/03/17 Shakur Loyal of EO Killed in
Stolen Car Crash in Newark
- NJ.Com Report

04/03/17 EO Campus High Puts MORE Illiteracy
and Ungrammatical Posts on Display.

Time to Hire Some COMPETENT English Teachers

04/03/17 Shooting on Ashland Ave. Kills Pierre Collins
of East Orange
(2nd Ward) Homicide Victim #3
UPDATE: 06/09/18 -
Akeeme Thompson of Newark Convicted for Murder
UPDATE: 07/20/18 -
Akeeme Thompson Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison

04/01/17 More Mis-used Tax Money Spent by
City Councilmen to Defy President Trump

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

04/01/17 Most Illiterate and Ungrammatical Post
from EO Campus High School so Far This Year.

Time to Hire Some REAL English Teachers

March 2017

03/31/17 EO Council Accepts Mayor's Budget
with Fake .5% Tax "Decrease"

Budget Still NOT ON-LINE For Public
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

Who is John Thompson, Jr. and
Why is He Running For Mayor of EO?

Will He Drain the EO Swamp?

03/28/17 Tamieka Dwyer to be Terminated
From Police Dept.
- NJ.Com Report

First Daffodils of Spring Bloom

03/27/17 East Orange, as a Sanctuary City,
About to Lose Federal Funding

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

03/24/17 Cedric Lewis of EO Charged
With Weapons and Drug Offenses

03/22/17 Armed Robber Jamal C. Nurse of EO
Sentenced to 12 Years

03/21/17 Person Killed by Train Near City Hall

03/20/17 Shooting on Beech St. & Shepard Ave.


03/19/17 EO Councilmen Call on Public
to Defy President Trump's Executive Orders
Using Taxpayer Money!
Did YOU Authorize This?
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

03/16/17 PSE&G To Replace Gas Pipes in City


Satellite Photo of Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella May Bring Our
Greatest Snowfall of the Season by Tuesday.

03/08/17 Can't Nobody In Our School System Speak
English Correctly?

Time to Hire Some REAL English Teachers

03/07/17 EO General Hospital Rates Last on List

03/07/17 Just What We Needed in EO: Another
Highly Paid (from OUR taxes) Political Advisor.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp
Mayor and Council Keep Filling It Up!

03/06/17 Nafia Jahad Treadwell of EO
Shot Dead in Newark
Homicide Victim #2

03/03/17 Mayor Ignores EO General Hospital
Deplorable Conditions While Inventing
Fears Against Obamacare Loss

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

03/03/17 Jarrette Shelton of EO Arrested
For 11/27/16 Newark Armed Robbery

03/02/17 Fifth Ward Council Member Mustafa Brent
Complains Rights Are Being Violated, But Cannot
Name Even One "Violated" Right.

First Crocuses of Spring

February 2017

02/28/17 Patients Expose "Horrific Conditions" in
East Orange General Hospital

02/26/17 Corrupt, Self-Serving Line A Democrats
Are Getting Ready To Take Over East Orange...
... Again!

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/22/17 Anthony Mollison of EO Arrested
For January Newark Shooting

02/22/17 Once Again, mayor Taylor Shows He
Has No Clue About President Trump's Plans
on Healthcare Reform.

02/21/17 Leroy Jones' New Puppet Candidate
for Mayor is ... Ted Green

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/21/17 EO Man Shot on S. Harrison St. - 2nd Ward

02/21/17 Mayor Brags About His Accomplishments
Using Fake Facts and Made-up Statistics

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/19/17 Nakiah Burr of EO Arrested in Newark
After Helicopter Chase

02/17/17 EO Teen Arrested for Newark Shooting

Aldo Food Market, 15 S. Harrison St.,
Accused by Customers of Unsanitary Conditions
Contact Health Department if You Have Issues

02/16/17 Unnamed EO Brat Attempts to Rob
a Woman at Knifepoint in Newark

02/16/17 Everett Lewis of EO Tries to
Cash a Stolen Check -$417,452

02/15/17 EO Divests Its Funds from Wells Fargo Bank
Timeline of Wells Fargo Scandal

02/14/17 Latest NJ State Report on EO Schools
Compare to PATCH Incomplete Report...
Parents! Take Back Your Schools!

02/13/17 Late Night Shooting on Main Street
East Orange 4th Ward

Winter Storm Niko "Bombards" East Orange

02/08/17 Alain V. Antoine of EO charged
in Newark Shooting on Jan.10th.

