East Orange True News

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Gun Scoreboard 2015

December 2015

12/31/15 The East Orange City Web Site is Restored
East Orange 2 - Turkish Cyber Army 1

12/30/15 The
East Orange City Web Site Has Been
Cyber Hi-Jacked by the Turkish Cyber Army.
The War Has Come to East Orange.

12/28/15 Still Waiting for ONE Abandoned Property
to be completed. Meanwhile, the Mayor Still Shovels.

12/26/15 Jacke K. Bush of EO Shot to Death
on Glenwood Ave.
EO Homicide #22 for 2015

12/25/15 LT3 Foundation Report Raises More Questions
Than It Answers. Follow the Money.

Christmas Dandelion

12/19/15 Sheron Parker of EO Killed While Crossing Rt.22

12/17/15 EO Campus High Evacuated After Bomb Threat

12/11/15 Shots Fired From a Car on William St., EO

12/11/15 New Director of Public Safety says:
"EO is a National Model of Good Law Enforcement."

Sheilah Coley Appointed to Lead
the East Orange Department of Public Safety

12/04/15 East Orange Had 1,896 Cases of
Lead Poisoning in Children Reported in 2014

12/04/15 EO Water Commissioners' Slander Suit
Being Heard in Superior Court

November 2015


EOUMB Turned Away from Annual
East Orange vs Barringer Football Game

11/26/15 Two EOPD Officers Receive Awards
from the State Police Benevolent Association

EOUMB Alumna Receives National Leadership
Award at Delaware State University

EOUMB Show Band Ensemble Participates
At Macy's Backstage Grand Opening in WO

11/20/15 NJ Superior Court Dismisses EOWC
Case & Upholds 81% Increase in Water Rates

11/19/15 EO Increased Water Rate Lawsuit Goes to
Essex County Superior Court in Class Action

11/18/15 Antoine Love of EO Found Shot Dead in Car

11/17/15 Amy L. Bates of EO Arrested For Identity Theft
Co-conspirator Jenon L. Bostwick of EO On The Run

11/17/15 Ivory Downey of EO Indicted for
Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance Claims

11/16/15 Juan Porter Arrested in Maine for Feb 3 Murder of
Sharod Coleman of East Orange.

11/16/15 A Photo Op You May Have Missed

11/15/15 They're Here! We're about to get our very own
Syrian "Refugees" at Jewish Vocational Service Of Metrowest
111 Prospect St., East Orange, Phone: 973-674-6330

11/15/15 Car Chase - Car Crash on Evergreen Place

11/13/15 Azil Ellington of EO Pleads Guilty to Carjacking

11/13/15 EO Is 9th in the List of Top 10 Places Where
Your Car is Most Likely To Get Stolen.

11/13/15 EO Water Commission Raised Water Rates 81%

11/12/15 East Orange Makes Top Foreclosure List

Veterans' Day at City Hall

11/10/15 East Orange General Hospital Files for Bankruptcy

11/09/15 Tasha Hayes-Smith Promoted to
Captain in EO Fire Department

11/09/15 Kasia Rivera Heads to Prison For Murder of
Justin Street by Silicone Injection

EOUMB at Belleville Veterans Parade

CAIR NJ Congratulates Mustafa Brent

No Repentance, No Remorse, No Clean-up.

11/03/15 The Alternative Press (TAP) is "In On The Fix"
of the 2015 Election - Releases Results 1 Hour Early

EOUMB Continues to Receive Instrument Donations

Mayme Robinson Joins Quilla Talmadge
in Violating NJ Statute Against Electioneering.

11/02/15 Council woman Jackie Johnson Defaces
Main Street in the Historic Brick Church Area

Line A Scofflaws Continue Defacing Public Property
on Central Avenue

October 2015


10/31/15 LINE A Vandals Are At It Again;|
Code Enforcer Dwight Saunders Does Nothing...Again!

EOUMB To Perform Community Service For
the EO Office of Emergency Management

East Orange - Vote For The New
EOUMB Uniform!

10/28/15 Peter Cleland & Frazier Gibson of EO
Arrested for Fencing Stolen Cars

10/26/15 Armed Robbery of PNC Bank on Main St.

10/26/15 Kirk Patrick A. Chambers Lies About Carjacking

10/26/15 Mayor's Comcast Interview:

Is it real and true, or is it just more talk?

