East Orange True News

2013 - 2014

December 2014

12/27/14 Did you know about the Third Ward "Community"
Christmas Party at the Appian Way in ORANGE?
Me, neither. I never got an invitation.

12/24/14 Anthony Serrano Threatens to Shoot Someone

12/23/14 Indictment Names Two From EO as Fences

12/21/14 Shooting on Hawthorne Avenue

12/17/14 Horton Family Fire Victims Laid to Rest

12/17/14 Mistrial Declared over "Gasoline Bomb" Comment

12/16/14 EO Council Votes For State Resolution

12/16/14 City Council Fails to Dismiss Two EOWC
Commissioners, But Does Not Reinstate Them
New Commissioners May Replace Them in January

12/15/14 Two EO Drug Dealers Arrested in Bloomfield

12/15/14 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson's Trial Begins

12/15/14 Daniel Bedford Convicted- Aggravated Manslaughter

12/13/14 Shooting on S. 15th St and 9th Ave.

12/12/14 Mayor's Message for December:
All About Golf- More Spending (Taxes) Ahead

12/12/14 EOWC William Mowell Pleads Guilty and is Sentenced

NBC News Features EO's Eagle Flight Program
History of Eagle Flight

12/11/14 EO Council Wants Special Treatment for
Minorities from Grand Juries

12/10/14 Mayor on TV Tonight, Topic: Race Relations

12/09/14 Shots Fired on Ross Street Striking House & Auto

Virginia State University Recruits Students at CTHS

12/07/14 Fire on N. 17th St. - Five killed.

12/05/14 Do Black Lives Really Matter? Not in Chicago, IL.
Not in Essex County, NJ.

The mayor Plays Games with OUR Golf Course

November 2014

Annual Football Game with Barringer

Band Preparation 11/26/14

A History of the East Orange/ Barringer Thanksgiving
Day Football Series since 1897

11/24/14 Nafis Johnson of EO is Victim # 80 in Newark Shooting

11/24/14 Haleem Graham Pleads Not Guilty to Weapons Charges

11/23/14 Shooting at S.Orange Ave & Brookwood St.

Lancie Marchan Pleads Guilty to Theft From Non-Profit

11/19/14 Mayor's Interview on Comcast RE:
Economic Development Blah, Blah, Blah

11//18/14 NJ School Test Results - Interactive
Look Up Your School

Community Celebration of Goldie Burbage’s Birthday

11/15/14 Three Restaurants Closed for Code Violations
Good Work, Mayor!

11/14/14 Gilbert Vaughn Sentenced - 5 Years for Fraud

11/13/14 EO Police Claim Credit for Reducing Crime Rate

Oops! Is it too late for the mayor's November Message?

11/11/14 Hearing to Dismiss Water Commissioners to Continue
Local Talk Article on What Has Happened So Far

EO Veterans Assemble at City Hall Plaza

11/08/14 Teen Killed in Fire on Springdale Ave.
News12 Video - City Press Release

EOUMB Competes in Georgia

EOUMB Practices at Morehouse College

11/07/14 Retraction and Apologies

Dinner in Delaware

EOUMB Travels South to Atlanta Tonight

11/05/14 Robert O'Neil Shoots Police Officer on N. Oraton
NJ12 Report - City Press Release

11/05/14 LINE A Democrat Vandals in EO

11/04/14 Shooting on N.19th St. EO

Sanford St. Polling Place
Electioneering In East Orange

11/03/14 Verbena Garner Arrested for Theft by Deception

Is it a Joke, or a Slap In The Face?

October 2014

10/31/14 Dequilla Alston Arrested in Roselle Drug & Gun Bust

10/31/14 Don't Fall For the Hoax!
Governor Chris Christie Did NOT Cancel Halloween!

10/31/14 It's Official: The mayor is Using Us.