02/07/17 Richard Chambers of EO Arrested
for Newark Shooting

02/07/17 East Orange Property Owners Association
Begins New Gentrification Process in EO

Look Up:
Gentrification Definition

02/06/17 - Did You Know that East Orange is a largely
segregated inner city with high poverty, high crime,
high unemployment and lower quality of schools...
and it's being blamed on Trump? NJCom Says So.

East Orange Needs to Fight Fake News

02/04/17 Who REALLY Runs Things In East Orange?
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/03/17 Now That Lester is Out of the Running...
Ted Green Tries To Get Back in With His Toy Guns

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/02/17 Lester Taylor Drops Out of Primary
Re-election Bid - Leroy Jones to Pick Another

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

02/01/17 Drug Dealer Hakeem Vanderhall of EO Gets
18 Years in Federal Prison.

02/01/17 Advance Auto Parts Store, 471 Main St.,
Paying for Past Pricing Violations

January 2017

01/31/17 Jermaine Maddox Shot on
North Arlington Avenue
(Fifth Ward) Homicide Victim #1

01/29/17 Hit & Run Car Occupants
Resist Arrest in Fifth Ward Incident

01/27/17 Donell Carroll of EO Sentenced to 10 Years
in Prison for Carjacking

01/26/17 Councilman Ted Green (3rd Ward) Again
Publicly Defies Federal Laws.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/25/17 EO is About to Lose Federal Funding
because it is a Sanctuary Jurisdiction

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

EO Property Taxes Increased by
2.30% in 2016
- Mayor Forgot to Mention That.
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

State of the City Address Video
Rebuttal to the State of the City Address

01/24/17 TAP's Article Belongs on the Society Page.

01/23/17 Senior Correction Officer Ahnwar Dixon
of EO Indicted for Official Misconduct

01/22/17 Shooting on Hudson Avenue in EO
Hudson Avenue Location in the Third Ward

01/20/17 Iyannah Henderson of EO Charged
With Unlawful Gun Possession

01/20/17 The Talladega Band!

01/20/17 Inauguration Day!

01/20/17 Donald Trump is East Orange's President, Too!

01/19/17 Bangaly Fofana of EO Found Murdered
in Greensboro, North Carolina

Patch Report - NJ.COM Report

01/19/17 Waste & Recycling Handbook Finally
On-line. Look at South Section For January
and Spot the BIG Recycling Date Error.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

EO City Council Endangers Our
Federal Funding Without Our Knowledge or Vote.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/17/17 Keeping Track of Fourth Ward
Councilwoman Tyshamie Cooper's Trouble in Orange?

Fourth Ward Map
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/15/17 EO Water Customers Should Read This

01/14/17 Armed Robbery on N. Harrison St.
RlsMedia Report
North Harrison Street Location - Second Ward

01/14/17 Retired Hudson County Corrections Officer
Shot in East Orange - News12 Report

01/14/17 Shooting at Tremont & Halsted
EO Pretends That it Happened in Newark.
Third Ward Location Map

EOUMB Alumnus Will Participate
With Talladega Band in Inaugural Parade

01/12/17 Armed Robbery of Electronics Store
at 585 Main St. (MLK Jr. Blvd.) in East Orange
Second Ward Location (MLK Blvd)

01/11/17 Mario Lyn of EO Convicted of 2014 Robbery

01/11/17 Fourth Ward EO Council Woman Tyshamie
Cooper under FBI Investigation in Orange

Fourth Ward Map
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/11/17 Three EO Drug Dealers Arrested in Roundup

01/10/17 Shooting on Munn Avenue in East Orange
South Munn Avenue Location - Fourth Ward Map

01/10/17 Armed Robbery at Gas Station on Central Ave.
South Grove & Central Avenue Location -Fourth Ward

01/07/17 James Caldwell of EO Arrested;Gun and Drugs

01/07/17 EO City Has a Flashy Expensive New Website,
With the SAME OLD 2016 Solid Waste & Recycling
Handbook. Our Tax Dollars At Work!

01/08/17 OOPS! Site Crashed Already!
East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/06/17 Newark Murderer of Tyeshia Obie (of EO)
Gets 6 Years ONLY!

01/05/17 Lots of Fluff & Stuff With No Substance
from Superintendent West. Let's SEE the Results!

Parents! Take Back Your Schools!

01/04/17 Martin Bennet of EO Arrested for
Newark Robbery
- NJ.com Report

01/01/17 Still NO Transparency - EO Council Meets and
Repeats Reorganization With NO Advance Publicity

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp

01/01/17 - Still No Waste & Recycling Schedule for 2017
Contradictory Message About Collection on 01/02/17
Monday Recycling is NOT mentioned.