10/26/15 EO General Hospital Rated Among the
Worst in NJ, According to Patient Survey

EOUMB Heads to Linden For Their
Annual Halloween Parade.

10/24/15 Taquan Williams and Yasin Shabazz of EO
Indicted on Drug and Gun Charges

10/23/15 Wright, Ward and Walls Suing City
Due in Court November 6th

10/23/15 Injunction Against Water Rate Increase To Be Heard

10/23/15 Teacher Grants Announced
Do they finally have enough Money?
No More Excuses!

10/20/15 Richard Adebayo of EO Charged With
Running a 350K Credit Card Scheme

10/19/15 Taxpayers Are Forced to Spend $60,000
on Artists in Residence Programs in "Certain Schools".

10/19/15 EO Police Officer, Rajheher Massenburg,
Accused of Dealing Drugs

EOUMB in Newark Creation Nation Parade

10/14/15 Two EO Fugitives Arrested in Newark

EOUMB Columbus Day Instrument Donations

10/12/15 EO Makes YET ANOTHER "Worst City" List

10/10/15 EO Man Falls From 2nd Story Window

EOUMB Leads the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

10/07/15 Two EO Police Officers Honored
at Awards of Valor Ceremony

10/06/15 Shaheed Johnson of EO Charged
with Millburn Burglary

10/05/15 Diken Michelle of EO Convicted of Armed Robbery

10/03/15 Fire on Netherwood Terrace Leaves 1 Dead
Metro News Report

10/01/15 Jamil Williams of EO Arrested For
Gun Possession in Newark

September 2015

09/29/15 Halee Wing of EO Charged with Drug Trafficking

09/28/15 Richard Burwell of EO Arrested on Drug Charges

09/28/15 FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2014 is Published

09/26/15 EO Police Officer Injured in Hit & Run
at Central Ave. and Eppirt St.

09/24/15 EO Budget Adopted With the Usual Excuses For
Incompetency and Mismanagement

09/23/15 Surprise! Without giving "adequate advance notice of 48
the EOWC is having a special meeting tonight.
I bet they want More Money.
Correct Me if I'm Wrong.

09/23/15 EO Will Receive 75% of the Federal Tax Funds Needed
To Put 12 EO Police Officers into Schools for 3 Years.
The rest comes out of your pockets. No New Police
Will be Hired.
Correct Me if I'm Wrong.

09/22/15 Theo Walsh Killed in Car Crash in Caldwell

09/22/15 East Orange Schools Rank 246th in NJ
Why Can't Supt. Gloria Scott Improve That?

EOUMB Instrument Donation Drive Continues...

09/20/15 Frederick Abbeyson Killed By Drunk Driver

09/20/15 Armed Robbery on Carnegie & S.Arlington Aves.

09/20/15 Armed Robbery on Park Ave. Near Robeson
Stadium and Bowser School

09/19/15 Hassan Chatmon Fatally Shot on Central Ave. NWK

PAL-EOUMB Alumni Begin Fall Semester
at Delaware State University

09/19/15 Shooting at Tremont and Freeman Aves.
One person injured.

09/17/15 Orange #9, East Orange #21, on List
of 100 Most Dangerous Towns in New Jersey

09/16/15 Daniel Godfrey Arrested, charged with
Attempted Robbery and Gun Possession

09/15/15 William Logan Arrested After His Mother's
Body Found in Car Trunk
- NJcom Report

09/15/15 Verizon's Access of FIOS Problems in EO

09/15/15 East Orange on the List to Receive
Unscreened Muslim "Refugees" from Syria

09/15/15 Mayme Robinson Runs for 3rd Ward Council
on Line C5 - No Need to Write In

09/14/15 2015 Budget Passed - Raising Taxes Again.
No Public Notice of this Meeting Was Published
on the City's Own Web Site

09/14/15 Mazo Jones of EO Shot to Death in Orange

09/12/15 Newark Man Vandalizes EO DMV Branch

09/10/15 EO Makes The Top 100 High Crime List

09/09/15 Tarik Ford Pleads Guilty to 2013
murder of Craig Pinckney

09/08/15 Kasia Rivera Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

09/07/15 Walter Page Shot and Killed in Newark
Metro News Report

Isaac Davis Plays at Disney's Magic Kingdom

09/04/15 The Grapes of Late Summer

09/03/15 Petition to EO City Council re: Animal Shelter

09/02/15 NJSPCA to EO: No Animal Cruelty Charges...For Now

09/02/15 East Orange Ranks 25th From the Bottom
of the Worst Places to Live in NJ