10/29/14 Jamin Bennett Arrested In NY for Drug Possession

10/28/14 Shawn Watford Will Be Back on the Streets in 4 Years

10/27/14 Police Investigate Armed Carjacking on Dodd Street

EOUMB in Linden Halloween Parade

10/24/14 EO Police Officer Rajheher Massenburg
& Two Others Busted for Drug Dealing

EOUMB Plays at Bergen Blowout

10/20/14 Shooting Near Nassau School

EO Unified Marching Band Returns with Awards

10/18/14 Ebola False Alarm #3 at EO General
News 12 Report

EO Unified Marching Band Heads to DC

10/15/14 Mayor's Interview on Comcast Newsmaker

10/15/14 Dr. Alexander G. Salerno Arrested for Fraud

10/14/14 No Thanks to The Taxpayers

10/13/14 Armed Robbery of Cab Driver

10/12/14 Armed Robbery on Grant Avenue in EO

10/12/14 Robbery at EO Train Station

10/12/14 Zoungo Sou-Oud Shot and Killed in Newark

10/08/14 Gilbert Vaughn's Bail Revoked in Senior Fraud Case

10/07/14 Turrell YMCA Has New Computer Lab

10/07/14 Estinphil Pleads Guilty to 2012 Shooting of Thomas

10/07/14 Toni Manning Pleads Guilty to Tax Frauds

Mayor's Messing With Our Statistics

10/07/14 Updated Crime Trend Report - EO is on P.188

10/06/14 Mashon Onque of EO Convicted for Wire Fraud

10/01/14 East Orange YMCA Opens New Computer Lab

10/01/14 The Mayor's Preliminary Tax Bill Letter

September 2014

09/30/14 Shots Fired On Sussex Ave

09/26/14 Gilbert Vaughn Pleads Guilty to Senior Citizen Crime

09/25/14 Water Main Pipe Break on Park Avenue

09/24/14 Layshan Robinson of EO Arrested on Drug Charges

09/23/14 Fuquan Scales of EO Arrested in Drug Bust

Mace In The Face Arrest in East Orange

09/17/14 Maurice Douglas Indicted for Insurance Fraud - 03/23/15 Maurice Douglas of EO Pleads Guilty to Insurance Fraud

09/17/14 Jemmaine T. Bynes Arrested for Carjacking

09/16/14 EO Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Bloomfield

09/14/14 Man Shot in Face on Norwood Place

09/12/14 -
EO Band Headed to Bayonne for Game

09/10/14 Newark Man Arrested for Gibson's Murder

09/10/14 Armed Robbery on S. Munn Ave.

09/10/14 Maurice Douglas Indicted for Insurance Fraud

City Council Wins Against EO - score: 10 to 65,000

Kerrianne Wallace At Alcorn State U

09/06/14 Response to mayor's interview with Local Talk

09/05/14 Edwin Gibson Shot on Rhode Island Ave & Freeman Ave
News 12 Report - UPDATE 11/08/17

August 2014

The Band Is Back Ready For Fall Football Season!

08/27/14 Major Car Accident on Rt 280 in East Orange

08/27/14 The Mayor Sez: "The Water is Safe."
Can the Mayor Be Trusted to Tell the Truth?

08/26/14 EDITORIAL: What Have We Learned From Our History?

08/25/14 Vladimir Sauzereseteo of EO Pleads Guilty

08/24/14 The East Orange Unified Marching Band is
at Camp Green Lane in PA This Week

08/23/14 Shooting on Central Avenue

08/23/14 Shots Fired at a Car on N. Maple & Arlington Ave.

08/23/14 More Money Wasted That Could Have
Been Applied to Lowering Taxes

08/22/14 Editorial- The Signing of the Budget

08/20/14 Shooting on Telford St Bordering EO

08/19/14 Almid Edwards of EO Arrested for Montclair Robberies

Kimberly Jarrett Joins EO Alumni at DSU

08/15/14 Shooting on Central Ave, Orange, Near EO
EO Man Shot in the Leg

08/13/14 SO Seeking Alternative to EO Water

08/12/14 Malik Taylor of EO Turns Himself In to Face Charges

08/10/14 Raven Anderson of EO Charged with Auto Theft

EO's Shalal Adolphe at Talladega

08/08/14 Uniform Crime Report JAN-JUN 2014 EO on Page 188

08/05/14 EO Council Finds Yet ANOTHER Way to Spend Our Money

08/05/14 Cerena Brown Disappears in EO General Hospital

The EO Council Passes the Budget Increases

Summer Band Camp Begins

The Mayor's Message - August 2014

08/02/14 Carol Clark Chimes in on the EOWC

08/01/14 East Orange Water Commission Continues...

July 2014

07/31/14 Summer Band Camp Registration

07/29/14 Meeting With Two Former Water Commissioners

07/29/14 Kjuan Hall of EO Killed in Newark Shooting

07/28/14 Shawn Watford of EO Proves Murder is Just a Game

07/25/14 Former EOWC Director Mowell Pleads Guilty

07/23/14 Did you Get Your Water Bill with the 5% Increase?
We're starting to Pay for the Mismanagement of the EOWC

07/21/14 Council Meeting Tonight to Pretend to Discuss
"Budget Amendments."