East Orange Needs to Drain Its Own Swamp


Worldwide True News

The Complete Updated List of Trump's Cabinet


09/05/17 Mug Shots of Arrested Anti-Fa Thug Protestors
(No wonder they cover their faces at the Protest Rallies!)

08/16/17 Before Al Sharpton Begins to Exploit Charlottesville, VA
Remember Who and What He Is.

Video: CNN exposed DELIBERATELY pushing FAKE NEWS

03/05/17 Fox News: Mark Levin Vindicates Trump's Wire-tap Claims

02/08/17 Trump Names Only 78 World Wide Islamic Terror Attacks for 2016?
Not Even Close. It's More Like 2,476 Islamic Attacks in 61 Countries.
As of 02/08/2017, Add:
231 More Islamic Attacks in 32 Countries ... and Still Counting.


02/07/17 Petition Calls for Dismissal of Special Secret Service Agent Who
Refuses to Protect President Trump.

Sign the Petition HERE

02/04/17 President Trump's Second Week of Action

01/28/17 President Trump's First Week of Action

01/27/17 - Voter Fraud To Be Investigated

01/27/17 March For Life 2017 in Washington DC

01/21/17 - Big Joe Takes on Protesters

01/16/17 FBI Arrests Wife of Pulse Nightclub Terrorist in San Francisco
She Knew All About It!

01/16/17 Fascists view political violence and acts of war as means to achieve their goals.

These Fascists call themselves "Anti-Fascists" and
Plan Violence for Inauguration Day Events (1/19 - 1/22/17)

01/06/17 Read the Report (unclassified version) Yourself:
Russia’s Influence Campaign Targeting the 2016 US Presidential Election

Try not to Laugh at the Conclusions
Here's What President (Elected) Trump Thought of It:

"...there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election
including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with
voting machines. There were attempts to hack the Republican
National Committee, but the RNC had strong hacking defenses
and the hackers were unsuccessful." Donald J. Trump 01/06/17

Climate Change From a Geologist's Point of View

Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

History Repeating Itself Once Again

Muslim Atrocities Continue in 2017

12/31/16 - 01/01/17
Muslims in France Burned 945 Cars on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve in Malmo, Sweden

01/09/17 Muslim Children Learning How to Murder

Another Man Publicly Murdered in Mosul

Woman Beheaded In Saudi Arabia Parking Lot

Muslim Children Taught to Murder Captives

Afghanistan: Man Mutilated
and Beheaded by Children of ISIS

2017 Worldwide
War on

12/25/17 Muslim Woman Confesses to Poisoning
a Christian Mother of Five with Food Gifts.

12/22/17 Islamic Terrorist Attack for
Christmas Thwarted in San Francisco

12/20/17 ISIS Encourages Killings
For Christmas

12/16/17 Mayor of Nazareth Bans
Christmas Celebrations

12/16/17 Thirty Pastors Arrested for
Singing Christmas Carols in Pakistan

12/15/17 University of Minnesota
Seeks to Ban Christmas Decorations

12/12/17 Christmas Posters in NYC
Targeted by Suicide Bomber

History Repeating Itself Once Again

Ramadan Began May 27, 2017

The Ramadan Bombathon Score for 2017

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Turkish massacres of Armenians
in 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1909

Why the US Won’t Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Historic World News from 2016 is archived HERE


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Muslim Terrorists in the USA

11/11/16 The Muslim Brotherhood Declares the Election of
Donald Trump "a Disaster" for Muslims

02/17/15 Click on their Pictures - Learn Who They Are

09/22/15 Muslims Cannot Hold Public Office For These Reasons

1991 - The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan for America

The Silence of Moderate Muslims

01/05/16 Muslims Should Be Asked to Condemn Islamic Terror

05/29/16 How CAIR Feels About Our USA Memorial Day

CAIR NJ Facebook Page

East Orange's Connection to CAIR

08/03/16 East Orange Will Be Paying Zakat Again This Year

08/05/16 East Orange City is in Collusion with
the Islamic Circle for North America (ICNA)

10/02/16 C.A.I.R. is HAMAS in East Orange, NJ Also

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace

Lying Muslims Playing Victims

04/22/17 Azhar Hussain, an assistant professor at Indiana State University
arrested on charges of making false reports of anti-Islamic threats.

02/20/17 More Muslim Fake Hate Crimes Uncovered

02/19/17 Maplewood's Ibtihaj Muhammad Lied When She Inferred
That She Was a "Victim" of Trump's Travel Ban.
It Happened in December under Obama's Travel Restrictions!

02/02/17 Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ Lawsuit Against
Ben Shapiro; Awards Attorneys’ Fees

01/10/17 Muslim ‘Clockboy’ Defamation Lawsuit
Thrown Out of Court by Texas Judge





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