09/01/15 Shadur Borden of EO and 4 Other Blood Gang
Members from NWK Arrested

August 2015


08/30/15 The City FINALLY Gets Around to Acknowledging
the Scandal at the Animal Shelter
- Now the SPIN Begins

08/30/15 Gunfire on N. 17th St. Ends Community Festival

08/29/15 "All Lives Matter" March Draws 20,000+
to Birmingham, Alabama

08/28/15 Local Talk Reports on Council Meeting of 8/24/15
Regarding Firing of Band Director Goode

08/27/15 Veterinarian Dr. Kimani Griffith May Attempt
to Resign, If the City Lets Him
- NJ12

08/27/15 East Orange on the "Ashley Madison Affairs" List

08/26/15 Michael Majette of EO Escaped From
Newark's University Hospital

Update: Majette Recaptured in Newark

08/25/15 EO Police Arrest Wanted NWK Criminal Pablo Perez

08/24/15 Dr. Gloria Scott Clings to Participation Trophies

EOUMB Organizes Protest

08/22/15 Man Shot in Car on Washington Street Between
Orange and East Orange. Perp Fled East.

08/22/15 Try Not To Laugh: EO Has a New Gun Control Law.

08/21/15 Shanita Stubbs of EO Arrested in CA for
Montclair Murder of Crystal Williams

08/20/15 Councilman Elect Casim Gomez Not Only
Violated City Ordinances to Get Elected
Caught Issuing False Statements re: Shelter

Kimani Griffith's excuse: "Typos."

08/20/15 East Orange Shelter Issues False Statements
Regarding Animal Shelter Mismanagement
- NJ12
Animal Lives Don't Matter To These People

08/20/15 Maurice Douglas Sentenced to
3 Years for Carjacking Fraud

08/19/15 Murderer Andre Higgs Released on $1 Million Bail

08/19/15 Two EO Thugs Charged in Bloomfield

08/19/15 Meeting Tonight of all Concerned Citizens
Taxpayers, Parents and Students
Regarding the EOUMB Situation

08/17/15 Budget Meeting Tonight - 6:00 PM
2015 EO City Budget Amendment #1 - READ HERE

08/15/15 Forty-Five EO Drug Criminals Named
Do Black Lives Really Matter? Not to Them.

08/14/15 Coach Marion Bell Responds to Firing
Coach's List of 53 Collegiate Students

08/14/15 Vote on Budget Amendment #1 - Monday -
08/17/15 at 6:00 PM

2015 EO City Budget Amendment #1 - READ HERE


08/13/15 Owner of 43 & 47 N. Walnut Due in Court

08/13/15 East Orange Health Center -
Operated by Planned Parenthood

08/12/15 The Grapes of Early August

08/11/15 Football Coach Marion Bell Loses Job

08/10/15 Gunfire on Arsdale Terrace Monday Night

08/10/15 Former EOWC Ward Questions Water Rate Increase

08/08/15 Tomatoes are Ripe and Ready in East Orange

East Orange General Hospital Among Those
NJ Hospitals Penalized For Readmission Rates

08/07/15 The East Orange Golf Course is Still in
the Planning Stages - Too Early to Call it "Successful."

08/07/15 July Increase in Gang-Related Shootings
in East Orange.

08/06/15 Wanted Homdel Shooter Arrested in East Orange

08/05/15 Mayor's Message For August - That's now
750 Abandoned Properties.

08/05/15 School Reports for 2015
East Orange 246th in New Jersey

08/04/14 More "National Night Out" Shootings on
Central Avenue Near Hospital

08/04/15 Shooting Near Rowley Park (William & Arlington) on
"National Night Out."

08/04/15 Gang Related Drug Ring Busted in EO
44 Arrests - 7 Firearms Confiscated

08/03/15 Another Bragging about our 700 Abandoned
Properties and Wishful Thinking for the Future.