Latest Photo Op

07/19/14 Yet Another Excuse for a Mayoral Photo Op

07/17/14 New EO Water Commissioners Appointed
Editorial on the Mayor's Appointments

07/17/14 Link Charter Community School is Accepting
New EO Students in Grades 5 & 7

07/12/14 Ted Green Becomes a Double-Dipper
for both East Orange AND Irvington

07/09/14 Central Ave. Head-On Crash; 3 dead, 2 injured
2 of the 3 Men Killed were from EO

07/07/14 Mayor Responds About Water Commission

The EO Fireworks Event Photos and Videos

The East Orange Unified Marching Band
Rehearses for the 4th of July

07/03/14 Grace Apostolic Church Celebrates History

07/02/14 Adjourned Public Meeting Tonight

07/01/14 Governor Christie Blocks Democrat Tax Hikes

June 2014

06/30/14 East Orange Gives Up On Communicating
with Facebook

06/28/14 Raheem Hughee of EO Found Shot in Newark

06/28/14 EO Council Speaks Publicly about EOWC
Council Members Can't Add

06/27/14 Leroy Jones to Serve 2-year Term

06/27/14 Mayor is Accused by Rucks and Ward

06/26/14 More Bad Water News for East Orange - from Newark

06/25/14 Terrell Jones Pleads Guilty to Animal Neglect

06/25/14 One Solution to the EO "Crisis"

06/24/14 EO Hospital Scholarship Awards

06/20/14 Rucks and Ward Resign from Water Commission

EO Environmental Hoax Reported in TAP

06/16/14 - If You Go to the City Council Budget Hearing
on 6/18/14 - Wear High Boots and Carry a Shovel.

06/13/14 Kenneth Grant Arrested for Bank Robbery

06/13/14 Mayor Asks Water Commissioners to Resign
Creates $20 Million Dollar Crisis to Set Stage...

06/13/14 Shots Fired on Munn Avenue in EO

06/12/14 EO Veteran's Hospital's Own Scandal

East-West Paul Robeson All Star Classic

06/09/14 Nathaniel Tulles Sentenced to 114 Months

06/08/14 Shooting on Lennox & Walnut, EO

06/08/14 Shooting on Park Avenue in EO

06/06/14 Rasul Burt Sentenced to Six Years

06/04/14 Jeff Bell Will Take on Corey Booker

06/03/14 Cheyney U. Auditions in EO

06/03/14 Essex County Primary Election Results

06/03/14 Primary Election Today! Get Out and Vote!

Mayor Enjoys MetLife Summer Jam

May 2014

05/31/14 Revised Total of Homicides in EO for 2013 = 11

05/30/14 Nicholas Welch Gets Life Sentence for Murder

PSE&G Responds ... OOPS!

05/29/14 Prospect Medical Holdings Buys EO General Hospital

05/29/14 Robert Mercedes Pleads Guilty To Robbing Bank

05/28/14 Vladimir Sauzereseteo Arrested For Smuggling

05/27/15 Five Arrested For Arson

EO Memorial Day Parade

Proof that PSE&G are Damnfools.

05/20/14 Update: PSE&G "Handles" an Emergency

05/17/14 Jonathan Smith of EO Arrested in Newark

05/17/14 Bikes & Chicks Cypher

BJ's Asthma Walk For Hope

PSE&G "Handles" an Emergency

05/16/14 Per Student Cost Up by $1,463 in EO
Do you see any improvement?

05/12/14 A Modest Proposal

05/11/14 Three City Administrators resign

Who's In Charge?

05/10/14 Police Search for Missing Boy and Mother
Follow Up- 5/14/14 :
Mother and Son Found Unharmed

05/10/14 Tracking Down A Rumor

05/09/14 Local News Media Falls for Mayor's Spin - - Again!

Video of the State of the City Address Released.

05/06/14 Mayor's "Talking Points" Released

05/05/14 Bria Douglas - Drum Major for PVAMU

05/05/14 Richard Carrera Arrested for Murder

05/05/14 Mayor's "State of the City Address"

05/04/14 Sierra House Organizing Volunteers for Clean Ups

05/03/14 Shooting at Tremont and Shepard

05/02/14 EO Street Flooding Problems

05/01/14 Essex County Roads Pothole Reporting in EO

April 2014

04/29/14 Lavell Jones Indicted for Armed Robbery

04/28/14 Newark Man Admits Torching EO Apt.