July 2015


07/31/15 Andy Soto Indicted for Vehicular Death of
Khendrai Williams (1/18/15)

07/29/15 Khalil Booker Stabbed to Death on North 19th St. #15

07/28/15 Al-Muqqadin Means Sentenced to 24 Years
for Murder of Aquilla Flood

07/27/15 Two EO Bloods Gang Members Sentenced

07/27/18 Don't Worry: Laquan Willis of EO, Convicted For
2013 Murder, Will Be Out Before You Know It.

07/25/15 Two Shootings in EO Tonight -
18 Year Old Sharod T. Jefferson Killed - #14

07/25/15 Another $3.9 Million Deficit for the EO
Water Commission Raises Rates Yet Again

07/25/15 Early Morning Fire on Amherst St. Destroys
Two Houses
NJ12 Report

07/24/15 James Perry Gets Reduced Sentence For Playing
the System

07/23/15 Mario Gayles of EO charged with the murder
of Icrish Bostic on 7/15/15

07/23/15 Lewis Williams & Isiah Hutchins of EO charged with
Clinton Place murder of Ahmad Crudup, on 7/5/15

07/22/15 Shooting on Park Avenue and Grove St.

07/19/15 Will Democratic Bully Leroy Jones Step Down
after Recorded Video of Assault Exposes Him?

07/18/15 Edward G. Coleman of EO Killed in Elizabeth by
Surpris Ophilien Jr. of Rahway During Vehicle Pursuit Crash.

7/18/15 Mayme Robinson Runs for Third Ward Council
on Write-In Vote on November 3rd

07/17/15 East Orange Schools Make the NJ List
of "Most Ineffective Teachers"

07/16/15 Shooting on Princeton Street Injures One
Ryan Edwell Dies in Hospital #16-delayed

07/15/15 FIOS1 News Can't Tell the Difference Between
a Volunteer and a Paid City Employee.

07/14/15 Next Crop of Raspberries On The Way

07/14/15 Now the Count has gone up to 700 Abandoned
or Vacant Houses in East Orange

582 in March - 600 in June - Now 700 in July

07/12/15 Brent Williams of EO Shot to Death in Newark #13

07/08/15 Video: Leroy Jones Punches 75 Year Old
Poll Worker in Face on Primary Election Day

Full Video on Youtube

07/06/15 Al-Muqqadin Means Gets 2 Years for 2013 Theft

07/06/15 Stabbing Incident at City Hall Plaza in EO

07/05/15 Shooting on South Clinton Street in EO

07/02/15 Missing 15 Year Old Girl Being Sought

07/01/15 - Anthony Williams of EO Charged in Drug Bust

June 2015

06/29/15 Kevin Taylor Files Formal Complaint for
Primary Election Recount

06/29/15 Person Shot on Berwyn Street
Jamar Hurd of EO Dies from Gunshot Wound
Becomes EO Homicide Victim #12

06/26/15 NJTV NEWS: East Orange Works to
Clean Up Abandoned Properties

06/24/15 Shooting on North Grove Street

06/23/15 Ian Baily of JC Charged with Murder of
Karl Revis of EO on 3/25/15

06/20/15 Man With Knife Shot by Police at Oakwood Ave
and Central Ave - Orange / East Orange Border
NJCom Report - 6/25/15 - Update

06/19/15 Gunfire on Halsted Street Injures One

06/18/15 East Orange city building inspector, Salahudyin Jones,
was arrested on charges of bribery and extortion.
- Ted Green Acknowledges Jones as Son by Marriage.

06/13/15 Shooting on Summit Street, East Orange - 14 Year Old Boy Injured

06/10/15 - East Orange True News Site Closed

06/09/15 East (and EO) Win the Robeson All-Star Football Classic
Score: East - 28 ; West - 8

Opening of the Annual East Orange Strawberry Festival

06/03/15 Mashon Onque Sentenced to Prison for Wire Fraud

06/03/15 Babatope Owoseni Wants to Withdraw
Guilty Plea for 2013 Murder

06/02/15 EO Police Investigate Polling Place Incidents

06/01/15 Shooting on Newark/ East Orange Border

06/01/15 Former E.O. Water Commissioners
support Councilwoman Andrea McPhatter

May 2015

LINE A Scofflaws Ride Again

05/28/15 City Council Vandalism on Central Avenue
has Stopped

05/28/15 More "Awareness" Bullcrap Coming
Cops in Crosswalks

05/27/15 -
Finally Some Action From City Hall!

The LINE A Violations Continue in the Parade

Memorial Day Parade with EOUMB
Videos Just Added - 05/27/15

Memorial Day at City Hall

05/24/15 Once Again, Chris Sykes Uses His Dog Story
to Try to Influence the June Primary
- Comments

Reflection For Memorial Day

Continued Violations of Code 238-4, This Time
by School Board Vice President Mustafa Brent
and the "Gang of Five" LINE A Candidates

Shame of the Third Ward - 121 Sanford Street
05/23/15 -
UPDATE! Will YOU be Surprised?

Partial Victory - Some of the LINE A signs have been
removed... but not all.

05/21/15 Timothy Ricks of EO Pleads Guilty to Fraud
and Money Laundering

05/21/15 Third Verified Day of Quilla Talmidge Thumbing Her Nose
at City Codes She Has Sworn to Uphold

05/21/15 Essex News Daily Completely Ignores
LINE A Scofflaws Violating City Code 238-4

05/20/15 Support Your Local Marching Band

Former EO Principal Laura Trimmings Passes On

LINE A Vandals are Back in East Orange
Violating Code 238-4

05/17/15 Kevin Taylor Politically Attacked by Dwight Saunders

EOUMB March in Irvington's Haitian Flag Day Parade

BJ's Walk For Hope at Elmwood Park

Auditions for Cheyney University
Held at Cicely Tyson HS

05/12/15 Kasia Rivera of EO Accused of Jury Tampering in
Homicide Trial

05/11/15 Murderer Andre Higgs Released from Hospital

05/08/15 Robbery in Orange Ends in Car Crash in EO

First Fruits of Spring

05/07/15 Bullet Pierces Window at Daycare on N. Clinton

05/06/15 Double Shooting on Mountain View Avenue
Tyjid Campbell EO Homicide Victim #10
Victim was 10th Grade Student at EOCHS

05/06/15 Murderer Damon Hairston of EO Arrested In PA

05/05/15 Quilla Talmadge Campaigns for a Fifth Term
as Third Ward Councilwoman

Time to Review -
The Shame of the City

EOUMB Performs at City Hall

05/01/15 EO Teacher, Latrena May, Shot on Tremont
NJ12 News - More Details - EO Homicide Victim #9

05/01/15 Kevin Taylor Uses Internet to Get City Action

After April Showers come...
May Flowers!

April 2015

04/29/15 Former Banneker Academy Teacher Edward Wortman
Found Dead in Colonia

East Orange Being Invaded Today
by University and High School Bands!

04/24/15 Arbor Day in East Orange

04/23/15 City Council Primary Candidates Declared

Earth Day in East Orange

04/21/15 Marcellus Mayes of EO Shot and Killed - #8

EOUMB Preparation for Saturday's
Battle For the Bands

04/20/15 New City Web Site a Huge Improvement
City Codes are Online
City Budgets are Online

EO's Blossoming Trees
Branch Brook Park's Cherry Blossoms

04/18/15 Kevin Taylor Running for Fifth Ward Council Seat

First Tulip of Spring + Grape Buds

04/16/15 Lavell Jones of EO Gets 10 yrs. for Armed Robbery

04/15/15 Mikey Miguel Williams of EO Arrested in Poughkeepsie

04/14/15 RaJahn Ferrell of EO Arrested in Newark.

04/11/15 Isa Gray of EO Shot and Killed on South 19th St.
EO #7 - NWK #

04/11/15 -
"New" Old Photos from 1914 - 1924 Added
to Timeline by Blogger Jeff S

First Daffodil of Spring in East Orange

04/10/15 Jermaine Smith Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

04/10/15 EOWC Water Bills Will Now be Monthly
Instead of Quarterly - With Another 5% Increase

March 2015 Resolutions #52 and #54

04/09/15 East Orange Municipal Budget for CY 2015

04/09/15 A Florida University that Students Should Avoid

04/08/15 Mother and Daughter Killed by CO Poisoning
In Home on Dodd St., EO

04/05/15 Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending 2015
in East Orange

04/03/15 U.S. Senator Menendez Formally Indicted

Mayor's April Message - Blah-Blah-Budget Talk
but NO budget details.