04/28/14 Mayor Lester Taylor: State of the City

04/26/14 Comcast Cares in Elmwood Park

04/25/14 EO Teen Arrested and 3 Guns Seized

04/25/14 Arbor Day - The City's Loss is My Gain

04/24/14 Comcast Sponsors 2 Park Cleanups - Sat. 4/26

04/23/14 Summer Youth Employment Kickoff

04/22/14 Surprise! Who Knew? Not our City! It's TONIGHT!

04/22/14 Here is the Budget for FY 2014

04/22/14 One Person Celebrates Earth Day in EO

04/21/14 EO Codes to Be Enforced BEFORE Being Posted

04/19/14 Mayor wants EO to be Caribbean Food Mecca

04/18/14 Three EO Men Arrested for Robbery

04/16/14 Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services Promises
Budget for FY 2014 Will Be On-line on 4/22/14

04/15/14 Mayor Lester Taylor Increases Taxes

EO Student Recital at Delaware State University

04/09/14 WO Woman Sentenced for Fraud Against EO Woman

04/06/14 Drug Possession Arrest in Watsessing Park

04/04/14 EO Police Arrest Five and Take 3 Guns

04/04/14 South Orange Monitors Our EO Water...Again
Do You Feel "Safer," EO?

(4/3/14) Wounded Man from EO

04/03/14 New EO Band Uniforms Revealed

04/03/14 Joy Ebuzor-Onayem Convicted of Burglary and more

04/01/14 EO Police Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

March 2014

03/31/14 Rafael and Luisa Cabrera of EO Arrested

03/31/14 Nicholas Welch Convicted of Murder

03/29/14 Isa Johnson Shot in Newark

03/28/14 Tyree Blount Arrested Again After Pkwy Crash

Delaware State University Auditions EO Band Students

03/25/14 Drayvon Rogers Charged with Shooting

03/25/14 Don't Fall For Saturday's Earth Hour Fraud

03/24/14 Mayor Taylor Added More Goals in Ebony Article

03/22/14 East Orange Property Manager Charged With Theft

03/18/13 Karon Townes Convicted For Attempted Murder

03/17/14 Shooting on Amherst St.

03/17/14 South Orange Village Monitors EO Water

03/16/14 EO Unified Marching Band in West Orange St. Patrick's Day Parade

03/15/14 Convicted Felon Sells His Book in EO
Reference #1 2008 - Reference #2 2010

03/11/14 Dr. Yash Khanna Pleads Guilty to Taking Kickbacks - 03/24/15 Family Medicine & Pediatrics's Dr. Khanna Yash Gets 9 Months in Prison

03/10/14 Shooting/Stabbing on Halsted Street & Freeway Drive

03/10/14 Mayor Interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers

03/10/14 Woman Found Murdered in EO This Morning - See 08/02/16

03/08/14 Mayor Honors Himself at His First Annual Mayoral Ball

03/07/14 Franklin Noble of EO Arrested for Theft/Gun

03/07/14 EO Firefighter Arrested for Theft

03/07/14 "Transit Village" Related News
Access to Final Report HERE

03/06/14 Forman Mills Donates $20 Clothing Vouchers to 500 Neediest

03/04/14 Cicely Tyson Visits Namesake School in EO

03/03/14 Councilwoman Tyshammie Cooper's Conflict of Interest

03/01/14 Paradigm Shift in Shopping in EO - EDITORIAL

February 2014

02/27/14 Daniel Hunt of EO Charged in Car Jackings

02/27/14 Council Chair Talmadge Honored By NJ General Assembly

02/27/14 Naji Hicks of EO Arrested in Newark Drug Deal

02/26/14 EO Teen Shot

02/23/14 Former EO Councilman Stephen Thomas Passes Away
........................03/01/14 Burial in Fairmount Cemetary

02/23/14 Police Officer Settle Continues to Fight Suspension

02/21/14 What Has Mayor Lester Taylor Done For Us Lately?
Parking Issues Continue to Be a Problem

02/20/14 EO Black History Month Recalls "Orangeburg Massacre"
Orangeburg Massacre History

02/18/14 Walgreen Pharmacy also Sells Homeopathic "Remedies"