04/01/15 Jermaine Johnson of EO Arrested
in Mendham Twp. Drug Bust

04/01/15 Menendez Indicted on 14 Federal
Corruption Charges

March 2015

03/29/15 Armed Carjacking on Park Street

03/29/15 Fatal 3:00 AM Shooting on Halsted Street

EOUM Band Played at NJIT Game #3

3/25/15 Mayor's 2015 Budget includes 3.5% Tax Increase
ON TOP of last year's increase.

03/24/15 Arthur Negron, Jr. and Nygera Arrington of EO
Arrested in Drug Bust - 3 Guns Seized

03/24/15 - Terry Swanson Tucker Appointed to
Board of Education - What's Wrong With This?

03/24/15 Family Medicine & Pediatrics's Dr. Khanna Yash
Gets 9 Months in Prison

First Crocus of Spring

EOUMB Performs at NJIT vs Cleveland Game

03/23/15 Maurice Douglas of EO Pleads Guilty
to Insurance Fraud

Photo by Frederick Goode
First Day of Spring in East Orange ...
Opening Day of FREE ice cream at Rita's!

EOUM Band Invited BACK to NJIT
for Round #2
on 3/23/15

03/18/15 David Moore of EO Arrested for Parole Violation

03/17/15 Mayor's March Message Arrives on
St. Patrick's Day - No Irish Need Apply

EOUMB Performs for NJIT vs NH Game

03/16/15 EO Teen Conspires with WO Teens to Steal Phone

03/16/15 Kasaan Harris of EO Arrested in Newark for Carjacking

03/15/15 Kevin Clervil of EO Arrested at Linden Club

03/15/15 More Budget Shenanigans - New
High Salary Position Created by mayor

03/15/15 Budget Biddies Battle Begins

03/14/15 Edward Purcell Found Dead in Elizabeth

Photo credit: John Henry - SOTI
Goldie Burbage Receives Award From
The Historical Society of East Orange

Fine Fare Supermarket Fire, S. Orange Ave.
Three Fire-Fighters Injured

03/10/15 Shooting on Main and Harrison in East Orange

Landmark Harris Diner Destroyed by Fire
Photos and Videos

03/09/15 Kenneth Grant of EO Admits to Robbing Bank

03/08/15 Leonard Watts of EO Arrested on Drug Charges

03/07/15 Mayor's Annual Ball Held at "The Castle"
in Parsippany-Troy Hills. Only Wealthy Invited.

03/07/15 Darius Randall of EO Reported Missing in Camden, NJ

03/06/15 Lancie Marchan Sentenced to 5 Years

03/06/15 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson Reinstated in Job

03/06/15 Senator Robert Menendez to be Charged

03/04-03/05/15 Power Failure on N. 17th St & Park Ave.

03/03/15 Kyle Hollar-Gregory Sues EO for Negligence

03/02/15 Nakia Jacobs of EO Arrested in Newark

EO Unified Marching Band at Philly 76ers
Game in Philadelphia

February 2015

02/27/15 Markell Buchanan of EO Arrested in Newark

02/27/15 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson Acquitted

02/26/15 Stolen EO Police Gun Recovered

02/25/15 Diana Montgomery of EO Arrested in Newark

East Orange Unified Marching Band Performs
at NJ Devil's Game in Newark

East Orange Unified Marching Band Performs
No One from the Community Shows Up in Support

02/24/15 Kasia Rivera "Quality of Life" Trial Delayed

02/22/15 Two Newark Men Shot in EO Armed Robbery

EOUMB Travels From School To School
to Recruit New Band Members

2/20/15 Damika Thompson of EO Arrested for Fraud

02/20/15 Electronic Parts Recycling Rules Changed

02/20/15 East Orange Unified Marching Band
Moving to Campus High School in July

02/19/15 Ramel McGrady from EO Shot in Newark #5

02/19/15 Shots Fired Through Store Front on Central Ave.

02/19/15 EO Teacher/Coach Arrested in Roselle
EO Superintendent Responds

02/19/15 EO Firefighter Marc Jackson's 2nd Trial Begins

02/18/15 Malika Terry of EO Killed in Ice Accident

EO Alumni Meet at Mardi Gras Parade

02/10/15 Kasia Rivera has been Sternly Spoken to:
"Don't Do That Again!"

02/09/15 Kwame Yeboah of EO Shot on North 9th St. #4
03/06/18 Update:
Miguel Williams of EO Pleads Guilty to Shooting

02/08/15 Sharod Coleman of EO Shot in Newark #3

02/07/15 State of the City in Essex News Daily
Still no transcript; no video; same old stuff.

02/07/15 Property Tax Data for Last Year (2014)

02/05/15 Dionne Warwick Returns Home to SO
After Hospitalized for Falling in Shower

02/04/15 Retired EOPD Officer Edward Purcell is Missing

02/04/15 Johnnie B. Cooks of EO Charged in
Jersey City Assault

02/03/15 East Orange GSP Toll Booth Robbed at Gunpoint

02/01/15 Police Seek Info About Robert Marchuk

02/01/15 More "Quality of Life" Issues in EO

January 2015

01/30/15 Car Stolen in East Orange by Teens With Guns
Stolen Car was a Saturn Station Wagon

01/30/15 High School Reports Released by State of NJ

01/30/15 Herbert Bennett of EO Arrested for Drug Dealing

01/28/15 Shots Fired on N. Maple Ave. & New St. in EO

01/26/15 National Scholars Program Deadline
for Applications is February 1st, 2015

USDA Applications for Above.

Cicely Tyson HS Alumni Compete
in the 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands, ATL

01/23/15 South Orange Approves Deal with American Water

01/23/15 Ahmad Holt of EO Gets 5 Years for Assault

01/22/15 Isiah Merrill of EO Arrested in NWK on a Gun Charge

01/22/15 James Porter of EO Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
and Tax Evasion in NWK Watershed Scandal

01/22/15 Umar Yasin of EO and NWK Friend Arrested For
Aggravated Stupidity in the First Degree

01/22/15 Man Accused of Shooting Tyeshia Obie Pleads
Not Guilty

01/22/15 Rebuttals to State of the City Address

01/20/15 State of the City- More Spending - More Taxes Ahead

01/19/15 EO Police Department Has Issues

Salt Truck Slams into 3 Cars on Icy Road

01/18/15 Khendral Williams killed in Hit & Run in Newark - 07/31/15 Update: Driver of Vehicle Indicted

01/18/15 EO Police Officer Settle has Been Cleared

01/18/15 EO Schools Highest in Violence and
Substance Abuse in Essex County
- 2013-14 Report

01/16/15 More EO Departments to be Run by Committees

01/14/15 Armed Carjacking on Vernon Terrace

Lyne Padmore Makes Dean's List

01/13/15 Four Families Displaced after William St. Fire

Fourth Collision on Sanford Street

01/10/15 Five EO Students Make Caldwell College Dean's List

01/10/15 Fire on Hollywood Ave. - Family Rescued
More information

01/07/15 Essex Sheriffs Chase Steuben St. Car Thief

01/05/15 Fatal Shooting on N. Maple Avenue
Tyeshia Obie Killed While Sitting in Car
Newark Man Arrested and Charged
01/06/17 UPDATE:
Murderer Gets 6 Years ONLY!

Situation on Sanford St.
1 Explosion and 3 Collisions in One Night.

01/02/15 Newark Man Arrested for Selling Crack in EO

01/02/15 EO Water Scandal Goes Back to 2011


Historic World News
History Repeats Itself

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
attributed to Albert Einstein

"Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life.
Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality,
namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life,
and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil."
— Albert Schweitzer

A National Police Force

Founded in 1925, the “Schutzstaffel,” German for “Protective Echelon,” initially
served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler’s (1889-1945) personal bodyguards,
and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of
Nazi Germany. Heinrich Himmler (1900-45), a fervent anti-Semite like Hitler,
became head of the Schutzstaffel, or SS, in 1929 and expanded the group’s
role and size. Recruits, who had to prove none of their ancestors were Jewish,
received military training and were also taught they were the elite not only of the
Nazi Party but of all humankind. By the start of World War II (1939-45), the SS
had more than 250,000 members and multiple subdivisions, engaged in activities
ranging from intelligence operations to running Nazi concentration camps. At the
postwar Nuremberg trials, the SS was deemed a criminal organization for its direct
involvement in war crimes.