02/17/14 CVS Pharmacy Continues to Sell Homeopathic "Remedies"

02/14/14 CTS Teacher Vincent Potuto Passes On

02/13/14 EO Police Officer Elaine Settle Plans to Appeal

02/10/14 Richardson Brothers of EO Arrested for Murder

02/08/14 Bernice Shaw - 101 Years Old

02/08/14 Hasson Washington of EO Arrested for Drugs and a Gun

02/06/14 Lancie Marchan and Brothers Indicted for Embezzlement - 03/06/15 Lancie Marchan Sentenced to 5 Years

02/06/14 Bryant Taylor of EO Charged with Theft in Montclair

02/05/14 EO Car Stolen With Child Inside

02/02/14 Dana Owens (Queen Latifah) Sings at Super Bowl

02/02/14 East Orange 2013 Gun Crime Reports Posted

02/01/14 Carver (formerly Columbian) School Received Funds

January 2014

01/31/14 City Council Waiting For Mayor's Budget

01/31/14 Samad Livingston of EO Arrested For Murder

01/28/14 East Orange School Performance Reports -2013
Cicely L. Tyson MS/HS Report
East Orange Campus High Report

01/25/14 Councilwoman Holman Wants Answers

01/21/14 Shante Spivey of EO Shot and Killed in Newark

01/16/14 Mayor Lester Taylor Cannot Take Criticism

01/16/14 Khalifa Shabazz Takes Over as EO City Attorney

01/16/14 EO Attorney Jason Holt to work for Atlantic City

01/16/14 EO / Irvington Court Dispute

01/15/14 Orange Killer Arrested in East Orange

01/15/14 Nathaniel Tullies Pleads Guilty to Carjacking

01/12/14 Taxes on the Rise

01/10/14 Mayor Taylor's Administration Apointees

01/07/14 EO Police Sue For Unpaid Overtime

01/07/14 Record Cold Temps (4 )Hit East Orange

01/02/14 Winter Storm Warning for EO - Tonight

01/02/14 Snow Emergency Street Parking Rules

01/01/14 EO Men Arrested for Drunken Knife Fight

01/01/14 East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor

01/01/14 Honest EO Woman Returns Lost Money
01/04/13 Follow-Up:
Good Deed Rewarded

01/01/14 East Orange New Mayor Swears In Today

01/01/14 Mayors of East Orange - 1899-2014



Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

Decapitation - You thought it was ancient history?

7/6/14 ISIS Soldiers Decapitate Syrians

7/28/14 - Islamic State Beheads 50
and Puts Their Heads On Poles

8/01/14- Islamic State Shoots 1,500 People

08/06/14 Hamas Rocket Launch Site in Gaza

08/07/14 For Anti-Israel Protestors

Rest In Peace - James Foley (1973 - 2014)
This is What the Islamic State Has Planned For Us

8/28/14 What Islamists are Teaching Their Children

09/02/14 Rest In Peace Steven Sotloff (1983 - 2014)

9/13/14 Rest in Peace David Haines (1970 - 2014)

11/16/14 Rest in Peace Peter Kassig (1988 - 2014)

History Repeats Itself


East Orange, NJ is Home of The Islamic Center of America

9/14/14 Muslim Day Parade in New York CIty

03/13/14 Gun Registration Coming To Maryland

09/25/13 John Kerry Signs UN Treaty Agreeing to Share
Our Gun Registration Lists with Every Nation That
Wants Them.

01/6/14 - Gun Registration Lines Compared

Nazi Weapons Act of 1938

Eyewitness account from 1938

Credited to: John Woike / Hartford Courant
02/13/14 -
CT Gun Owners Are Resisting Gun Registration

02/26/14 CT Gun Owners Facing Felony Arrest

02/28/14 Home Addresses of CT Legislators Posted

03/12/14 CT Police Feel Threatened

04/18/14 First Arrest Made Under New CT Law

Preventing History From Repeating Itself:
Good People Standing Up For Their Rights

03/25/14 Georgia Passes Historic Gun Rights Bill

03/25/14 Colorado Public School Teaches Real Gun Safety

03/22/14 Idaho Nullifies Federal Gun Control Laws

03/18/14 NY Gun Owners Burn Registrations

01/25/13 NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns

04/22/13 Connecticut Patriot: "I will not comply."

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
01/13/14 Drug Deals in Detroit, MI

Historic World News from 2013 is archived HERE





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