March 2, 2015 - Interim Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing:

0.1 OVERARCHING RECOMMENDATION: The President should support and provide
funding for the creation of a National Crime and Justice Task Force to review and evaluate all
components of the criminal justice system for the purpose of making recommendations to the
country on comprehensive criminal justice reform.


March 3, 2015 - "We have a great opportunity … to really transform how we think about
community law enforcement relations. We need to seize that opportunity … this is something
that I'm going to stay very focused on in the months to come." Barrack Obama

May 2, 2015 - "We need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country.
In the Twentieth-Century, we had to fight states' rights to get the right to vote.
We gonna have to fight states' rights in terms of closing down police cases." Al Sharpton

May 6, 2015 - "After a federal monitor works with the city to reform its law enforcement
practices, Newark will have the best police department in the United States."

Police Director Eugene Venable as reported in NJ.com

Jihad vs Crusades

Get the facts before you embarrass yourself, Mr. President.

Here's a former President with a different view:

"No state paper from a Christian hand, could, without trampling
the precepts of its Lord and Master, have commenced by an
open proclamation of hatred to any portion of the human race.
The Ottoman (Muslim) lays it down as the foundation of his discourse."
John Quincy Adams
The American Annual Register for the Years 1827-8-9, Blunt, Joseph (1830)

Historic Executions of Homosexuals


12/04/14 Arizona Baptist Cleric Advocates Executions of Gays

Muslims Don't Just Talk About Gay Executions in 2015

Another man thrown off a roof and stoned to death by a crowd.

Another man murdered for the delight of the crowd
of Muslims below, who finished him off by stoning.

1/15/15 -
Muslims Execute Men by Throwing From Tall
Building as Crowd of Muslims Watches From Street.

6/03/15 - Muslims Continue to Throw Men Off Buildings For the
Amusement of Moderate Muslims Below.

Muslim Atrocities Continue into 2015

06/05/15 Muslim Show & Tell for Children

Muslim Savagery Today

Eleven Year Old Iraqui Boy Executed by Iranian-backed Militia

2/15/15 Twenty-one Christians Beheaded - Why? Because They Are Christians.

Iraqi Soldier Decapitated - Muslim Watchers Invited to Step on Body

Three New Decapitations by Muslims - Iraqui Victims from Sinjar

History Repeating Itself Once Again

1942 - Der Fuehrer's Face - Walt Disney

"Marching and heiling, heiling and marching. In him is planted
no seed of laughter, hope, tolerance or mercy. For him - only
heiling and marching, marching and heiling. The grim years
of regimentation have done their work. Now he's a good Nazi.
He sees no more than the party wants him to. He says nothing
but what the party wants him to say. And he does nothing
than what the party wants him to do. And so he marches,
with millions of comrades, trampling on the rights of others.."

May, 2015 - Bosch Fawstin's Winning Cartoon

History Repeating Itself Once Again

USA TODAY Editorial Cartoon, February 2, 2015

1943, Nazi Controlled Germany

History Repeating Itself Once Again

The Turkish massacres of Armenians
in 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1909

February, 2015 - Starbucks Poster Celebrates Armenian Holocaust

04/07/15 Muslim Cartoons Mocking the Holocaust

Historic World News from 2014 is archived HERE


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Muslim Terrorists in the USA

12/30/15 The War Has Come to East Orange.

05/05/15 New Jersey - Several Links to ISIS - Defeated

08/18/15 Florida - Planned Attack - Defeated

02/17/15 Click on their Pictures - Learn Who They Are

09/22/15 Muslims Cannot Hold Public Office For These Reasons

1991 - The Muslim Brotherhood's Strategic Plan for America

The Silence of Moderate Muslims

CAIR NJ Facebook Page

12/31/15 - Houston Mosque Burned Down...
by Muslim Faking a "Hate Crime"

12/5/15 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) has placed CAIR
on the same Terrorist List as Al-Qaeda

4/13/15 -280 Muslims representing Muslim Brotherhood front groups
invaded Capitol Hill in Washington DC on ‘Muslim Hill Day.’

04/16/15 Holocaust Remembrance Day - Muslim Cartoons Mocking the Holocaust

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace



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